1 Chapter 1 ‘Introduction’

Hey,I'm Hazel Sparks.Im currently 19.This is my story on how I found my true love.It all started in Grade 1,The Teacher,Miss Amy,Was teaching,When Claudia Brown,The 'Princess' Of the school,Pulled my chair.I fell down and ever since then I've been bullied and made fun of.I'll admit,in Grade 1,Sometimes being bullied or being made fun of would upset me,Sometimes I even cry.But in Grade 3,I stopped crying.Why?Because,People would call me CryBaby.Being bullied and made fun of was already bad enough.Being called Crybaby would just make everything worser.Lets start my story from Grade 5,When most of the most surprising things happened and I could already stand up for myself.It was the first day of a new year and I could already tell that it would be Horrible.When I first walked in,I saw Claudia bullying a new girl,ugh,I hate her guts so much.'Hey!' I shouted with a angry expression.Claudia turned around looking angry and annoyed.'Ugh,If it isn't Hazel.' She started walking towards me.The next moment,Claudia started pulling my long blondish orange hair.'Ow!' I yelled in pain.She then let go of my hair.'Don't try to act tough Sparks.You'll never beat me.Now get your freckled face out of my sight.'She whispered to me.She even pushed me down.'Girls.' It was Miss Elsie,The Headmistress.'Good Morning,Miss Elsie!' Claudia said,Trying to play the innocent card.'Whats going on?' The headmistress asked.'Well,Claudia-'I was gonna explain what happened until Claudia interrupted me.'Oh,It's nothing Miss Elsie.Hazel just fell down,And I was about to help her up!'She sounded so innocent and joyful.'That better be the case Miss Brown.' The headmistress said with a Fierce look.'Don't forget why I made you a prefect Claudia Brown.' Miss Elsie said as she walked away.'Ugh,I'm not gonna a waste my time on you loser.'Claudia said while she stomped away.'Ugh,She wasn't even gonna help me up..'I said to myself as I stood up then walking toward the girl that Claudia was bullying.'Thank you..' She said softly.'No problem!Im Hazel.'I said with a smile.I Then Helped her up.'Nice too meet you Hazel.Im Tiffany.' She said a little louder.Ever since then,Me and Tiffany hung out together,I got to admit Grade 5 wasn't that bad since Tiffany was with me.In grade 8 One day I just went into the school to find Tiffany excitingly waiting for me.'Hazel!' She screamed while running towards me.'Have you heard?!' Tiffany said jumping around.'Heard what?' I was confused.'The famous star,Blake Daniels is coming to our school!' She was so excited that she just started to randomly dance.'Andddd,This could be your chance to get a boyfriend!' Tiffany said while shaking me.'Tiffany,You know I'm not interested in boys.They'll just leave me..Like Jayden..Besides,I won't stand a chance with a famous star.I mean,Me and Blake Daniels?Not a good combination' I said while feeling kinda sad.Jayden was my ex in Grade 6.Why didn't I mention him earlier?Whenever I mention him,I just feel..Sad..'Oh don't even talk about Jayden.' Tiffany said while rolling her eyes.'Okay..' I said when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder.Tiffany's expression lit up into a joyful expression

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