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katsuki really hate school but at least this is his last year , well if he passes . His alarm stared to ring until he was fully awake he madly turn it off he stood up and wash his face and he made his hair though there wasnt much of a difrent he got into his uniform and made his way downstairs just to hear his mother yell at him as she hit him over the head with a frying pan "The hell old hag!" " don't yell at me you brat,eat and then take you leave dont want you to be late " katsuki sighed and with a small 'whatever'he sat down stared to eat

After katsuki finished his food he knew he felt something was off but he quickly brush it away knowing it was just something shitty and he didnt wanna put mind to it

Mitsuki knows he son from bottom to the top she also knew something seem off she looked over at her son and with a worried look she ask him "hey brat are you taking you inhibitors lately?" katsuki just nodded even though he knew he was lying ,his mother knew very well he was lying one of th things bakugou hated about being omega was his heat they come with out notice and then he has to be stuck up with inhibitors for almost a weak

she just sighed "i will be passing by today to UA "bakugou looked at his mom and then stood up "sure whatever " he placed his plate on the sink and took his bag "im leaving now old hag" with that short goodbye katsuki left he knew staying there to hear more of his mothers complaning wasnt on his calendar for today

has katsuki walked to his school he could smell lots of alpha scents near by but he didnt pay attention to it , only one scent was able do caught his attention and that was shouto Todoroki's he would never admit that he would fall over heels for him but aswell he hated his guts being perfect and all ,as soon as he took another sniff his body heated up but he couldnt help it

in the other hand

Todoroki is an alpha but he really dont care about sub genders . he made is way to the school to notice a really nice scent obiusly he hates omegas and no omega will smeell diferent to him but just only one did

nest thing shouto knew he was bieng pulled by a shorter male to the bathroom by his surprise it was bakugou , it seems like bakugou let his inhibitors at home even though his mother was careful enough to tell him and ask him if he had taken his before leave he damned the day he didnt listen to his mother now he was dragging the taller male to the bathroom

shouto looked at bakugou and he notice the scent he was smelling not to long ago beloged to him he covered his nose but he soon realize bakugou was touching himself with shoutos hands he just wanted to feel something "bakugou what are you doing ?" shouto said with a flustered face he didnt really knew what was happenig in that moment

"i cant keep this up, help me " bakugou said even though he wasnt the type to do this kinda pervy stuff he just went straigth foward to what his omega deep inside him asked him to he just had this feeling , now he understood why that strage scent was feeling his nose since thing moring "your an omega bakugou pull yourself together i cant help you on this"

all todoroki wanted was to calm the other knowing class hasnt stared yet and most alphas be around the area he just didnt want anything to happen to this omega deep down shouto didnt want anything bad to happen to him

bakugou couldn't talk propertly and lean against him for a kiss witch took him by surprise shouto kissed back ,feeling two pare of hands went up to his shirt he just stood there letting the shouto do whatever he wanted he just wanted the pain to go away and for that alpha to claim him as his but that just what the omega ddep inside of bakugou wanted

But there's nothing more than have to fuck in a bathroom and in school this two boys couldn't help it even though katsuki was in heat he was aware that if someone finds out about this they will be in some big trouble

After shouto took bakugou shirt off he pinned him on the wall and stared to slowly kiss his neck and he made his way to his left pink botton he stared to suck it while he played with bakugous other pink botton bakugou being in heat meat he was way more sensitive than usual ,while feeling that warm saliva up against his bear skin he couldnt help but to quitely moan

as soon as shouto was done teasing bakugous pink bottons he lowerd himself and looked up to bakugou "just do it "bakugo said, it was hard for shouto to contain himself after all hes an alpha altough the hate he has for omega went to the hill in his state after knowing bakuguo was an omega he just didnt care at that moment

they both knew this was a mistake but even though they knew that this was a mistake both alpha and omega that was inside each one onother wanted it so badly that they just let it happen "we will regret this later "shouto soflty said has he made bakugou wrap his legs on his waist making bakugou grin agaisnt shouto hard member

(Me is going to leave it there hehe short sm

after their little mating season in the bathroom it was going to be obius they where both gong late to class ,though they where both send to the principlas office ,after they both got there they walked in they saw their parents it wasnt a surprise for bakugou knowing his mother had told him a while ago she was coming to the school but in the other hand it was a surprise for shouto to see endevador there

"So it's good to see you two"mitsuki said shouto looked over at his father "whats this alll about ?" the cold tone of shouto was finally heard in the cold room , his father looked at him and sighed "let mrs.bakugou explain "endevador said

"right!"mitsuki said as she stared to exlpaine the sudden visit to the school" well as you see the todoroki and bakugou are a big company and both mix up together even better , our school here needs some kind of help wich make us me and mr.todoroki here make the desision we are about to make " she stop before sighing "we have dicided to mix our company to make this big change to the school "mitsuki pause "hurry up old hag and finish"bakugou despretly said wanting to know what the hell was his mom saying "we arrange a bussnes mirage " endevador finish the whole talk with that sentence

both shouto and bakugou looked at each other before bakugou exploted in rage "the hell dose you stupid work as to do with us?!" he yelled "listen you brat there is no option im not asking you idiot !" mitsuki said

shouto looked over at an angry bakugou bakugou maybe you should calm down a bit ,"shouto said "shut up ! no way in hell imma et dragged in to this mess you have here so look for someone else!"bakugou finish up saying

todoroki wasnt fighting about it in fact he was hurt they just fucked in the bathroom though they both said to each other to just forget what happen but if his alpha inisede of him woulnt want him he would easely regect him like he alwasy does but and know katsuki says he hated him so shouto quickly try not to anger the omeg "but what if we have interest on another person other than us?"he ask

"Well that does not matter all we look for is this t , we just need this work for the school and our companys"endevador siad as he sigh shouto looked to his side just to see a frustrated bakugou next to him he looked like his going to explode again "im not fucking marrying anyone not for the fucking company or becouse someone just told me too , do not invalve me in some shit that i dont want to old hag!"bakugou said as he left the room in a anger way shouto just looked down he didnt wanna piss off his dad even more by saying something else

"let it pass he will come around" bakugou mother said .'His mother is kind but his son is another story though i dont have any objections on having to marry him ' shouto said to himself shouto felt butterfly in his stomach and just looked away"you may go and tell bakugou to think about this and also tell him that you to will be sharing dorms theres no need to be in separated dorms " principal nezu said though this was the frist time his voice was heard yet again in that cold room he nodded and left the room like it was siad before he had no objections on this marige

after the whole mess in the office shouto was all seawty and tired hes been all over school looking for the blode boy he skipped all classes just looking for him he dicided to give up and look for a change of uniform he walked over to the looker room in the gym since there was a shower there

as he walked in al of the sudden he smelt that same scent onece again he cover up his nose and walked around the gym looker room "bakugou " shouto softly said but once he saw where the scent he quickly got on his knees ''bakugou!'' he saw the slim body of the blode on the floor

it seemed as if bakugo was trying to shower himself after laving the huge mess he was in shouto took one of the towels that where near and covered bakugouse naked and cold body after turning off the water 'i guess my shower can wait ' hsouto said to him self and took bakugouse clothes and bag as well as his and walked out form the grym loker room

he didnt any alpha smelling bakugou scent after all his alpha in him didnt even want anyone near him so went as quick as posible to the dorm knowing that nezu had told him they where sharing the same dorm he opened the door to his own dorm and close it bihind him and places him on his bed but as you all know not all things go as planed

bakugo wok eup as soon as shouto place him on the bed "what the fuck!?" he yelled "wait bakugo " ,shouto quickly moved closer to him but he was pushed away form as bakugou sprinted up from the bed "get the hell away from me!" bakugo yelled once again he looked over shouto room and spotted his clothes "what are you doing ?"

shouto ask getting closer to him again "dont come closer , i will kill you , you fucking baster!" shouto then stop noteciong the mix scent of scared and angry pheromone in the air , bakugou took his stuff and quickly ran away from the room leaving a confuse and shock shouto

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