2 The Journey Begins

I turn off the TV and enter a gray sphere that has a chair in the middle of it. As I sit down, a headset covers my face. There was nothing, just a black void, then the words appeared.


After a short while, the loading screen disappeared and the login screen for the MMORPG ForeverMore appeared.

I put in my login information, as the screen fades to a grassland. A menu popped up for character creation, first came picking out the race. The choices were plenty of races to pick from but the 3 categories they are sorted into are Heteromorphic, Demi-Human, and Humanoid. I chose Human as my race. Next was gender, which I chose female.

Next was creating the character model which took me around 3 or so hours to make. My character was a young teenage girl who looked around 16 with a petite build, with light-brown hair and blue eyes.

After that was picking your starting class, it had Rogue, Thief, Assassin, Wizard, Sorcerer, Priest, Monk, Warrior, Archer, Paladin, Warlock, Barbarian, Druid, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Knight and the list goes on and on. I chose a Warrior due to it being more suited to my play style.

After selecting my class it went to the starter equipment selection. I start with basic proficiency with most melee weapons, light to medium class armor, and light to medium class shields. I can pick a variety of weapons and armor, but I chose leather armor and a long sword. Since I won't be using a shield for the build I am hoping to do.

Up next is Stat allocation, which it pulls up a screen displaying my stats and my 15 unused Points. After a while, I finalized my stats.

HP- 50

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MP- 24

STR- 16

DEX- 15

CON- 7

INT- 13

CHA- 7

WIS- 5

Unused Points: 0

With the completion of the stat allocation, I am brought to the world map to pick my starting region. I click the Nation of Argo, and as I do a white light surrounds me enveloping me.

As the white light fades, I am surrounded by other people who are moving around trying to find the tutorial NPCs. I look around for a town guard, so I can ask for directions to the Warrior Tutorial NPC. I find one who is currently sitting down, and seems to be doing nothing at the moment. The guard has a bulky build and he looks around 30 or so and has a shield on his left side with a sword on his right side, he has steel armor on and seems to be currently resting.

"Hello, if your not busy can I ask a question?"

"Er. How can I help you? Young lady?"

"I am looking for the Warrior Training Area."

"I see, it is on the north side of town. What is your name?"

"I'm Mervana, soon to be an adventurer."

"I see. Don't get into trouble.."

"Don't worry, I dislike trouble! What's your name by the way?"

"I'm Gerald Twinwind. Don't get lost."


I walk away from Gerald and start to head to the Warrior Training area. As I do I notice a message from The Machiavellian.

The Machiavellian> Just got done with my class tutorial where are you at?

Mad Tyrant> Getting started, was busy making my character design.

The Machiavellian> I see, get done quickly since Argo, Gervant, and Alden are getting double experience at the moment.

Mad Tyrant> Got it.

The Machiavellian> See you soon.

After I finished my messaging with Machiavellian, I arrived to the Warrior Training area. I see around three rugged adult male warriors wearing leather, or chainmail armor. Each of them had a different weapon, with one being a long sword and a round shield, another with a single long sword, and the last one with two long swords. From what I could tell they were the Warrior Tutorial NPCs. I went over to the one with just a single long sword and nothing else.


"You're here for training as well?"


"Then destroy 3 training dummies then come back to me."

A quest screen pops up.

Warrior Training Part 1


The Warrior Trainer has given you the first task of becoming a warrior. Shall you prevail in this training or shall you falter.


(0/3 Training dummies Destroyed)


Progress as a Warrior

Skill- Basic Slash

Likeability with Warrior Trainer increase by 5.

I accept the quest, and move over towards the training dummies. I whisper to myself, as I bring my sword to me.


A status screen appears above my sword.

Name: Common Longsword

Rank: Common

Damage: 4-8

Durability: 100/100

I put my sword back and look at the dummy in front of me.


Name: Warrior Training Dummy

Rank: Common

Durability: 100/100

I look through each dummy and I find one which is different from the rest. I look at the dummy and use appraise.

Name: Warrior Training Dummy

Rank: Rare

Durability: 250/250

I start swinging my longsword at the dummy, after one swing I appraise the dummy.

Name: Warrior Training Dummy

Rank: Rare

Durability: 246/250

I continue swinging the longsword after around 2 or so minutes the dummy falls over. I reopen my quest log and see that I still have 2 more to go. The dummy reforms, and when I use appraise it isn't the rare dummy. I find it after 2 minutes of using appraise on all the dummies. I spend almost a total of 10 minutes completing the quest with only defeating the rare dummies. I head back to the tutorial NPC.


A screen appears in front of him, then it turns into a scroll which he stamps. He then holds it out for me to grab, before doing soI appraise it.

Name: Warrior's Basic Slash

Rank: Uncommon

I grab it and it turns to dust and a screen pops up telling me that I have learned Basic Slash. Another quest appears.

Warrior Training Part 2


The Warrior Trainer has given you the second task of becoming a warrior. Shall you prevail in this training or shall you falter.


(Kill 15 goblins.0/15)


15 Copper

An Uncommon Weapon

Likeability with Warrior Trainer increases by 5.

After receiving the quest, I had asked for directions to the nearest library and head towards it. The library

{The Monster Encyclopedia}

[Brownskin Tribal Goblins]

<Brownskin Tribal Goblins are small, black-hearted, selfish humanoids that lair in caves, abandoned mines, despoiled dungeons, and some smaller numbers can be found in forests. Individually weak, goblins gather in large groups, but as the goblin groups grow larger a unique goblin can appear which is usually their leader. After the leader has complete control of the goblin group, the group will produce unique goblins at a much faster rate. If a goblin group produces a goblin lord, it has the potential to become a goblin horde which is a threat to most major cities. A horde should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Goblinoids. Goblins belong to a family of creatures called goblinoids. Their larger cousins, hobgoblins, like to bully goblins into submission. Goblins are lazy and undisciplined but are extremely creative and knowledgeable about ambush tactics.

Leaders and Followers. Brownskin Tribal Goblins are ruled by the strongest or smartest among them. A goblin group is usually ruled over by a goblin warrior or a goblin priest. While a horde would be ruled by a goblin lord.

Class of Tribal Goblins. Tribal Goblins are one of the few monsters who's environment affects how strong the offspring will be. The most common tribal goblin is the Soldier which uses a club and a shield but some have spears and bows to fight at long range, which are usually around levels 1 to 5. The unique class of goblins contains Priest, Warrior, and Mage, who usually are around levels 6 to 15. The rare class of goblins which are born one a goblin group reaches over a thousand members are the Lord, Knight, and Wizard, who usually are around levels 16 to 30. The legendary class of goblins known are the King, Paladin, and Arc-Wizard, we have no idea what level this class of goblin to be but it should be around level 30-60.>

I set the book down and move towards the southern gate. After arriving I see a whole bunch of people who are typing messages looking for people to group with them. I pull up my friends list, and type to Mr. Odd.

Mad Tyrant> Where are you?

Mr. Odd> Near the Southern Gate, at an inn called The Golden Claw. I think.

Mad Tyrant> On my way.

Mr. Odd> See yah.

After a few minutes of asking for directions, I find myself in front of a falling apart inn. I shake my head and enter. As I do I see a bear to be more specific a polar bear who is wearing grey plate chest plate, with a black cloth underneath, and with grey fur covering the left shoulder, sitting down at a table in the back, and is currently eating a steak with its paws. The bear waves at me, I sit down in front of the bear.

"You picked a Bear…"

"But this game has so many different races! Yep also my character name is Barrew"

"I know but still you are the most obvious person. I'm Mervana."

"I know, That is why I am a tank, same as you."

"Yep, anyways I'm heading to the Forest of Ages. Want to come?"

"Why not, your class quest?"

"Yep, gotta kill some goblins."

"Well, this is gonna be bearific!"

I hit him in the head with my fist and he gives me a thumbs up. We leave the inn and head towards the southern gate which we get in a cart heading to there Forest of Ages.