5 Someone Wants To Fight

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But according to what he knew, Magicians needed to chant incantations to use their magic, so what was this situation?

Next, Ye Feng sensed the lightning element in his body.

Similar to the fire element, with just a thought, a flash of lightning appeared abruptly.

Looking at the lightning, Ye Feng could not help but think of something.

He obtained lightning elemental points when he forged weapons with the Lightning Formation, then in the future, if he obtained other elemental materials, would he also gain their elemental magic as well?

Right when Ye Feng was thinking about this, the lightning bolt descended before him.

There was a loud sound.

Because of Ye Feng's lack of control, the lightning bolt landed on a tree in the courtyard.

The green and lush tree instantly became charred black.

And at the root of the tree, there was a deep pit of over several meters.

Nyzo who had just opened the door of the Blacksmith Shop was momentarily stunned.

"What are you trying to do?"

"Teacher, why did you return now?" Ye Feng looked at Nyzo and smiled sheepishly.

"If I had not returned, were you going to tear my shop down?" Nyzo said snappily.

"Why would I do that, I was merely testing the elements in my body."

"Screw testing, I have already made arrangements for you, Uncle Marshall who works at the port needs a steward, you can pack up and head there now." Nyzo said grumpily.

But once he finished his words, Nyzo reacted and looked at Ye Feng with shock.

"What did you say earlier?"

"I was testing the elements in my body." Ye Feng said helplessly.

"What elements? Show me." Nyzo was very agitated.

Ye Feng did not hesitate, he directly mustered the lightning element in his body and did not lose control like the previous time.

"Oh Great Deity of Forging, you actually have lightning elements in your body?" Nyzo was extremely excited: "Since when did this happen, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Not long ago."

"Oh heaven, to think that you have the talent of a Magician, and it is the extremely rare lightning element, it seems like I have been wasting your talent all these years."

"That is not true teacher, I only found out about this recently."

"Alright, enough talk, pack up and go meet Eric with me, you are a Lightning Elemental Magician, Eric is going to be overjoyed, he knows many people, I will make him find a way to get you into the academy of Aden City."

Seeing Nyzo's excitement, Ye Feng could not help but smile bitterly.

Even though they had lived together for three years, he was still not used to that impatient nature.

"Teacher, I do not want to go, I want to stay here and continue learning forging techniques in peace."

"Nonsense, you have the rare lightning element in your body, continuing to learn forging techniques will only hold you back, also, aren't you clear of your own ability in forging? All of your creations in the last three years have been trash, can't you accept reality? Let's go."

"Teacher, I have already forged a stage two weapon."

"What? Stage two weapon? Don't joke with me, you could not even make a stage one weapon a few days ago."

"I'm not kidding, I'll show you."

Saying so, Ye Feng pointed at the weapons that he had just forged earlier.

Nyzo was stunned, he subconsciously looked towards the direction that Ye Feng pointed at.

After freezing for a few seconds, he quickly held up one of the swords and inspected them.

Nyzo's expression turned from surprise into shock, when he looked at the final sword, he went into a complete daze.

"Teacher, how is it, I didn't lie to you right?" Ye Feng looked at Nyzo's reaction, he showed a smile on his face.

After Nyzo regained his senses, the shock on his face did not go away.

"Oh Great Deity of Forging, what did I just witness? Ye Feng, I take back what I said earlier, you are a forging genius, from today onwards, I will hand this Blacksmith Shop to you, it is time for me to leave."

"Teacher, where are you going?" Ye Feng was stunned as he quickly asked.

"I am going to search for a type of special material, I won't be back for some time, with your current ability, I can finally leave the Blacksmith Shop with you."

"What material? I might be able to help you."

"No need, I can handle my own matters, there is no need to trouble you." Nyzo shook his head and said: "I originally wanted to arrange a job for you first, but now there is no need for that, I can leave without worry."

"Here are some stage three materials, you can use them to train your forging techniques."

After saying that, Nyzo gave Ye Feng some metallic materials.

Seeing that Nyzo was turning around and leaving, Ye Feng wanted to send him off but was rejected.

He had no choice but to watch as Nyzo left.

After this departure, he did not know when they would meet again, Ye Feng could not help but feel a little reluctant about it.

He had only managed to survive these three years because of Nyzo.

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Even though he called Nyzo teacher, in his heart, he had already treated him as family.

Seeing Nyzo's figure vanished into the street, Ye Feng went back into the Blacksmith Shop, preparing to look at the materials that Nyzo left him.

But right at this time, Avril who wore a white armor appeared at the Blacksmith Shop.

Avril was here to say goodbye to Ye Feng as well, she was going on a mission again.

And her destination was the Demon Beast Canyon that was several hundred miles away, she could not return in the meantime.

The two spent some time together in the Blacksmith Shop before Avril left reluctantly.

"Brother Ye Feng, you must wait for me in Osborne City, I will bring back forging materials for you."

Ye Feng nodded.

Seeing that the people around him were leaving, he felt a little upset.

But soon, he controlled his emotions.

Only by getting stronger could he stop the people around him from leaving!

Thus, Ye Feng casted his gaze towards the materials that Nyzo left him.

[Lava Stone]

Grade: Stage Three Middle-grade

Special Trait: Having absorbed the power of lava for a long time, it possesses fire elemental attribute, there is a chance for the forged weapon to gain an additional special trait.

[Hundred Years Iron Wood]

Grade: Stage Three Middle-grade

Special Trait: Having experienced wind and rain for many years, it is extremely tough, there is a chance for the forged weapon to gain an additional special trait.


After looking at more than ten stage three materials, Ye Feng was incredibly happy.

In Osborne City, not only were stage three materials rare, they were very expensive, it was very hard to gather so many stage three materials.

Next, Ye Feng took a look and decided to use the Hundred Years Iron Wood to forge a weapon, to try and see if he could get any wood element reward.

Fire element increased physical strength, lightning element had the strongest attack power, while wood element represented vitality, it had healing effects, there were many wood element doctors in Osborne City.

If the wood element mutated and transformed into the life element, it would have far greater healing effects than wood element, but there were extremely few people with the life element.

But right when Ye Feng sorted out his materials and was ready to start forging, he heard a banging sound at the door.

Ye Feng could not help but frown, hearing this loud banging, it was clear that the visitor did not come in peace.

He had always been forging weapons in the Blacksmith Shop, he did not offend anyone, so who could it be?

This could not be Eric of course, there were still seven days from their agreement of ten days, he would not come here.

So it was quite confusing who would come here now.

Once Ye Feng opened the door, he heard a loud voice.

"Ye Feng, I want to have a duel with you!"

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