1 Chapter 1

"Izzie, don't! You have to fight it. Let her go!"

  I turned to glare at Matt. 

"I'm hungry."  I growled.

 Then I ran to the girl I had tied to a tree. I tilted her neck slightly then growled as I felt my fangs sharpen. I leaned into her neck then hissed as I was about to bite her. 

"Izzie wake up!" Matt shouted. 

 I jumped up into a sitting position as I looked around frantically while trying to catch my breath. My older brother, Matthew, stood by my bed with a concerned look on his face.

 "Iz?" Matt whispered. 

I looked at him then took the glass of O-Negative blood that he was holding out to me and drank it.

 "I'm okay Matty. Really I am."

 He gave me a look , his eyes saying he didn't believe me.

 "Seriously I'm fine. I swear."

 "Iz, you've been having nightmares for the last two months. You are not okay."

 I sighed, knowing he was right. 

"What happened this time?" He asked.

 I thought about it, "You were there, in the woods. I had some blonde girl tied up to a tree. You were screaming at me to fight it and let her go... I was about to bite her."

 Matty sighed then scratched his chin, "C'mon." He muttered.

 Then just like every other night when I had nightmares, I grabbed my pillow and my blanket then followed Matt to his room. 


  I walked over to the empty bed on the far side of his room. I laid down then stared at the ceiling in silence, thoughts of the last two months running through my mind. Two months ago, our parents were attacked by werewolves,  they didn't survive the attack. I've been having nightmares since the day I found out that my parents were dead. It's just me and Matt now, we're living in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. We've been in Richmond, Virginia for about two weeks now, we had to move from the U.K to Virginia because when my parents died, the werewolves who killed them,The Blood-Moon Pack, started looking for us.

 "You think they'll find us Matty?" I whispered.

 "No Izzie we're  safe. I promise."

 "M'kay." I murmured then we said goodnight and went to sleep.

 "Izzie breakfast!" 

 I rolled over then got out of bed and slowly made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I smiled when the scent of sausages, pancakes, eggs, orange juice, and blood hit my nose. 

"Morning Izabella." Matt greeted me as I went to sit down.

 "Hey." I said.

Then i sat down and began to pile my plate with 5 sausages, 6 pancakes,  2 spoonfuls of cheesy eggs, and 2 slices of toast fresh from the toaster then I filled one half of my glass with blood and the other half with orange juice and mixed it together.

 As Matt and I began to eat, he nudged me, "Ready for school?"

 I smiled then nodded eagerly. We finished eating while joking around then we ran to our rooms to get dressed. 

"Ready?" I asked 15 minutes later as I waited for him in the living room. 

"Yeah let's go." He said then we left.

   We ran outside to our cars, I drove a candy apple red Toyota  Camry and Matt drove a dark red Honda Civic. We drove down the street at top speed, I laughed to myself as I saw his car come speeding next to mine.

 I rolled down the window, "Race you!" I shouted.

 He nodded then the light turned green and we sped off. About two blocks up I hit a sharp turn then glanced into my rearview mirror as I watched Matt match the turn. I shifted gears then drove backwards into the Richwood High School parking lot.I parked the car then hopped out and walked over to Matt's car. 

"I won." I said with a laugh.

 He snickered, "Yeah okay." 

Then he closed and locked his car. I grinned up at him then we looked around at the human teenagers walking around or looking at us. I sniffed the air and clutched at Matt's arm. 

"What's wrong?" He whispered.

 "Werewolves." I whispered back.

 He sniffed the air too then pulled my hood up over my head then did the same for himself. 

"Keep your head down." He whispered.

 I put my head down then the scent of werewolves got stronger. I saw a pair of feet appear in front of me. 

"Sup Newbies." A deep voice taunted us, followed by a ripple of laughter. 

I tightened my grip on Matt's arm,the smell of the wolves making me happy all of a sudden. The thought of being attracted to a wolf scared me but I knew what it meant. I, Izabella Lily Johnson, was destined to be with a werewolf….FOREVER!

 I was snapped out of my thoughts when one of the wolves stepped closer to me and it didn't help that it was the same guy I was MATED to. With that thought in mind I kind of snapped.I grabbed his arm and kicked his leg out from under him, causing him to fall to the ground and his arm to snap from the tight grip I had on it. He roared in pain and it took everything in my body not to comfort him. 

 His friends stepped toward me but I swept my hand sideways, causing a blast of air to come and knock them into the cars behind them. I bent down then came face to face with my mate. His eyes were the most perfect shade of blue and his skin was a light caramel color. I just wanted to lick him all over. When I realized what I was thinking,  I frowned to myself then glared into his eyes, 

"Don't touch or come near me or my brother and you might live. Got me?" 

He nodded while holding his arm. 

"Good." I hissed then snapped his arm back into place. 

I stood then looked at Matty, "Let's go."

 He shook his head with a smile on his face then followed me into the school then shook his head, "My sister is insane."

 We walked through the school with kids jumping out of our  way or looking at us and whispering. 

Matt tapped me on the arm, "I guess news travels fast here."

 I smirked, thoughts of having every student terrified of me making me smile. "Yeah I guess it does." 

We walked to our classes, Matt was in Biology and I was in AP English, which was two down from his class. 

"You gonna be good in there by yourself Izzie?" He asked.

 I nodded, "I'll be fine." 

We did our sibling handshake then went inside our classes. 

As I stood at the door, looking around the room for an empty table, the teacher walked up to me. 

"Hello I'm your English teacher, Ms. Vivian Harris."

 I shook her hand, "Hello Vivian, my name is Izabella Johnson." 

She looked puzzled for a second at the sound of me using her first name. She recovered quickly then directed me to a desk near the back. I sat down then smirked when I noticed the guy from the parking lot walked into the classroom with his friends close behind him. They looked in my direction then whispered to each other and walked to my table and sat down.


  I glared at them then looked at the guy whose arm I broke.

 "Must not want to live." I said with a frown. 

He looked at me then cooked his head to the side. 

"You can't kill me Sweetheart. You're just bluffing."

 I smirked then made a small ball of  Wolfsbane, a purple flower used to wound or kill werewolves, in my hand and tossed it at him. He leaped up from the table and I could smell the fear on him. I grabbed the Wolfsbane ball and covered it with both hands then I closed my eyes and channeled fire into my hands then quickly burned the plant. 

"Sit down you asshole." I said then the guy sat down. 

He leaned toward me, "What are you?" 

I smirked at his question, "Just a girl that knows her way around a pack of rogue werewolves." I said with a smirk.

  He glanced at his friends then looked at my hands then to my face. 

"No you're something else. No human can break a werewolf's arm."

 I shrugged, "A lot of days in the gym will surprise you."

 "You're lying." 

"So what?" I said with a shrug. 

He scowled at me, "How'd you know what we are?" 

I was about to answer but my phone pinged twice with a text from Matt:

Big Bro♥️:U ok? 

Izzie🤪⭐: Yea U? 

Big Bro♥️: Yea....

Izzie🤪⭐: ?? What's wrong Matty? 

Big Bro♥️: I sense something….Around u

Izzie🤪⭐: What do u mean?

Big Bro♥️: Not safe

Izzie🤪⭐: Matt don't start. Nothing is safe to you. 

Big Bro♥️: I'm serious Iz.  

Izzie🤪⭐: 🙄😒

Big Bro♥️: 😐😐

Izzie🤪⭐: ...….Werewolves 

Big Bro♥️: I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

Izzie🤪⭐: Matt calm down they're rogues 

Big Bro♥️: Rogues? 

Izzie🤪⭐: Yea rogues. They can't hurt me 

Big Bro♥️: ...….

Izzie🤪⭐: Matty I can handle them 

Big Bro♥️: Not on ur own. Not all the time. I'm here too

Izzie🤪⭐: I know Matt

Big Bro♥️: Then stop trying to handle shit alone 

Izzie🤪⭐:  .....Okay Matty 

   I put my phone back into my pocket and sighed. Matt's always been around to protect me, fight my battles for me but for once I just want him to let me handle things alone. 

"Awe what's wrong? Trouble in paradise?" 

I glared across the table, "What's your name?" I asked.

 The guy who'd been taunting me since this morning looked at me with surprise.

"My name is Luca but everybody calls me Luc. What's your name Lil Mama?"

 "Isabella."  I said then he looked at my daylight ring. 

"Where'd you get that?" 

"Made it myself. Why?" 

He smirked at my answer then leaned back in his chair, "This is gonna be a fun year."

 "Why's that?"

 "I'll make you a deal Lil Mama. You make me and my rogues some moonlight rings and we'll stop messin' with you." 

I thought about it then smirked at him, "Okay, Give me two days." 

"Two days, six rings. Sounds good to me."

 We shook hands then for the rest of class I planned and drew out pictures while trading ideas with Luc on how the rings should look.

  When the bell rang Luc and his friends asked if I needed help finding my classes. 

"Yeah I guess." 

As we turned down the hallway I heard Matt calling my name. I turned to look in his direction then Luc nudged my shoulder. 

"There go yo' man Lil Mama."

 I rolled my eyes, "Shut up Luc. He's my older brother."

Luc snickered then nodded and began to stare Matty down as he ran up to us. 

"Who the hell are they?" Matt grumbled. 

I shrugged, "Friends. Now are you walking with us or not?" 


  Matt grumbled to himself the whole way to our next class but opiI ignored him and continued talking to Luc and his friends. 

"So what happened to your pack?" I asked Luc. 

"We all got kicked out of our packs a few months ago. We found each other wandering around so one day I gathered every one of them together, told 'we are our own pack. We'll live for each other, die for each other and protect each other forever.' After that we were inseparable, no one scared us. Well until you came along." 

I laughed then Luc joined in. 

"I'm serious yo. What are you anyway?"

 I peeked at Matt, who just snorted in irritation and looked away from me.

 I looked over at Luc again, "We're vampires, 8th generation." 

  "8th generation? So you have powers?" 

I nodded, "Yeah. I can manipulate the elements, along with the power to heal wounds, even if you're dead, and the ability to stop space and time. Matt has what we call super-sense. All of his 5 senses are sharper. He also has a rare ability called Tracterrambria." 

"What's that?" 

"He can track any supernatural being across the world, even dead ones. Tracterrambria's can track, sense danger, and kill with a single touch or thought." 

Luc nodded then snatched my schedule from my hands. 

"Luc!" I shouted. 

He laughed then held it out of my grasp. 

"Chill Lil Mama I'm just looking."

 I rolled my eyes but let him examine my class schedule. 

"Cool. Ay fools, she got every class with us, except for Geometry. She got Geometry wit' you Luther." 

The guy on my left with red dyed hair nodded. We all walked downstairs to the gym and walked inside. 

Luc and his friends walked around the gym, joking around or messing with some of the students. I sat down next to Matt on the bleachers. 

"Not him." Matt grumbled. 

I sucked my teeth and sighed, "You know I can't control it."

 "I don't care. NOT HIM!!" 


 "You heard me Izabella." 

I sighed, my irritation running thin, "Yeah I heard you Matthew. I heard you being a dick and I heard you being over protective for the millionth time. You know I can't control who I mate with and that I have you want me to just ignore him!! You've selfish Matthew."

 "I just want you to be safe."

 "No you just want me to be sad and lonely LIKE YOU!" 

I got up and stormed outside to walk around the track and cool off. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't hear Tra run up behind me.

 "What's wrong Lil Mama?" I looked at the ground, "Nothin' Luc. I'm okay." 

"Mane stop lying. I'm looking straight in yo face shorty. What's wrong?" 

"She said she's fine."


 I sighed as Matt came jogging over to us with a scowl on his face. I looked up to Luc's eyes, silently pleading with him to ignore Matt. He looked down at me then nodded. I turned back to Matt.

 "Matty d-..." 

I started to speak but stopped when Luc suddenly screamed in pain. I looked over to see him kneeling on the ground and holding both sides of his head. Panic flashed through me when I realized Matt was trying to kill him. 

"MATT NO!!" I shouted. 

Then I swept my hands upwards then spread them out, causing the earth under Matt to open up rapidly and swallowed him up. I knelt down next to Luc.

 "Are you okay?" I asked.

  He nodded, "Head still hurts."

 I nodded then looked up as Luc's friends ran over. 

"What happened?" 

"It's okay Ron. I can help him."

 "Okay but that don't explain why or how he got hurt in the first place. What did you do to him?" 

 "I didn't DO anything. Matt just tried to kill him. I JUST SAVED HIS LIFE!!" I said, anger showing in my tone. 

Then I turned back to Luc, "Look at me." I whispered.

 He opened his eyes a little then as he looked at me, I noticed a flash of silver run across his light blue pupils. I smiled, knowing that it meant he had imprinted on me, then I placed my hands on both sides of his head. I closed my eyes and began to channel all of my energy into his body. I gasped a little when a chill ran through me but I didn't move, I needed to heal him.

  Air swirled around us then after two minutes the air died down, the healing process was complete and my energy was fully drained. I let go of his head then stared at his unmoving body, waiting for him to regain consciousness.  Ron growled behind me then gripped my shoulder and turned me around. I was about to stand and ask what the hell his problem was but he shoved me backwards into the grass. I was too weak to move so I sat up a little to glare up at him as he glared down at me with anger showing in his eyes. 

"What the hell did you do?!" He shouted.

 I flinched a little at his tone but before I could say anything, Luc was there jerking Ron up by his collar. 

"Don't you dare hurt her. I swear to fucking God if you do, ANY OF YOU, brothers or not I will personally and unmercilessly rip every single one of your asses apart!" He growled then shoved Ron back and squatted down next to me.

  "Hey Lil Mama. You gon' be alright."

 I groaned softly then murmured, "Blood."

 He nodded, "I got you." 

Then he walked over to Matt, who was climbing out of the 3 foot hole I put him in, and talked to him while gesturing toward me then Matt handed him a small tan sack. I could smell the blood from where I was and my mouth began to water immediately. Luc ran over to me then took out a metal flask from the sack, opened it, and put it to my lips. I drank the blood quickly and hungrily. 

  Once I was finished I sat up and looked at Luc with a sad smile. He smiled back and helped me to my feet. 

"You good Lil Mama?" He asked while staring at me. 

I nodded, "I'm okay Luc" I said softly.

 He smiled a little and nodded then I walked over to where Matt was. I didn't look at Matt at all while I fixed the huge hole. With two up and outwards jerks of my hands, the hole refilled itself with dirt and the grass began its regrowth process. As I turned to go back to Luc, Matt grabbed my wrist. 

"Leave that low life rogue alone." "Matty.." I began but he tightened his grip and stared into my eyes. 

"Shut up and come on! Werewolves can't be trusted, you know that. Now let's go." 

 I peeked back at Luc and his friends, Ron, Luther, Alex, Charles, and Lance, then waved slightly with my hand at my side so Matt wouldn't notice. Matt tugged me by the hand into the school. I jeered out of his grasp but stayed silent the whole time we walked to my Chemistry class. I didn't even do our handshake, I just rolled my eyes at Matt and walked into the classroom. 

 I walked into Chemistry and began to write down the notes on the board the second I sat down. I was numb all over. I felt torn apart but I was careful not to show it. Who would've thought, on my first day of public school I not only met my Mate but my asshole of an older brother is trying to keep me away from him, just because he's a werewolf. I was so caught up in my thoughts and writing  that I didn't notice Luc and his friends walking in at first but the second I recognized his scent I looked up and smiled a little as I felt myself blush as my eyes landed on him. He looked in my direction and our eyes locked. He turned to his friends then they walked over to me and sat down while Luc stood back to talk to one of the other students. 

"What's the deal with you and Luc?" Luther asked. 

I shrugged, "We're friends. Now move your big head Luth, you in the way." 

Luther smirked then ducked his head so I could finish my notes. 

 Luc walked over to my table and bumped my arm, making me mess up my writing. I sucked my teeth and threw down my pencil, 

"Luc!" I shouted while glaring at him. 

He smirked and sat next to me. 

"My bad Lil Mama. I didn't see you." He said with a smirk. 

I rolled my head and picked up my pencil but didn't make a move to start writing again. Instead I pulled out a black permanent marker, grabbed his arm and wrote something I never thought I would ever write on anyone: Property Of Izabella Johnson DO NOT TOUCH!! He read it then smirked and went back to talking to his friends.

   A few minutes later,  a group of cheerleaders walked into the classroom and came right over to our table. The cheer captain, Vivian Swan, went straight to Luc and wrapped her arms around his neck. 

"Hey baby." She murmured as she ran her hands over his chest and arms.

 I felt my anger boiling as I watched but I didn't say a word. When she saw Luc's "tattoo" she went crazy. 

"Babe who the hell is Izabella and why is her name on your damn arm?"

 Luc sighed, "Mane, first off, cut that baby and baby shit. Second get the fuck off me 'fore my girl blast yo ass into next week." 

I smirked when he referred to me as "his girl." I wanted to burst out laughing at Vicky's shocked expression. 

She looked around the classroom and shouted, "Who the hell is Izabella?!" 

Having no fear of this little human bitch, I tapped her on the shoulder, "Right here boo-boo what chu need?" I asked sweetly. 

 She looked me up and down then snapped, "What I NEED is for you to keep yo' ghetto, trash ass hands off my man!" 

At her outburst the whole class got quiet and stared at us. 

I laughed, "Bitch please, I know you just heard him say he was my man." 

Vicky rolled her eyes and put her hands back on Luc's shoulders and glared at me, silently daring me to do something about it. I laughed to myself and tried to calm down.


"This bitch must wanna get hurt." I muttered then I tore her arms off of him and started punching her.

 Once I got tired, I stood and glared down at her, " Lemme tell you something bitch.Keep yo hands off my nigga okay, cause if you do that shit again imma do more than break yo fucking nose." I spat. 

Vicky looked at me and nodded. 

  Luc grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me to face him. 

"Calm down Lil Mama. Calm down." He whispered while keeping a strong grip on my shoulders and looking straight into my eyes. Once I calmed down a little, he released my shoulders but kept a tight grip on my left wrist. 

"Sorry." I whispered, embarrassed of how I was acting. 

He shrugged, "It's cool Lil Mama. Just remember to wipe 'em out 'fore we go. Can't have you getting suspended on yo first day." He said while looking around at the students and the teacher.

 I nodded then rushed around the classroom, wiping every student's memory of the last 20 minutes. Once I got finished I walked over to Vicky. 

"Nah leave her. Let her remember this shit." Luc grumbled.

 I nodded then as Luc went to sit down, I looked into Vicky's eyes and growled. She jumped in fright but didn't say a word. 

  Once Chemistry was over, Luc, Lance, Luther, Alex, Ron, Charles and I walked to Art class. Ron tapped me on the shoulder on the arm as we sat down.

 "What's the deal with you and Luc? Cause that nigga actin' different yo. He ain't never claimed no female as his girl." 

I looked back to where Luc was standing at the teacher's desk in a deep conversation with Mr Langston. When Luc looked up from his conversation, I waved. He looked at me, his eyes instantly going from frustrated to calm and soft then he chucked up his chin at me. I turned back to Ron and leaned in his direction.

 "Don't say anything to anyone not even Luc…...I think he's my mate." 


 "Damn. Well you best let that be known, before Vicky try to sink her claws in him again." 

 I nodded with a small smirk then Luc came and sat down, then kicked my leg under the table. I glared at him but he just shrugged and smiled like nothing happened. I rolled my eyes then pulled out a piece of paper and started to draw. After a few minutes I realized I was drawing Luc with his head cocked back, laughing, with a smile on his face. Once I finished I began looking through my book bag for my coloring pencils then all of a sudden Luc spoke. 

"Damn my forehead that big Lil Mama?!" 

I looked up, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. 

"Luc stop touching my stuff damn!" I shouted as I snatched the paper away from him. 

He laughed then shook his head.

 "A'ight Lil Mama. Whatever you say." 

  School was over at 2:50 so as soon as the bell rang I rushed out of school and ran to my car and drove home before anyone could say anything to me. A few minutes after I got home, Matt came in after me.


 I flinched at his tone and looked up at him, anger flashing bright in his hazel eyes.

 "W-What's wrong Matty?" I whispered. 

He growled at me then stepped really close to my face.

"So you're telling me you MATED WITH A WOLF?!" 

My eyes widened when I realized what he said.

 "Yes." I whispered.

 He scowled at me then slapped me, the force of it sending me flying back into the living room table. I yelped in pain as I hit my head. 

"Matt-" I tried to talk but he was so heated he didn't hear me, he just kept yelling and smashing things as he paced back and forth. 


"M-M-Matty I-I c-c-can't control who I g-get mated to." 

He glared down at me, "BULLSHIT!" 

 I shook in fear, I have never seen Matty so angry, or angry at all it's so fucking terrifying. He grabbed my arm and tossed me into the door. I groaned and I was about to stand when the living room window suddenly broke and Luc along with his friends came rushing through it, running straight to Matt. Luc had bloodlust in his eyes when he looked at me and saw the bruises. He nodded to his friends, who came rushing over to me, trying to make sure I was okay. I blocked out their words as I tried to listen to what Luc was saying. 

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO HER?" He shouted as he punched Matt in the jaw and sent Matt flying into the kitchen.

 "Who the hell are you?!" Matt shouted in confusion.

 I waved off Luther's hand then stood up and ran to Luc's side when I saw Matt raise his hand, about to hit Luc. 

  "Leave him alone!" I shouted as I made a fireball in my hand and threw it at Matt.

 I smirked as I watched his body explode in flames, the sight of it making me happy for some reason. I left him like that for about ten minutes then made a ball of water in both of my hands and threw them at him to put the fire out. I looked at Luc who looked at me with a curious look in his eye. I shook my head, knowing that he wanted to know how I got the bruises on my face. He sighed and I wished I could hear his thoughts. 

"Tell me." He whispered.

I looked away from him, "Just leave it Luc, please."

 He sighed then nodded. I looked at Matt then walked over to him. He looked at me then I almost considered apologizing when I saw the hurt look in his eyes, but I shook my head slightly to force the thought away as I glared at him. 

"Why can't I be happy for once Matty?I mean REALLY happy, I haven't even left the house or talked to anyone but you since Momma and Daddy died. Don't you want me to heal from that at all?" I asked him as I fought the tears that I felt clouded my eyes.

  Matty stared at me for a full ten minutes in complete silence then cleared his throat, 

"Of course I want you happy Izzie." He said with a false sense of enthusiasm. 

I rolled my eyes at the sound of his words, " If you really wanted me happy Matthew, you wouldn't be trying to keep me away from Luc." I growled. 

He glared at me then stepped closer to me and shouted, "He is a fucking werewolf. I am the only person you should trust or be around at all times. I KILLED MOM AND DAD TO PROTECT YOU AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO AS THANKS TO ME?!" 

  My breath caught in my throat as I opened my mouth to speak when I realized what he said but my mouth wouldn't form words, I was in complete shock. Matt killed our parents and lied to me for two months? I was speechless, Matthew Andrew Johnson, the same person I told all of my secrets to, the same person I would kill and lie for, MY BIG BROTHER, KILLED MY PARENTS AND TRIED TO MAKE ME BELIEVE IT WAS A PACK OF WEREWOLVES!!!!! 

 My mind was spinning and I was in full rage. I growled low in my throat then spoke as calmly as I could.

 "Luc go pack up my room. I want everything in suitcases. Understood?" 

Luc came and stood in front of me and stared into my eyes. 

"Baby calm down, please. He's your brother." He said as he held onto my shoulders and tried to calm me down. I shrugged off his hands and glared at him. 


Luc sighed, "Ba-" 

"NO!" I shouted, "Go upstairs and pack my shit." 

Luc nodded then gave Matt an evil look then kissed me softly. I wanted to enjoy that kiss but I was so pissed at Matt that I just pushed Luc away and glared at Matt. Luc and his friends went upstairs, leaving me and Luc alone in the kitchen. Luc opened his mouth to speak but I just punched him in the jaw. Once he fell to the floor I was on top of him, taking all of my sadness and turning it to rage, beating the shit out of my brother till my hands were bloody and my body was completely numb. Luc tried to fight me off but I wouldn't let him move. Everytime he did I kicked him. I was out of breath and somewhat calm so I stood and glared down at him. 

"I FUCKING HATE YOU OKAY? DON'T TALK TO ME EVER AGAIN I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE OR HEAR FROM YOU EVER AGAIN!!"  I shouted then ran upstairs to help the boys pack up the rest of my stuff. 

Once everything was packed up, I told Luc and the boys to go outside and wait for me by the car. Matt came upstairs immediately after they left then knocked on my room door twice. 

"What?" I snapped as I continued to go through some of our pictures and putting them into a plastic bag to take with me and burn later.

 "Izzie are you really gonna leave me?" Matt asked, his voice close to begging.

 I smirked when I looked up and saw his bruised face. 

"Yes Matthew I am leaving." I said with a smile on my face. 

He sighed and stepped into my room, I growled at him then he jumped back and put his hands up in surrender.

 "I just wanted to give you this." He said quickly.

 I narrowed my eyes in suspension then snatched the envelope he was holding out to me. I looked at the front of the envelope and tears immediately began to fill my eyes when I saw my mother's fancy handwriting splattered across the envelope. I tore it open immediately and smiled when I started to read the letter: 

 Dearest Izabella, 

I know you are reading this letter wondering what your father and I could possibly have to tell you, 

Now my dear please do not be upset with Mathew 

He only killed us because it was of our request 

You see, your father and I were very very excited when we found out that you were to be given to us. Now I know what you're thinking,  "given but mother what do you mean?" 

Oh my sweet innocent girl , your father and I have dreaded this very day but there was nothing we could do to  prevent this so I might as well tell you... 

Izabella, your father and I only gave birth to one child, Matthew, you and  Elizabeth were given to us by The Blood-Moon Pack to raise as our own. Elizabeth got mated a few years ago the only reason you have never heard of her is because I had Matthew wipe your memory of her existence. As of this year, on December 3rd, 2020, you will be summoned by the elders of the Blood-Moon Pack and reinstated into the pack and you will take on the role of the very first female alpha. 

Now I know this may be shocking my dear but please do not hate Matthew he only did what was best.


Momma and  Daddy 

I looked up at Matt with tears pouring down my face.

 "What does that mean? Who the hell is Elizabeth?" I demanded through tears. 

Matt dragged his hand over his face and sighed, "Elizabeth is your twin sister. And that letter means that you're adopted and you're a.." 

He paused then looked away from me.

 "A what Matt?!" I shouted.

 "A werewolf." He said lowly. 

I gasped in shock and immediately started to cry again. Matt walked into the room and wrapped his arms around me. 

"I'm so fucking sorry Sprite. Please forgive me." He begged.

 I looked at him then whispered, "Why did they want to die?" 

He sighed and I clutched at his shirt sleeve as I sniffed and silently begged him with my eyes. He sighed then nodded, silently agreeing with himself on something then spoke. 

"They told me that it was the only option to save you and Lizzie. I never asked any questions they always said if I was instructed to do something I do it without a word. I'm sorry Izzie."

 I nodded only half listening to him, my mind now focused on finding my twin sister. 

"Matty….. what did she look like?"

 "Who, Lizzie?" He asked. 

I nodded then he smirked and turned to my door. I matched his gaze then gasped when I saw a girl with the same fire engine red hair and bright hazel eyes as me, standing in my doorway with two small boys standing behind her. I sat on the floor, frozen from shock as we just stared at each other. She smiled at me then turned to one of the little boys and spoke to him in a soft tone.

 "Liam, you and Logan go hug your Aunt Izabella." 

When I heard what she said I wanted to cry all over again.

  The little boys rushed over to me and immediately tackled me to the ground while hugging me. I looked at Elizabeth and suddenly memories from our childhood were rushing back to my mind. I quickly hugged her twin boys then stood and rushed over to her in tears. She wrapped me into a hug and we stood there hugging each other and crying. 

"Hi Lizzie." I whispered. 

She smiled then whispered, "Hi Izzie." 

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