16 The Magician That Needs No Chanting

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The battle continued.

One by one, Intermediate Knights from Eric's clan fell.

As Apal and the City Lord Manor's people joined in, Eric's clan got into an increasingly dangerous situation.

Eric watched this happen as he felt extremely anxious internally.

He shouted.

"Come at me if you are strong!"

"Are you cowards, why are you attacking the weaker juniors using an advantage in numbers?"

With three of Osborne City's forces gathered here to attack Eric's clan, the current situation was that on average, three Intermediate Knights were attacking one Intermediate Knight from Eric's clan.

If this continued.

Eric's clan's foundation was doomed!

"As long as we win!"

Apal looked at Eric as he said sinisterly.


The battle erupted.

Osla, Apal, and the silver armored Advanced Knight attacked at the same time from three directions, charging towards Eric.

Eric was screaming loudly in anger, he continued to wave his Explosive Flame Heavy Sword around, forcing the three knights back, preventing them from gaining an edge over him.

But that was all he could do.

At the other side of the battlefield, Eric's juniors and his loyal guards were still bleeding and dying as time passed.

"Oh God!"

"Please save our clan!"

Eric cried out loud in anger and grief.


But right at this time.

There was searing fire that gathered into a ball, it was full of explosive flame marks, whistling from the distant shadows, blasting towards the three Advanced Knights present.


"Which coward dares to interfere in this matter!"


"This is magic formed from fire elements, is it fireball? This person who attacked must be a Two Star Magician at least!"

Osla and Apal, as well as the silver armored Advanced Knight from the City Lord Manor, were all pale with shock.

In Osborne City, there were many Intermediate Knights and even several Advanced Knights.

But in terms of Magicians.

Throughout Osborne City, there were no such existences, even the common One Star Magician that was comparable to Elementary Knights!

Right when the three Advanced Knights were pale and shocked, Eric waved his Explosive Flame Heavy Sword around, attacking Osla fiercely and relentlessly.

As long as one Advanced Knight died, the remaining two Advanced Knights would be much easier to deal with! His clansmen and subordinates would also have a chance of survival.


Eric shouted.

Osla reacted very quickly, he jumped up with a beautiful arc, dodging this slashing attack of the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword.

"Oh heavy swords!"

"They are just too bulky in combat!"

Osla laughed and mocked Eric loudly.

But right at this moment.

Right at this time, the fireball that was covered in explosive markings made a turn in midair, shooting towards Osla instead.

Osla sensed this as well, he looked at this fireball disdainfully, raising his stage two peak Knight's Sword to slash at it.

"The fireball of a mere Two Star Magician."

"How can it possibly attempt to kill an Advanced Knight who is on the level of a Three Star Magician?"

"This is too much of a joke!"

Osla laughed mockingly, he did not even think much of this fireball.

Not just him.

The other two Advanced Knights thought the same.

They were only shocked that a precious Two Star Magician would appear in Osborne City, they were not shocked by his battle strength.


The fireball exploded.

The stage two peak Knight's Sword instantly melted.

The exploded flames soon spread towards Osla's body, he erupted with an unprecedented scream and cry.

"Save me!"

"So hot! So painful! I am dying of pain!"

In the blink of an eye.

Osla was reduced to a pile of ashes.

"Osla died?"

"How can this be, he actually died from an ordinary magic of a Two Star Magician, a mere fireball?!"

"No, this is not fireball, this is the three star magic, explosive fireball!"

The two remaining Advanced Knights took in a sharp breath.

An Advanced Knight had actually turned into ashes instantly, such strength could only be possible if the enemy was a Three Star Magician.

Right at this time.

A long sigh could be heard.

From the spot where the fireball shot out, a young figure slowly walked out.

"Why do you guys always like to seek death?"

Ye Feng sighed.

Fire elements gathered!

Waving his hand, one after another, fireballs with explosive markings around them appeared before everyone's eyes.

The entire scene was silent.

Apal looked at Ye Feng in disbelief, all of the Intermediate and Elementary Knights did the same.

Finally, after a while, an Intermediate Knight stammered and asked.

"Don't magic of three stars and above require chanting of the incantation?"

"Why does he not need to chant?"

Apal's expression was rather grim.

He did not expect that this Three Star Magician who attacked and instantly killed Osla would be Ye Feng!

In his eyes, Ye Feng was a tiny ant who would be completely defenseless without Eric!


"Feel the rage of a knight!"

Apal shouted in anger.


He held the Knight's Sword in his hand as he moved rapidly, dodging the numerous explosive fireballs that were shooting out, charging straight for Ye Feng.

In his mind, Ye Feng's threat level was far higher than Eric's.

He was so young but was actually so talented!

In the future, when he matures fully, what will happen? Thus, they had no choice but to kill him today at all cost.

At the same time, Apal shocked a mocking expression on his face.

"How can a Magician without any Knight protecting them be called a Magician? As long as I can get close, even an Intermediate Knight can kill a Three Star Magician in an instant!"

Apal laughed coldly to himself.

At this time, he had already arrived by Ye Feng's side, he held the Knight's Longsword and stabbed towards Ye Feng's throat like a venomous snake.

And right at this time, the silent Ye Feng spoke again after a long while.

"My apologies."

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"I am also an Advanced Knight!"

Saying so, Ye Feng threw out a punch, directly aiming for Apal.


Caught unguarded and without any precaution, Apal was hit on the chest by this punch, he flew back uncontrollably.

"Advanced Knight?"

The silver armored Advanced Knight also wanted to charge and mimic Apal in dodging the explosive fireballs, but now, he did not dare to move.

Three Star Magician, Advanced Knight!

He had seen many of them in his city.

But someone who was simultaneously a Three Star Magician and an Advanced Knight, while also being so young, was incredibly rare in the upper city.

"This kid is likely a genius in both magic and knight training!"

"This is just a mission I accepted."

"There is no need to offend such a genius just because of Osborne City Lord and some gold coins…"

The silver armored knight smiled bitterly and did not speak further, he looked at Ye Feng before turning around and leaving.

Apal also escaped

"You all deserve to die!"

Eric was like a raging lion, he held the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword and casted his gaze at the subordinates of the three forces.

This battle that targeted Eric ended up with the loss of the three forces due to Ye Feng's intervention.

At the same time, for some reason, rumors that Ye Feng was a genius at forging weapons also started to spread beyond Osborne City.

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