1 30 Minutes - 16:30

Prolouge "30 Minutes"

▪️The part 2, first part in prolouge.

▪️Basically a 73 hours but... we don't want to include that in the title do we?

▪️Very short chapter but as it is an introduction.

▪️Lenne's PoV


After finishing reading a book about a myth called 'The Forest if 72 Hours', I sighed and ordered to put away the book to go to my big (but boring) garden.

Since my parents are goddamn rich, I have my own big damn house with servants, games, food, money, books... everything a guy could ask for.

I mean, they are spoiling me. Not that I liked it but..., it's just too much...

So now here I am sitting in my lovely garden with my phone in hand and a new choco chip frappe from Starbucks in the other.

Oh how I wish my parents won't spoil me.

I put my phone in the pocket of my black sweatpants while drinking my frappe when I got grabbed by an endless void or darkness or whatever.

Ughh... Now is really not the time for pranks...

30 minutes

"Ughh... w-what... h-happen?" A girl beside me stuttered. She looked over to me. "Pervert!! Ahhhhh!" She screamed. The others stirred awake. "Huh." I managed to say I looked over to see my Starbucks in my hand and feel my way to my pocket to feel my phone in it. I drank the rest to feel my body suddenly... refreshed?

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I threw away the cup as I watch it magically disappear right in front of my face, as if trying not to hide its magic.

"I— Did you guys see that...?" I managed to say. The girl behind me looked at me as if saying 'This place is cursed!'. Others shook their head as I just looked at the place where I throw it, completely spotless.

Then boy 1 cleared his throat and said, "Why don't we introduce ourselves... shall we...?" He then pointed at me, "You go first Starbucks boy."

Starbucks boy? I pointed at myself and the same guy sighed "Yes, you idiot. Are you deaf?" He said in a rude but kindly way.

I stood up "I am, uhhh, Lenne York. 17 years old, I like cookies, allergic to nuts, my parents spoil me too much, I hate them, I am a bookworm." I paused. "Sorry. It's a habit." I was about to speak when someone said, "So you're a spoilt brat in short." I looked at the direction to see a girl about with auburn hair with red faded ends.

"What! No! I hate it. They spoil me too much that people misjudged me as a spoilt brat." I sighed. "I'm sorry. I'm rambling again."

The others looked away as we continue to introduce ourselves as a creature with wings of an unidentified animal, body of a human, and skin tone of somewhat in between of a normal one and a cobalt blue one.

The guy inhaled deeply, "Hello players..."


"Today, I welcome you to my forest." The creature said. "I am Phoenix, master of this forest..." 'Phoenix' said as he continued to explain.

Forest. Phoenix. Unknown people from around the world. 3 days. 72 hours.

My eyes widen at the thought. It all makes sense now.

"Welcome to—" He said being cut.

"The Forest of 72 Hours..." I whispered not realizing that I cut him off.


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