Fortunes of the Reborn: A Banker's Tale in the Mystic Empire

Author: rozosk_24119
Fantasy Romance
Ongoing · 4K Views
  • 22 Chs
  • ratings
  • NO.200+

What is Fortunes of the Reborn: A Banker's Tale in the Mystic Empire

Read ‘Fortunes of the Reborn: A Banker's Tale in the Mystic Empire’ Online for Free, written by the author rozosk_24119, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering BUSINESSWOMAN Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Eight years after president Thomas Daffson has been elected into office, the world as we know was brought to an end. Once president Daffson and the prime minister of North Korea, Rouk Han Wong, began to butt heads, one thing lead to another a nuclear war took place. Only 14,000 humans survived the wreckage and were called the chosen one as the remaining popular was sent to live in a dome on the moon. Cassandra Rodriguez was one of these people. An 18 year old college freshman, she is one of the select few to get into Xeno University, a college for the elite. Her entire family and half of her friends were all killed in the tragedy. Despite two her friends remaining friends, Chris Wright and Danica Trello, doing their best to keep her spirits high, Cassandra has become a bit of a functioning depressive, going through her daily life with apathy. But, while out on a normal day, she spots a young man outside of the dome, which outside of authorized personnel is strictly prohibited. This catches her attention as the next thing that she knows, she is brought outside of the dome. The young man is Xavier and before she can ask too many questions, a meteor shower occurs and Xavier saves Cassandra from being consumed by it. Next thing that she knows, she inside a space center that turns out to be Xavier’s base. He runs a team here and makes it clear that he is out to alter their current reality due to a similar dissatisfaction. As he begins to dive in, she starts to meet his team members. Jin Wong, prime minister Rouk Han Wong’s son, Joseph Van Holt and Elisa Silvet, who is threatened by Cassandra’s mere presence. Before he can really go in deep, they get an alter of an opening and all rush out to the port. Xavier tells Casandra to suit up into a jumpsuit that is exactly like his and the team. She then goes outside and is amazed at what she sees. There is a cosmic hole that they hoped would allow them to dimension hop. Cassandra gets drawn to it and put in a trance, reverting to childhood memories. Xavier comes in and is able to snap her out of it before both of them are sucked in. Xavier then tells Cassandra that they are the Chrome Dragons and their mission is go into the other dimensions and land into the tenth dimension. In order to do that they must bend the third dimension, the third dimension that they are in, essentially starting a war. Cassandra is then left a choice. Does she join the Chrome Dragons? Or does she strike it out on her own?

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DaoistIfx2wE · Games
Not enough ratings
1 Chs

Zombie Evolution System

At the year 2027, the world suffered a catastrophic day. It all started when the “ Covid-19 “ virus that remained in society for years suddenly mutated into what people renamed later as the “ D-19 virus “ or Disaster 19 virus. With the virus simultaneously mutating and changing together in unison on all continents. Humanity quickly fell, despite the advancements in technology. 
People who were just showing mild symptoms of the Covid virus started turning aggressive, with mucus flowing out of their nostrils and mouth. Their eye sight increased, as well as becoming more resilient physically. This happened in the span of 2 days. On the third day, the ones that are being kept under supervision began to lose their minds, and eventually killed and ate the flesh of people. Due to their increased physical strength, society fell in a matter of weeks. An organization was formed from what remained of super countries called the “ GVR “ or Global virus response. They built a city of walls, and conducted research on the virus. They found that some people had an immunity to the virus, thus when getting a dose of the filtered virus will enhance their bodies depending on how immune they are. Humanity had hope with the newly found research, but although the enhanced humans were strong, the zombies were always mutating turning less humanoid and becoming stronger. The story starts with our protagonist, who turned into a zombie and recieved a system.

Lost_Ling · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
4 Chs


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