43 Marry Her to a Guard

"General Bai." The Branch Leader of Thousand Treasure Pavilion nodded to Bai Rouyun and Bai Yue'er's father, who had appeared with a whole battalion of soldiers.

"Branch Chief, I am afraid that you ought to give me an explanation," General Bai said with a serious and solemn expression on his face as he glanced at the pale and wounded Bai Yue'er.

Bai Yue'er was one of his more sensible children, or so he thought. He was not pleased that she had been ruined like this. Her tongue was cut off, she would never be able to speak again.

Unfortunately, the one who had gone to inform the Bai family had not known that the man who had made a move was a Blue colored Innate Realm practitioner. If he had known, he would never have come to take Bai Yue'er back.

Insulting a Blue colored Innate Realm practitioner was something he would never do.

"General Bai, this time, it is your daughter who was in the wrong," the branch leader said with a sigh.

"She insulted and tried to ruin the reputation of one of our most esteemed guests. She was slandering her without regard to the consequences. Our guest is already polite enough to leave her with her life; it is the best outcome you can expect."

General Bai's nostrils were flaring with anger. He did not care about who this guest was; she had dared to make a move on a daughter of his household, so he would uphold justice for her!

Seeing her dad, who was so indifferent to her, protecting her half-sister like this, Bai Rouyun's heart was a little uncomfortable. It seemed that no matter what life she was in, she was doomed to be without loving parents.

Li Moyun sensed her emotions and gently stroked her hair. "Don't worry, you got me," he said, they were the only words that he could think of to console her, and strangely enough, she felt better after hearing it.

Nodding her head obediently, Li Moyun could not help but wonder why she was not always this obedient. She was simply too adorable when she listened to his words like this.

"Leave this to me," he continued. He knew that she was not the original Bai Rouyun, but out of respect for the dead person, she could not act against General Bai on her own.

He, on the other hand, had no scruples dealing with the Bai family, and this General Bai had caused his dearest girl to be sad. It was only natural that he took some revenge for her.

Bai Rouyun was aware of Li Moyun's thoughts, but she did not stop him. She was simply too disappointed in her original host's father. He was simply a monster to hate his own child like this.

The General was arguing with the branch leader, but nothing was found out, it was not before then Li Moyun stepped forward.

"It was my servant who cut off her tongue, what are you going to do to us?"

Hearing the crisp and slightly cold voice, General Bai was stunned, but he quickly turned around to look at Li Moyun.

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"You were the one who did this?" he asked and frowned. The man was making him feel slightly apprehensive. It was as if his aura was so dense that even he, an illustrious Green colored Innate Realm cultivator, was forced backward.

This man was no ordinary person. General Bai was suddenly grim-faced. Had he perhaps kicked an iron board?

Li Moyun did not care about what he thought; a sinister smile appeared on his lips as he let go of Bai Rouyun. "Wifey, wait here for me," he said smilingly, his words gentle, but did not allow any contradiction.

Bai Rouyun stood with Mo Chu by her side, protecting her from anyone who might come close.

General Bai was trembling. "Sir, I was unaware of the fact that my unfilial daughter insulted you; it is only natural that she will be punished. I accept this punishment, and we will take her away right away."

General Bai had long since understood that this man was a man from the cultivation world. He was not a simple or ordinary mortal.

Why had his daughter insulted such deities? They were the worst to deal with.

"This daughter of yours seems to be very busy commenting on others' wives," he said. His voice was emotionless but sounded pleasant to the ear. However, the words made a chill run down the spine of General Bai.

Why had he never known that his daughter was so jealous that she would insult this woman?!

Usually, women were toys for men, but it seemed that he had come across an affectionate species; it was genuinely unexpected to him.

"I am not sure what this unfilial daughter of mine said?" General Bai asked with a bit of hesitation. He was not sure of what had happened, so he needed a full understanding of it.

"She claimed that my dear wife seduced her guard to have him backing her, allowing her to walk sideways. I wonder why she would say that. Am I not enough to satisfy my wife in her eyes? Am I weaker than a mere guard?"

The more Li Moyun seemed to be pondering, the colder General Bai's heart grew.

"What... What do you wish to do to punish her?" he asked, trembling, knowing that he could no longer save his daughter.

"She is already a mute, and she seems to want to seduce guards. Marry her to one of the guards of the Bai Residence," Li Moyun said with a snicker.

Bai Yue'er, who was lying on the floor, had been silent up until now, but now she was shrieking and grunting, clearly not willing, but General Bai understood the situation. He closed his eyes briefly before nodding, "understood."

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