6 Sick of Living

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Right when Ye Feng was about to forge a stage three weapon with wood attribute imbued in it, the door of the Blacksmith Shop was pounded and he heard a vicious shout when he opened the door in perplexity.

"Ye Feng, I want to have a duel with you!"

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Ye Feng looked at this muscular man who was two meters tall and had broad shoulders and an even thicker waist, he wore a silvery white armor that complemented his heroic demeanor.

But the man was carrying his helmet instead of wearing it, his extremely grotesque face was exposed, completely ruining his image.

Having lived in Osborne City for three years, Ye Feng knew who this was, it was the son of Osborne City Lord — Donald!

Donald had always been in love with Avril, after Ye Feng and Avril's intimate night, he came the very next day, this was quite an interesting situation.

"To think that it is this shabby Blacksmith Shop, only servants would come here in the past, it is truly humiliating to my noble status that I came personally."

Donald knew that Ye Feng liked Avril too, he pinched his nose and showed a look of disgust to purposely provoke Ye Feng.

But Ye Feng was not affected: "Oh? Is that so? Since the Blacksmith Shop is an insult to your noble status, why don't you leave, I am busy now, forgive me for not attending to you."


Donald gritted his teeth, not expecting that Ye Feng did not take the bait. After looking around the Blacksmith Shop, he stopped wasting time, he snorted coldly: "I heard that you are a Knight now? Then in the name of the Sacred Holy Sword, I challenge you to a duel between Knights!"

"I reject it, please leave."

Ye Feng said plainly as he shut the door of the Blacksmith Shop, Donald was left standing outside, staring blankly into space.

With Ye Feng's easy-going temperament, no matter how Donald provoked him, he would only treat this Osborne City's young master as air, he would never do anything excessive to Donald, the ridiculous "duel between knights" was completely pointless in his perspective, he would rather forge something using that time, besides, he felt disdain towards fighting someone like Donald.

Now that Ye Feng was about to forge a stage three wood attribute weapon, he had no time to waste with this young master of Osborne City, and now that the World Creator System had awakened, his forging technique would become more and more proficient as he practiced.

Furthermore, the World Creator System would also raise Ye Feng's strength according to the quality of the forged weapon, making him stronger and stronger, and also giving him more offensive skills!

Thus, only strength and forging ability mattered to him, in the future, he could become a supreme expert through his forging, nobody would dare to make any slightest comment about him and Avril being together.

A person like Donald, in Ye Feng's eyes, was simply a clown, he could not even be bothered to deal with him. When trying to compete with an expert, the weaker party would always lose out regardless of result.

If he had so much time, he might as well forge two more weapons.

But Donald, who was standing outside, did not think like this, he was the son of Osborne City Lord, anyone who met him had to give him respect, but he was actually treated like this by a tiny Blacksmith Shop.

With more and more spectators coming, he felt that his pride was damaged, he was getting embarrassed.

Donald became overcome with rage, he kicked the door of the Blacksmith Shop away, this broken door was merely like a piece of paper to an Intermediate Knight like him.

"Ye Feng! You have to duel me even if you refuse! You are not suitable for Avril, today's duel will determine who is the true person suited for Avril!"

Ye Feng looked at the fallen door in a daze, his whole face trembled with anger, his eyebrows were knitted together, and there was already a strong trace of anger between his eyebrows.

Ever since his transmigration, he had been easy going with anyone, but deep in his heart, within his subconscious mind, there were two lines that could not be crossed.

One was his lover Avril, the other was his teacher who he treated like a father, Nyzo.

Nyzo's lifelong effort was spent on this Blacksmith Shop, now that the door was broken by this spoiled young master, it was simply a slap on Nyzo's face!

This could not be forgiven!

Donald pounced menacingly, with a Knight's Heavy Sword in his hand, he struck at Ye Feng's head, and as he got closer and closer to Ye Feng's skull, his mouth showed a brutal expression of hatred, making his ugly face even more hideous.

Even if he killed this kid who defiled the sacred goddess, it would not be a problem.

He was the son of Osborne City Lord, while the other was an employee of this Blacksmith Shop, it was evident whose life had more value.


Right when Donald's heavy sword was about to land on Ye Feng, and those spectators of Osborne City thought that this Blacksmith kid was about to be slaughtered…

Ye Feng moved!

With an intense spark in the Blacksmith Shop, a silver-white figure flew out of the shop with a loud bang, he even rolled over a few times.

"Scram! If you damage the Blacksmith Shop any further, I will take your life!"

Ye Feng said coldly and looked around at the crowd, he then picked up the door that had fallen to the ground, and after a while of hammering, the door was fixed again.

Ye Feng did not care about the matters outside of the shop, he also did not care about Donald, but if he dared to cause any more damage to the shop, Ye Feng would do as he said.

Ye Feng placed the hundred years iron wood on the table, preparing to forge the stage three weapon. After all, Avril often went on missions, if she could have a wood attribute defensive equipment, she would have increased survivability.

One had to know, the healing effect of wood attribute surpassed ordinary herbs.

Hammering sounds started to resound in the Blacksmith Shop, while the outside also went quiet.

Stage three weapons seemed to be only one level higher than stage two, but with the difference of three levels of quality, the forging difficulty was obvious, this was also a newbie who had just forged his first weapon less than a week ago.

As the incomplete weapon was revealed, beads of sweat appeared on Ye Feng's forehead, if he was able to finish the stage three weapon in one go, then it would be easier to enchant next, he would most likely get a powerful stage three middle-grade weapon!

The final strike would decide success or failure!

Ye Feng raised the hammer to the air, suddenly, a sound came from the door again, it did not just fall over, it was completely smashed to pieces.

He saw that Donald was in a sword stance with many followers behind him, there were roughly over fifty people, all of them wore armor.

"Ye Feng, so what if I destroy your Blacksmith Shop today?"

Ye Feng did not manage to complete the last strike, the incomplete weapon shattered like the door, his eyes squinted into a fine line, an intense rage that was unprecedented filled his mind and body!

"Donald, you must be sick of living!"

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