Formerly, the Queen of Charms
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Formerly, the Queen of Charms


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What is Formerly, the Queen of Charms

Formerly, the Queen of Charms is a popular web novel written by the author sorajoycepark, covering CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE, CEO ASSISTANT, DRAMA, FAMILY, FEMALE LEAD, SLICE OF LIFE, ROMANCE, OFFICE ROMANCE, MYSTERY, ROMANTIC CEO, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 23.1K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 7 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 24 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Charmaine seeks the truth but her enemies are determined to bend anyone's will to bury it forever. A thing of beauty is lost forever. Charmaine Grace Flores used to be the Queen of Charms back in college. She was brainy, beautiful, and filthy rich. But that's all in the past now. On her 20th birthday, a fire incident claimed the lives of her parents. She lost everything. The fire incident left a scar, physical and emotional, that will never heal. Unable to find closure 14 years after the incident, she came back to Blake City to find the truth. First, she must find work, or else she'll be booted out of her apartment. But what's in store for Charmaine? When her past comes to haunt her. Marco Tarragona is the CEO of Tarra Gona, a multi-million dollar company in the print and digital industry. He strives to be recognized as a Tarragona. But what can an illegitimate son expect from a family whose loyalty is to their own legitimate progeny? After all, he's just a necessary bastard for the clan's future. Rosso is a disgraced police detective turned painter. He vowed to never return to Blake City. But a cash-strapped artist needs money. So he signed a contract to do commission paintings. But will his priorities change now that the 'Tarragona's hound' is in town? Isabella Anne Gray has a past she wants to forget. She has a secret tied to Charmaine's fate that night of February 29th. When the latter's house was ravaged by fire. After 14 years, their paths will cross. And as secret unravels, truth is just too painful to bear. *** This is a slow-burn romance flavored with a slice of life storytelling.

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Hello, readers. I'm gonna shamelessly review my novel. So please bear with me😅 'Formerly, the Queen of Charms' is my first foray into creative writing. English is my second language hence writing proved to be a challenging endeavor. But I have to write this story coz this is my dream. Being a writer is what I wanted to be. I have a lot of story ideas but I kept them on my notebook and Quip folders. A story idea is just an idea. If I cannot write it into a novel then it's just an idea; like daydreaming. It's idle thought. Writing this novel is a journey, a self-discovery, and learning. I hope that I'm able to convey my thoughts into readable, understandable chapters. Thank you for reading. ~ Sora




Would love to read this .The storyline and the characters are very deep and intriguing. Each have their own personal battles but the battles are linked one way or the other to themselves. Hope they all discover what they want and are able to find peace.


Reveal spoiler






I was strucked on how you made the character. It is a job well done hope keep for more chapter and uodates don't lose hope author! Oh yeah the girl is very cute XD


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