1 The Door

It's silent as a walk down the narrow path of the hallway to my apartment. Having lived her for 2 years with by boyfriend of 3 years, I know everyone that lives in the apartment complex. Not all of them nice but they keep to themselves. I rummage through my Coach bag my boyfriend got me for my birthday a year ago. I find them and fumble with them until I put them in the key door and twist. But it doesn't click like it always has. I ignore it thinking my boyfriend just left it open. I close the door behind me as I grab the fresh scent of vanilla in the air. Setting my purse down and kicking off my shoes, I walk over to our room to go to the bathroom. I hear faint laughter from the room. I open the door quietly and see another women in the room with my boyfriend. His strong bare back facing me. Her hands running over his body as he grips her closer by her waist. She jumps up on him wrapping her legs around his hips. He walks over to the bed placing her at the base. They stop kissing for a brief moment staring at each other before he grabs for her shirt. He tosses it aside and then leans over her resuming what they where previously doing. I stand in the doorway in shock not knowing what to do. I try and see if I can recognize her but I can barely see her face.

I leave the room in tears grabbing my shoes and purse on the way out. I run down the rough carpet to the stairwell instead of the elevator. I swing open the door and run down a flight of stairs before collapsing. I sit up and put my shoes on trying to collect myself. After five minutes I take out my phone to check if I look like a crying panda. I touch up a bit and decided I looked good enough to go outside and decide what I should do. I hop into my car and start the engine. I don't know where to go, but anywhere but here is fine for now. I decide to go to Target to get my mind off of what just happened. I walk over to the women's section and look at some clothes. Then an idea popped into my head. Ask him if he wants to go out too and ask him about it and why he did it. I grab a few items I like and go to the checkout. I place the things in the back of the car and text him.

"Hey do you want to go out tonight?"

"Yeah sure. I'm stuck at the office for a bit longer but I'll meet you at home."

I sigh knowing that he is lying to me. Thirty minutes later I'm back home in the same room and no one is in here. I check the bedroom and it looks like how I left it this morning.

"He cleans up nicely." I whisper under my breath.

I sit on the couch scrolling on my phone. Five minutes later he opens the door with a wide smile. I stand up as he embraces my in a big hug and kisses my on my forehead. As much as I want to pull away, I give in.

" Where do you want to go tonight?" He asks joyfully.

I think for a second.

"How about the Italian place down the street."

"What ever you want. I'll go get ready." He says as he opens the

bedroom door.

I follow him and grab a red dress that I got from Target and go in the bathroom to put it on and get ready. After thirty minutes of curling my hair, I go out and see that he's waiting on the couch. He looks over at me and walks up looking me up and down. He places his hands on my waist and kisses my lips.

"You look beautiful. Just wait till tonight." He smiles.

He takes my hand and we walk out the door.

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