18 Improvement In Forging Skill

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The new Osborne City Lord Militan requested for a hundred stage two weapons, in just two days, Ye Feng completed the task of forging them all.

One stage two weapon, normally speaking, would provide Ye Feng with 100 fire elemental points, but soon after, he seemed to reach a bottleneck!

When forging stage two weapons, he no longer gained much elemental points.

"It must be because I am now an Advanced Knight and a Three Star Magician."

In the Blacksmith Shop, Ye Feng was still busy working at the forging furnace.

Yesterday, when Militan's subordinates came to collect the goods, they paid the service fee and put another huge order again.

This was an even larger order, they wanted stage three weapons!

"Twenty portions of materials to make stage three weapons, as well as their necessary formation charts, the price is still the same at thirty percent higher than the average market rate."

"This new City Lord does not have a simple background at all, this quantity of weapons is too much for the average person.

Before the forging furnace, Ye Feng sighed and did not think too much of it, he immediately got to forging them.

This was not the first time Ye Feng was forging stage three weapons.

In fact, he was quite familiar with them.


Within the forging furnace, flames surged and blazed, the entire Blacksmith Shop was extremely hot from the heat emitted, it was almost comparable to Ye Feng's fire magic already.

Ye Feng gazed towards the box at the corner, information of the stage three material that Militan provided him was shown before his eyes.

[Star Cloud Rock]

Grade: Stage Three Superior-grade

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Special Trait: Clear and transparent like a crystal with star cloud patterns inside, after forging into a weapon, will greatly increase the strength of an Advanced Knight, sharpness also increases by 30%.

In addition, Ye Feng had the [Star Meteorite Sword] blueprint and the [Sharp Metal Formation] formation chart brought by Militan's subordinates.

As the fire was lit in the forging furnace, smoke started rising.

Star cloud rocks were placed inside one by one, they soon turned bright red as Ye Feng tried to use fire magic on the forging furnace to raise the temperature of the star cloud rocks even more.

Suddenly, shining lights of dazzling colors appeared in the forging furnace.

Twenty star cloud rocks, at this instant, reached their limits and started to melt, they contained terrifying power inside them!

Ye Feng waved his hammer around and continued to hit the star cloud rocks, formation markings were also completely carved at this time.

Inside the forging furnace, there were twenty star cloud rocks being forged at once, the amount of mental energy it took was something that the average stage three Blacksmith could not do.

Only Ye Feng, with his proficiency level, could do it to this extent!


With the final hit of the hammer.

The first Star Meteorite Sword was completed, the Sharp Metal Formation was also carved onto it.

"Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging the stage three superior-grade [Star Meteorite Sword], you have obtained 1000 fire elemental points, and power of blazing flames +1!"

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The hammer continued to hit.

As Star Meteorite Swords were made one by one, the Sharp Metal Formation carved on them also became more and more vivid, exposing an extremely sharp aura.

"Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging the stage three superior-grade [Star Meteorite Sword], you have obtained 900 fire elemental points, and power of blazing flames +1!"

"900 fire elemental points, and power of blazing flames +1!"

"800 fire elemental points, and power of blazing flames +1!"

"Fire elemental…"

System notifications resounded continuously.

Ye Feng could feel a continuous surge of power that entered his body, his strength was greater now, he was originally an inferior-class Advanced Knight, now, he was finally at superior-class level.

"By making the same weapon over and over again, the fire elemental points I gain will fall over time! But what is this power of blazing flames?"

Ye Feng felt a little curious, he held one of the Star Meteorite Swords that he forged and used the strength of an Advanced Knight to slash fiercely.


The tiles of the Blacksmith Shop easily broke into pieces like tofu.

After adding in the Sharp Metal Formation, this Star Meteorite Sword's sharpness was close to being unparalleled among similarly graded weapons.

Ordinary stage three inferior-grade weapons would be cut into two after a few collisions with the Star Meteorite Sword.

After putting down the Star Meteorite Sword, Ye Feng tried to use his fist to attack the tile on the floor, he actually felt a sensation like he was holding the Star Meteorite Sword.

"This power of blazing flames is directly added to my body! If I have enough of this power of blazing flames, my fists and legs would become the sharpness sword I have."

Ye Feng's face was covered in surprise.

There were so many Blacksmiths in Marfa Continent, but he had never heard of any Blacksmith who could turn their own body into a weapon with special traits, or for example, gaining sharpness.

He was likely unique in this Marfa Continent!

The forging session ended.

Ye Feng started to clean up the residue in the forging furnace, but when he gazed at a corner, those Star Meteorite Swords lying there made him stunned.

"Why are there more than thirty of them?"

"Didn't Militan give me twenty star cloud rocks? Twenty star cloud rocks should be able to forge only twenty Star Meteorite Swords."

Twenty star cloud rocks were placed in the forging furnace and forged at the same time, there was no failure at all, in fact, there were more than ten extra swords.

This situation should only be possible for an Advanced Blacksmith who had incredibly deep attainment and high proficiency.

But Ye Feng had unknowingly reached this stage, he did not even know what happened here, it was simply unbelievable.

If news of this was spread, Ye Feng's reputation as a genius Blacksmith would immediately be known far and wide.

He was so young!

But he could already make stage three weapons.

And his forging techniques had risen to such a level!

One had to know, even in some large cities, stage three Blacksmiths who had spent their entire lives forging might not even have half of Ye Feng's hundred percent success rate.

Late at night, outside the Blacksmith Shop, a horse carriage from the City Lord Manor arrived.

This time, Militan's subordinates did not come, the Osborne City Lord had arrived personally.

Evidently, Militan was quite concerned with the forging of this batch of stage three weapons, the sky had just turned dark when he rushed over immediately.

"My precious Blacksmith friend, I am definitely not suspecting your abilities, I just want to see how many Star Meteorite Swords you have forged!"

"Don't worry, for stage three weapons, as long as you have a 90% success rate and forge eighteen of them, I will give you the gold coins for twenty swords!"

Militan laughed as he entered the Blacksmith Shop.

Once he finished his words, his mouth could not be shut anymore, he started at the corner in shock, there were many Star Meteorite Swords that had already been forged!

Long after.

Militan finally reacted as he looked like he had found a treasure, his breathing intensified as he could not help but ask.

"Oh my goodness!"

"Is this reality?"

"Oh Great Deity of Forging, how did he possibly create thirty Star Meteorite Swords from twenty star cloud rocks! My friend, are you the illegitimate son of the Great Deity of Forging?"

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