1 Death's Door.

I can't feel anything. My body has gone numb and my other senses seem to be close behind. My sight seems to also be failing me, since only an endless, swirling void stretches before me. Consuming my mind with it's very presence.

I try to take a step forward, and my feet find solid ground. Though when I look down nothing is to be seen. I continue to wander through this place that I have found myself in. Every step that I take sends a shock through my body. It may hurt, but it's better then the numbness that was engulfing me before.

I soon find myself against what feels like a stone wall. The bricks feel warm, as if self heating. I think that they regulate the temperature of this place, but that shouldn't be possible. What technology causes stones in an infinitely black room to warm themselves? My energy seems to be fleeting, and my mind is slipping away from me. I feel like my stomach will start to eat itself soon, and like my mouth is made from nothing but sand from the driest desert.

I lay down, and start to drift off. I can tell that I'm at death's door.

(A/N: This is my first work that I've done, so don't expect a ton of chapters. If you want more please tell me, any and all criticism is accepted. Thank you.)

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