139 Approached Again

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"I wonder how Blake is doing now." While forging, Ye Feng sighed helplessly to himself.

Blake was not in Aden City now, he would not know about the specific situation until Tiffany informs him later.

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Right now, even when Ye Feng was forging, he would think of Blake, more so than Avril.

"Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage five middle-grade weapon, Lightning Resonance Blade, you have obtained 8000 lightning elemental points, and 3000 fire elemental points."

During this period of time, he had forged many stage five weapons, they were all handed to the Auction House.

After forging this weapon, Ye Feng sat down on his chair and said in a guilty tone: "I should not have left the Blacksmith Shop then, it is my fault that Blake suffered such severe injuries."

It was truly a coincidence, he had left the Blacksmith Shop for less than four hours, but during this period of time, both Blake and Lamela came.

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