14 Shocked Eric

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Under the flames, the assailant was burned to ashes.

Ye Feng did not care about it, after calming himself, his gaze returned to the forging furnace, as well as the two lumps of energy that seemed to have lost all life, as he continued his forging.

This was a defensive equipment for Avril, even if it failed, he had to try and salvage it!

Time passed slowly.

In the forging furnace, flames surged as heat intensified, the ice energy that had gone motionless was forced to approach the wild bull skin again.

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"I'm about to succeed!"

Ye Feng was very happy.


But right when this precious stage three defensive equipment was about to take shape, there was a loud explosive sound as the forging furnace went silent again.

The final step could not be completed after all! It was as if there was some invisible barrier between the ice energy and the bull skin!

"What is going on?"

"Is it because I could not complete the step at one go earlier due to the assassination which caused the process to fail, so even if I try again, it cannot succeed anymore?"

Ye Feng was unwilling to give up, he heated the furnace again and stretched out his palm, fire energy gathered as he put up a struggle again.

But without any surprise, he failed again!

Two forging failures in a row, this was the first time it had happened since he obtained the system, Ye Feng felt very dejected and even emotionally unbalanced.

"This damned Donald, if he did not send an assassin at me, the defensive equipment for Avril would've been completed already!"

"Stage three middle-grade equipment! Osborne City does not even have a single one…"

Ye Feng cursed out loud in anger.

Next, his mood slowly returned to normal as Ye Feng picked up the stage three weapon stabbed on the floor, the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword.

Ye Feng left the Blacksmith Shop, carrying this heavy sword covered in burning flames as he went to Eric's clan.

Stage three weapons were quite rare in Osborne City.

But for Ye Feng.

As long as the materials were sufficient, he could make as many as he wanted!

This Explosive Flame Heavy Sword was a good gift to his future father-in-law Eric, it could make Avril happy too.

At the same time, Donald sent someone to kill him multiple times, Ye Feng was worried that Donald might lose his mind and attack everyone around him as well.

His own safety was not much of a concern!

Nyzo had also left the Blacksmith Shop.

Only Eric's clan and Avril were left.

"This stage three weapon, Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, can pretty much triple the strength of an Advanced Knight!"

"Even if anything happens, without four Advanced Knights or more, nobody can easily take down Eric who is holding onto the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword!"

Ye Feng thought as he moved quickly ahead, arriving at Eric's estate.

In Eric's estate.

In the large hall, Eric listened to the information brought by his subordinate, his expression was turning ugly and also slightly incredulous.

"Is this real?"

"That old City Lord is gathering the strength of Apal's clan, with this cooperation, I wonder what they're trying to do?"

Eric sensed some danger.

Two of the three Advanced Knights in Osborne City were gathering together for some reason, how could Eric not be worried now.

"Even during the demon beast forest's beast tide, I did not see them creating such a commotion, what are they trying to do?"

Eric walked around the room anxiously, he felt uneasy, he could faintly sense some danger.

If two great Advanced Knights wanted to join up to deal with him, it was likely that he could not beat them!

But right at this time.

Ye Feng walked into the hall.

Eric's anxious expression also soothed a little after seeing Ye Feng's arrival.

This was a son-in-law that he was rather satisfied with!

He had forging talent!

His cultivation was also impressive.

As long as he went to the larger cities to train, he could become an Advanced Knight like himself after some time.

"Why are you here, lad?"

Eric forcefully concealed the worry in his eyes as he went back to his usual demeanor, he smiled and questioned Ye Feng jokingly.

Ye Feng put down the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword in his hand and stabbed it on the ground, sparks flew everywhere and he said mysteriously: "I'm here with a gift for you!"

Once he saw the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, Eric became stunned, his breathing soon became rough as he flew towards Ye Feng and grabbed the sword.

"This Knight's Heavy Sword…"


"Where did you get it? It has such a high grade, it is at least pseudo stage three or even at the level of stage three."

"The last time a stage three weapon appeared in Osborne City Lord was two years ago during an auction, that mongrel from the City Lord Manor spent a lot of money to get it!"

Holding the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, Eric seemed to like it a lot, he did not even show any signs of returning it to Ye Feng.

But what he did not know was.

This Explosive Flame Heavy Sword was a gift from Ye Feng to begin with, it was not a pseudo stage three weapon, it was a genuine stage three weapon, it had high quality in fact.

In Osborne City, there were many Elementary and Intermediate Knights, but there were only three Advanced Knights including Eric.

Weapons were the same in Osborne City.

Stage one weapons were common, they were not precious! Stage two weapons were valuable, the top tier stage two weapons were treasures.

And in Osborne City, stage three weapons were even rarer than Advanced Knights, not many had ever appeared even in history.

Thus, even with the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword's amazing appearance, Eric did not dare to imagine that this Knight's Heavy Sword was a stage three weapon.

"Pseudo stage three weapon?"

Ye Feng was a little amused but he did not dare to expose him, he smiled at Eric and signaled to him to use the sword.

Eric loved this sword immensely, he naturally followed the signal and mustered his strength before waving this Explosive Flame Heavy Sword around with great force!


As the heavy sword swung, flames surged.

There was a black charred mark on the ground, left by this heavy sword, this power far exceeded the output of an average Advanced Knight.

Eric had a shocked expression, he looked at the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword in disbelief.

"This is a stage three weapon?"

"Oh heaven!"

"Oh Great Deity of Forging, it is actually a stage three weapon! To think that in Osborne City, I can actually hold a stage three weapon in my hands…"

Right now, Eric who was holding the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword in his hand could fight three of his former self.

"I just forged it earlier, it is yours now!"

Ye Feng smiled and said.

Eric was originally shocked to begin with, now that he regained some clarity, he listened to Ye Feng's words and became overwhelmed with joy.

"This stage three weapon is really a gift for me?"

After that, Eric reacted once again and stared with wide eyes as he shouted in a voice that was much sharper than normal.


"What did you say?"

You… forged this stage three weapon?!!"

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