Forsaken's Redemption
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Forsaken's Redemption


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What is Forsaken's Redemption

Read Forsaken's Redemption novel written by the author ariam_N_M on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi Romance stories, covering action, adventure, war, supernatural, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Blurb "Redemption is earned, not given." A mantra drilled into her mind for a long time. Suffering in the hands of her fellow human beings, she slowly grows to believe the tragic mantra and concludes...."human beings do not deserve to be saved. "However, this all changes when she makes her first daring decision which shines a light into her life. Learning that not all humanity is evil and learning to love once more, therefore gaining the strength to save her race. She will learn the most important truth; "Redemption is for all. The light of life is for all."

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Hi readers! Welcome to my book! It will start of abit slow with dash mystery so if you enjoy,please don't forget to rate and comment. Your feedback helps me to improve my writting.😄


This story pulls its readers in with the very first words. Taking us all through a beautiful world of redemption, love and so much more. So very worth reading.


This is a great story, the idea have been translated well into words and the whole creation of this fantasy world is amazing. Careful use of words and a beautiful picture created that makes it worth the read. A great read


Interesting novel! Personally, I liked it. The characters are good and the story is great! Besides I liked their interactions between each other, very interesting to read. Great work, author!


I am loving this book! Dear author, you’re book is so interesting! YOu deserve 5 stars for a wonderful book! Keep up the excellent work! I’m rooting for you!


First off, really good story. The character's are introduced well and their interactions are fun and enjoyable to read. The world building is unique and really fleshes out the setting. I enjoyed the writing style, even if there were a few errors. This is an awesome story and I'm happy to give it it's 10th review. Great job author and keep up the good work.


First, great summary. Really struck a chord in my heartstrings. The story is amazing! It's got a very detailed science fiction feel, makes it quite interesting to read cause the detailing is not too much, not too less- just right. The conversations are good and realistic and scenes change smoothly. Good job author!


The author sure knows how to write. You got a great style of writing. I liked it. Genevieve's character is interesting. Although I did find few errors here and there, I'm assuming they'll be fixed after proofreading. So, 5 stars for you author because of this interesting plot. I would have given 4.8 because of those errors. But, they are minor ones that can be fixed right away. Lastly, as a suggestion, I'll say ~ Try to break down the long paragraphs. P.S ~ Keep up the good work!!


Great post-apocalyptic storyline with an air of mystery and suspense. Good descriptive writing style. Worldbuilding is nicely done. You can see the effort the author put into creating the world and the characters. Great job author! Keep it up![img=recommend]


Your story is great! The characters are awesome! The way you made the character interactions were good and it makes the story more interesting! Great work, author!


I think I really like the story plot a lot. The idea of redemption is unique and interesting. The charcters and story development are great too. Great job author!


Thank you for posting this wonderful novel , I really love your work and makes inspire every day . Every plot and characters were very portrait beautifuly as I would like to see every updates everyday .


The plot, writing style, characters, and grammars were all absolutely good! I saw some very few grammatic flaws but despite those the story still is amazing. I think I'll keep on reading and find out what more will happen. Great job Author.


Hi buddy! I just want you to know that your story is good! I like how you laid out all the conflicts in the novel. The main character is also very likeable and intelligent! I look forward on the development of the characters and the novel. Good job!!!


A tale full of mystery, the writting keeps a sense of suspense while still giving a lot of personality to the characters! I thoroughly enjoy it! Keep up the great work!


This book is definitely a cup of my tea. The characters are told and written is well done! The way you write is simply amazing! The characters emotions they showed, the little details they make, and the scene, you write it amazingly well!


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