72 Audition!

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Qin Shuang's eyes widened in her disbelief. Her thick makeup made her look a little scary.

The man in front of her was 1.88 meters tall. He was wearing a trench coat and a cap, but he was currently staring at her in shock. His amorous eyes were filled with shock, and even the mole at the corner of his eyes seemed to be filled with surprise. And when she said "hubby," he felt particularly stunned.

What did Sister Xi call him? Hubby?


Cen Bai felt that he was done for.

Everyone could tell that that person in the Moguls' Group was flirting with Sister Xi, but Sister Xi actually liked him?

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This is too serious! I can die on the spot!

Cen Bai stuttered, "Xi, Sister Xi?"

The moment the other party spoke, Qin Shuang realized what had happened. She immediately covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming!



It was really her husband, her idol!

He was real!

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