17 Osborne City's New Lord

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On the second day, the upper city of Osborne City, Aden City's City Lord Manor, sent someone here who knocked on the door of the Blacksmith Shop.

Inside the Blacksmith Shop, Ye Feng who was forging weapons looked at this guest who had been knocking for a long time with displeasure.

Ye Feng said with a cold expression.

"You have to obey the rules if you want me to forge weapons. Right now, I have not opened my shop for the day yet…"

Halfway through, Ye Feng could not speak anymore.

A silver diamond the size of a dove's egg and a box of golden ores that seemed like flowing water that was gathered together without scattering, appeared in front of his eyes.

[Magic Silver Diamond]

Grade: Stage Three Superior-grade

Special Trait: The dove's egg sized silver diamond can be fused into the forged weapon to greatly increase the weapon's resistance towards magic attacks.

[Flowing Water Golden Sand]

Grade: Stage Three Superior-grade

Special Trait: This material flows like water and turns solid immediately if it comes into contact with fire, becoming extremely firm and indestructible, after being forged into a weapon, it will greatly raise durability and become hard to destroy.

"I was sent by Aden City Lord!"

"My name is Bailey!"

"You may address me as Lord Bai!"

The visitor looked arrogant, as if it was a great honor for Ye Feng to be able to speak with him, his head was raised high, almost as if he was looking down at Ye Feng.

If not for these two precious ores, Ye Feng would have thrown him out already.

"What are you doing here, what do you want?" Ye Feng asked.

From start to end, he did not even look at Bailey, his gaze was fixed on the flowing water golden sand and magic silver diamond.

Stage three superior-grade materials!

Anti-magic weapon!

He had not refined it before.

"We would like you to use these two materials and make anti-magic weapons! If you succeed, you will gain the friendship of Aden City Lord, you will also gain an unimaginable reward."

Bailey said mysteriously.

Regarding this, Ye Feng did not pay much attention to him, he carried the silver diamond and golden sand and brought Bailey into the forging furnace of the Blacksmith Shop.

Before the forging furnace, blazing flames were burning intensely.

Ye Feng started to forge with much proficiency.

Such anti-magic weapons were very easy to make, he did not even need any blueprint or formation markings, he only had to make the flowing water golden sand take shape and perfectly fuse with the magic silver diamond.

Ye Feng could tell that Bailey was testing him.

But he did not mind it.

He was only concerned about forging the weapon!

"Even if he has some ability, the most important and hardest thing about forging an anti-magic weapon is to fuse the silver diamond and weapon together, can he accomplish that?"

Bailey commented internally.

Right now, in the forging furnace, the flowing water golden sand had already formed into the shape of a weapon, Ye Feng carefully placed the silver diamond into the forging furnace as well.

"You want to gain the favor of Aden City Lord, dream on!"

At the top of the Blacksmith Shop, a figure jumped down like an eagle hunting its prey, slashing the longsword towards Ye Feng with great force.

Ye Feng frowned.

Looking at the weapon that was still in the forging furnace, he freed one hand to block the black clothed assailant's attack.

But who could've thought that the target was not Ye Feng at all, it was his forging furnace, the attacker turned around and crashed into the forging furnace.

The attacker died!

Black smoke also started to rise up from the forging furnace.

The silver diamond was destroyed!


Bailey was stunned, he pointed his shaking fingers at Ye Feng angrily, his eyes were full of intense rage and anger, he screamed at the top of his lungs.

"As a Blacksmith, why did you not protect the forging furnace!"

"Damn it, that is a silver diamond!"

"You did not even show any concern towards the weapon you were forging like it was your life! What kind of Blacksmith are you, you are not fit to join Aden City's City Lord Manor."

Bailey left in rage.

Towards this, Ye Feng frowned, looking at the assassin on the ground and Bailey who left, he also turned to look at the two materials that were ruined in the forging furnace.

He only expressed his disappointment and pity towards the failed attempt to forge the weapon.

Like this, Osborne City became silent for a few days before shocking news spread again towards the surroundings, stunning all of the knights in Osborne City.

Donald, the son of Osborne City Lord, had been killed!


Osborne City Lord was also changed to another person! The new City Lord was called Militan, he had already taken over the position of Osborne City Lord.

"Donald died?"

"The City Lord was replaced?"

Within the Blacksmith Shop, Ye Feng heard this news and came slightly stunned, but he soon recovered from the initial shock.

This had a huge impact on him.

In the future, he could finally have some peace and quiet, nobody would come and find trouble with him anymore.

"I still need to continue with life and forge more weapons!"

Ye Feng got up and wanted to return to the forging furnace and try to see if the silver diamond and golden sand could still be used for a second time.

At this time, the door of the Blacksmith Shop was knocked.

Outside, an elegant looking horse carriage was parked, a man who had a kind expression and smile but also had a polite and revering attitude walked out.

There were two Intermediate Knights walking beside him as guards on his left and right, chasing away onlookers.

It was evident that he had significant status.

"I am Militan!"

The man smiled and said.

He was a great City Lord, the ruler of Osborne City, he had the biggest force on the surface, but right now, he was acting very politely towards Ye Feng.

"Today is your first day as the City Lord right! You came here specially to meet a blacksmith like me?"

Ye Feng was quite surprised.

A few days ago, there was someone from Aden City, today, the new City Lord came here to meet him on the first day!

Since when did he have such a great reputation!

"Please take a look at the orders!"

"A hundred stage two weapons! Our City Lord Manor will provide the materials, we will also pay you with thirty percent more of the market rate, what do you think?"

Militan said respectfully.

This was a huge order!

They wanted a hundred stage two weapons at once, they even provided the materials and the price was thirty percent more than the market rate of hiring a Blacksmith.

Even though Ye Feng only cared about forging, he was still shocked by this huge order.

"I've already gone to find Eric!"

"That Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, a stage three middle-grade weapon, is actually a prized work of yours!"

"From today onwards, as long as I remain as the City Lord of Osborne City, all of those remaining forces of the former City Lord, Apal's clan, and Osla's clan will not be able to create trouble, furthermore, all of Osla's businesses in Osborne City can be given to Eric…"

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He showed his attitude.

Along with some promises for Eric.

This was a two pronged approach!

Ye Feng could gain a substantial benefit from forging so many weapons as well, it could raise his proficiency too, there was no reason to reject it.


"Come collect the goods in a few days."

"In terms of stage two weapons, my failure rate is about zero now! I can make them all in a few days."

Ye Feng said plainly, he did not change his tone or mannerism to suck up to him just because this was the Osborne City Lord.

Hearing that, Militan's eyes turned wide, his face was covered in shock.

"Oh Great Deity of Forging, you have already reached a level where your stage two weapon forging has a near zero chance of failure! Oh my goodness!"

"Are you a Master Blacksmith already?"

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