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Fortune's Smile


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Mina and her fellow companions—Erick, Tale, Kuya, and Prica—registered their party at Lenon's Explorers guild only a week ago. They were young and bold, eager to prove themselves as top-notch explorers. But on their third expedition, they became lost. To lose your way in a maze is warned as being the same as losing your life. The probability of finding the path that led out was considered nil, as was the chance of your remains ever being found. Nevertheless, they didn't despair. Years of training at Lenon's Explorer Academy had taught them to remain calm, even in the worst of situations. Not being able to do so would spell certain death, and these young explorers were not ready to embrace such a demise. However, fate seemed to work against them as they stumbled, unprepared, upon a shadow crawler den. Surrounded by shadow crawlers, they're forced to rely on Mina's unique skill, hoping it can get them out of this certain-death situation. --- As my username suggests, updates will be whenever I feel like it.


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