7 Magic Outburst

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Ye Feng, who was normally easygoing, burst out with intense rage at this moment, this anger did not appear when others called him useless at forging, or when Eric forced him to break up with Avril.

But now that Donald destroyed the door of the Blacksmith Shop, he finally erupted completely!

Ye Feng used the light of the Blacksmith Shop to conceal the fact that he knew magic earlier, he used fire elemental energy to send Donald flying.

But this guy did not learn his lesson, he came back with even more servants!

Donald held his chest, he was a young master indeed, but he was not stupid, he had gone to many huge events with his father, against the unknown method that managed to send him flying, he became extremely alert.

To play safe, he even brought many henchmen.

Donald did not dare to enter directly, he stood outside the shop and shouted: "That dwarf blacksmith called Nyzo knows you are a useless trash, he should have left you many treasures to protect yourself right?"

"You can come try."

Ye Feng stood within the Blacksmith Shop, holding the hammer in his right hand, it seemed very threatening.

Donald gulped with a very nervous expression, he waved his hand for two henchmen to enter first, but once they stepped into the Blacksmith Shop, they were sent flying, they cried out on the ground in pain, there was no warning!

"You two, did you see what happened!"

The two henchmen shook their heads, the moment they stepped into the Blacksmith Shop, they felt a strong gust of wind before they were sent out without warning.

Ye Feng snorted coldly: "What? The great young master of the City Lord does not even dare to enter a mere Blacksmith Shop? Then fine, I will come out to talk with you!"

Saying so, Ye Feng stepped on the broken door and lifted the curtain to arrive at the street, his upright body and the coldness between his eyebrows made his aura rival the fifty or more servants of the City Lord Manor.

All of those lackeys who were not fit to be called humans took a step back in unison.

Donald refused to believe that a useless person would become so strong overnight, that old dwarf must have left him some amazing treasures.

The dwarf race was the most mysterious race on Marfa Continent, they could forge weapons unimaginable to humans, even divine weapons could be forged from their hammers.

Donald smiled coldly, he held the stage two superior-grade heavy sword that his father spent a lot of money to buy in his hand, it had a lot of metal elemental energy inside and had the offensive skill [Slicing Metal like Mud], it could raise his combat strength to a great extent.

"I want to see what this trash can rely on after leaving the Blacksmith Shop!"

Donald foolishly slashed at Ye Feng, the latter only twisted his body to dodge the heavy sword that slammed on the ground, creating a huge pit on the road of the street.

Ye Feng struck swiftly with the hammer in his hand, hitting Donald's waist and sending this young master, who had no idea who he was trifling with, flying for several meters.

The silvery white armor that he wore also cracked, he was in a pathetic state! Before Donald stood up, Ye Feng jumped up and slammed the hammer down on his chest again.


Donald coughed out a mouthful of blood, he sprawled weakly on the ground in disbelief, how could an Intermediate Knight like himself who was using a stage two superior-grade sword be unable to even take one hit from a useless trash holding an ordinary hammer!

"Go… go! Kill him! Flatten this Blacksmith Shop to the ground! Kill him!"

Donald screamed at the top of his lungs, ordering his henchmen to attack Ye Feng!

More than fifty people surrounded Ye Feng, they all had Elementary Knight level combat strength, their weapons also varied greatly, Ye Feng's hammer could not defend against so many people, using just his physical defense against them was quite difficult.

Ye Feng frowned, he had already used his bloodlust offensive skill, it raised his combat strength by 10%, each time he waved his hammer, someone would fly backwards while coughing blood.

But there were too many enemies, sometimes, he would be unable to react to a few of them, after some time, the pressure that they emitted on him surpassed their young master.

"This cannot go on…"

If he concealed his strength any further, there might be trouble!

Ye Feng's expression turned harsh, he waved the hammer around to force them away, next, he willed as an energy lump that was filled with fire elements burned intensely like a flame.

Under everyone's gaze, this lump of fire energy exploded around him!

When the fire elements dispersed, a series of crackling sounds could be heard in his hand, purple lightning shot out directly at the surrounding armored knights!

With the attack of fire and lightning, more than fifty enemies fell to the ground, they could not put up a resistance.

"Donald, I already said it, if you dare to damage the Blacksmith Shop, I will dare to kill you!"

Fire energy gathered in Ye Feng's hands again, under everyone's shocked gaze, it exploded on Donald's body.

"Retreat! The enemy is too strong, we must retreat!"

Donald did not struggle at all, his eyes had turned white, it was unknown if he was still alive or dead, his henchmen quickly grabbed him and retreated in panic.

Ye Feng did not give chase, he only looked at his surroundings before entering the Blacksmith Shop that was covered in red light again.


In the City Lord Manor, a muscular man wearing elegant clothing destroyed the wooden table before him, his angry expression looked very similar to Donald.

This person was Donald's father, the Osborne City Lord Donjedo!

"Even with so many people, you failed to capture a simple blacksmith, you even caused your young master to suffer such severe injuries, what were you doing!"

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One person was kneeling on the ground, lowering his heads in silence, he was the leader of these guards, now that they failed in their mission, the responsibility landed on him.

Donjedo had a dark expression: "I want you to capture that kid by today and bring me the treasures of that Blacksmith Shop to compensate for your failure, otherwise, you don't have to come back alive!"

A fierce and cruel expression flashed on this guard captain's face, he nodded solemnly and vanished on the spot.

"Hmph! I do not believe that a superior-class Intermediate Knight cannot take down a rascal like him!"

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