1 The Shield of Neodragana Guild Chat

Big Bone Daddy joined.

Valant joined.

The Machiavellian joined.

Mad Tyrant joined.

Big Bone Daddy> Did yall hear about Forevermore?

Mad Tyrant> Yeah it seems interesting.

The Machiavellian> Agreed. Have you seen the map yet, Tyrant?

Valant> Yep, I'm planning my character as well as my second account.

Big Bone Daddy> Same, which nation due you plan on starting in, Valant?

Valant> Thinking of either Ustya or going with Jupra.

Mad Tyrant> Planning on making a demon character then, Valent. I'm going to start in Argo.

Valant> So your making a human character then, how basic of you.

Big Bone Daddy> Stop trying to one-up each other, I'm going to start in Simira as an undead.

The Machiavellian> Interesting, BBD. Tyrant, I plan on starting in Alden as an Elf want to join in on my journey to become a lord?

Mad Tyrant> Mach, will do after I'm able to have my adventure guild rank be in all nations.

Big Bone Daddy> Wow, how many hours do you plan to play MT?

Mad Tyrant> Only around 8-9 hours a day, not much tbh.

Valant> Casual! I'm going 12 hours til I reach my goal!

Mad Tyrant> Don't you have school work?

Valant> Already done and my classes are easy for this semester! I am fully prepared for this.

Mad Tyrant> Damn, you have me beat.

Big Bone Daddy> Why do you need to spend so many hours playing Valant? I am going to finish my goal with only 40 hours of game time, tbh.

Mad Tyrant> WTF.

Valant> Bull.

Sloth has joined.

The Machiavellian> Lmao, mine is going to take around 6 real months tbh.

Big Bone Daddy> Haha, MT are you sure about that. Remember last year and your goal. You quit after 2 months.

The Machiavellian> I know, but this time it's different!

Mad Tyrant> How so, are you going to get hard carried by me again.

Valant> LMAO, that was a good memory seeing Tyrant so angry at you Mach.

The Machiavellian> Shut up, and that was only because I ran out of healing potions.

Mad Tyrant> Your armor broke and you had no weapon.

Big Bone Daddy> This is getting off-topic real quick. Any thoughts on classes?

Mad Tyrant> I'm going to be a swordsman so going to Warrior.

Valant> So basic, I'm going to be a Mage branching into being a Summoner!

The Machiavellian> Rogue here!

Big Bone Daddy> Paladin here, so what might Sloth be?

Mad Tyrant> A Dragonborn ranger?

Valant> No, a human mage.

Sloth> A dwarf, Cleric. Just caught up. Starting in Hephieisia.

Mad Tyrant> Interesting, where should we meet up?

Sloth> How about in the Empire of Ocrua?

Valant> Which city?

Sloth> The capital Acly.

Big Bone Daddy> That's quite fair,

Sloth> It has the only guild hall building. So we meet there to form our guild.

Big Bone Daddy> Agreed!

Mad Tyrant> Got yeah.

Valant> K boss.

The Machiavellian> Will do. Sloth, you were a beta tester, right? How was it?

Sloth> It was an okay experience, it was mainly just testing for balancing. Also, I just got my VR-Sphere. Anyone have there's yet?

Mad Tyrant> Mine came in yesterday.

Valant> Same as Tyrant.

Big Bone Daddy> Mine is coming later today.

The Machiavellian> Feelsbadman. Mine comes in a few days from now. One day before it comes out.

Mad Tyrant> That sucks. Hope it comes early, Mach.

Valant> What about the rest of the guild Sloth? Do you think anyone will be joining us?

Sloth> From what I can tell, it's just us right now, I think the members of Saint Lanora might join us, but their guild leader hasn't spoken to me in a while.

Mad Tyrant> Really, I thought that maybe Horus might join us.

Sloth> Horus just finished school and found his new job recently. Sucks but work is more important than gaming.

Mad Tyrant> Agreed. I miss it when all 10 of us we still playing.

Sloth> Same, but that is the past and we can��t help it.

The Machiavellian> Yeah, hopefully, we can find some new people to recruit.

Big Bone Daddy> I hope so, I'll see if I can recruit some people.

Mad Tyrant> Shall we have a game to see who can recruit the most to the guild?

Sloth> Stop it, Tyrant, we can figure it out when we form the guild.

Mad Tyrant> Got it.

Sloth> Alright, shall we end this talk tonight?

The Machiavellian> Alright.

Big Bone Daddy> Yep.

Sloth> As of today, we shall begin plan Omega.

Three hours later.

The Machiavellian> Agreed

Big Bone Daddy> Will do.

Sloth> Then everyone is dismissed. Bye.

The Machiavellian> Bye.

Valant> Bye.

Mad Tyrant> Bye.

Valant> Bye.

The Machiavellian Disconnected.

Mad Tyrant Disconnected.

Valant Disconnected.

Big Bone Daddy Disconnected.

Horus joined.

Sloth> Hello, Horus.

Horus> Sup. So does everyone think I am currently absent?

Sloth> Yes. You remember the beta correct.

Horus> Of course. I will try to find that item as soon as possible.

Sloth> Good, when we meet in-game, our Guild shall finally be strong again.

Horus> What did Mad Tyrant have to say about Omega?

Sloth> Nothing much why?

Horus> It seemed like Tyrant also joined the beta test. He knew about that one item.

Sloth> I see. Well knowing him, he might have been part of the alpha test. And if he was then he might be going after that item then, which is best left to him anyways.

Horus> Agreed.

Sloth> Hope, you're doing well.

Horus> I am, decent work and gives me a few hours a day to game. I will be starting in Swaiya, just so you know.

Sloth> Alright, see you later then.

Horus> See you as well.

Sloth Disconnected.

Horus Disconnected.

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