24 Encountering the Crown Prince

The moment she was out of danger, Mo Chu was filled with fear. If something had happened to his madam, while she was under his protection, he dared not think about how he would be dealt with by his master.

At the same time, the carriage came to a standstill; it was clear that the owner was also going into the Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

However, Mo Chu was anything but pleased. He was aware that he usually needed to hold a low presence because his master did not want to show off the power of the Eternal Shadow Palace, but things were different now he was masked.

Not to mention something could have happened to his madam!

So Mo Chu wanted to ensure that Bai Rouyun was fine, but before he had the time to do something, he saw that her brows were furrowed and her eyes showing great displeasure.

She steadied herself and snorted as she moved towards the carriage. Her strength might be low, but she had some tricks up her sleeves.

She was going to make this owner regret his reckless driving!

Mo Chu was shocked by the sudden movements, but he also respected her. Even against someone stronger than her, she had no intention of holding back.

He did not mind it, he was planning on teaching this person a lesson anyway, but now that Bai Rouyun wanted to avenge herself, he would let her vent, before he beat them up.

Mo Chu knew who the person was, and because of this, he was even more eager to beat him up. There was only one person within the entire Empire who had a carriage dragged by a Fire Unicorn, and that was the Crown Prince.

Bai Rouyun walked forward, closely followed by Mo Chu, and by the time she reached the front of the carriage, the cover was lifted, and a young man stepped out.

He looked slightly similar to Li Moyun, but far from being as handsome. He did not have the same handsome face, but more importantly, he lacked the air of a ruler.

Bai Rouyun only paused for a moment, even if this guy was related to Li Moyun, he had still almost hit her with his carriage, this was something that ought to be repaid in kind!

When the man stepped out of the carriage, the first thing that came into his eyes was a beauty.

She was breathtakingly beautiful, but her eyes were ablaze with anger. Looking at this stunning beauty seething in anger, the crown prince instantly felt his heart skip a beat.

Who was she? Why was she angry with him? He had never seen her before!

"This lady, what can I do for you?" he asked, puzzled, but polite. He was attracted to the woman.

"Apologize!" Bai Rouyun said sternly, causing Mo Chu to be shocked. Asking the Crown Prince to apologize to an unknown person was simply the same as asking for two moons in one night.

The crown prince also frowned. He had a good impression of this woman, but for her to request an apology, would he not lose face if he apologized?

"This lady, why should I apologize?" he asked, slightly perplexed. What had happened?

"Driving a carriage down the street like a lunatic, almost hitting innocent citizens! Is this how a nobleman ought to behave? Nobles have the responsibility of protecting the citizens of one's Empire; what you did is a shame to all noblemen!"

Bai Rouyun did not mince her words at all, her anger was not lessening, and the prince was slightly stumped for words. There were no words that could refute what the woman said.

Seeing the many glances of the crowd that had gathered around them, the crown prince knew that if he did not thread with care, then his reputation could be swept across the floor.

"This lady, I am sincerely sorry," he decided to apologize to maintain his reputation amongst the citizens. At the same time, he also wished to give the woman a good impression.

He had taken an instant liking to her and wanted to take her home as a concubine. Unfortunately, right now, she seemed unwilling.

Glancing at the prince who had apologized with a polite demeanor, Bai Rouyun said nothing else. She gave him a final glance, and then she looked at Mo Chu, "Little Chu, let's get going."

Mo Chu almost choked when he heard her call him Little Chu. Was he little? Not at all!

But this was his madam, he dared not go against her words, and thus he just nodded his head, following behind the woman into the Thousand Treasures Pavilion.

"Elder Si," the crown prince looked at the driver of the carriage, "check her background."

"She is not ordinary," the man who was known as Elder Si said. "When I almost knocked into her, the man who is her bodyguard released his Qi, and it was blue. Although he had not reached Indigo yet, he was only a step away.

"A miss who is able to command a cultivator at the Blue Realm like a mere bodyguard cannot be simple. One has to know that we have no blue cultivators within the entire Empire."

The crown prince was deep in thought. He did not question what Elder Si said. This Elder was his most trusted aide, so he would not lie to him.

"If I can get her to fall in love with me, then I will command a much stronger force than I have now, and then dealing with Li Moyun will be a walk in the park," the crown prince was deep in thought as he muttered the words.

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