Forced love, true love?

Author: _tamara_
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What is Forced love, true love?

Read ‘Forced love, true love?’ Online for Free, written by the author _tamara_, This book is a Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Even if she were to suffer in the Eighteen layers of hell, she would drag those people along with her. A life for a life, An eye for an eye. No Mercy!!! "S-sister please let me go" "D-don't kill me" "I beg you" "Please don't kill me" "I'll give you everything that I have. If-if you want I'll even become your servant" "Oh?" "Is that so?" "Y-yes, I have a lot of clothes and nice stuff and-and" "Please let me go" "I won't tell Daddy if you let me go now. I promised" "But I. don't. want. to. let. you. go?" "So what are you going to do about it?" "You-You" "Release me right now!!" "I'll tell Daddy to kill you" "I'll let Daddy kill you" "kekekeke" 'HAHAHAHAHA" Mu Ning Xue laugh while holding her stomach. "Mu Ning Xue!!" "Let me go!!" "I.don't.want.to" "AHHHHHHH" "HELP! HELP! HELP! " The girl struggles to break free from the rope while shouting at the same time "Don't bother, you won't be able to break free" "Mu Ning Xue! Once i get out of this, I'll kill you" "Ok" "You can try" "L-let go of me" "Do you hear me, MU NING XUE!!!" "So noisy!" Raising her right index fingers, Mu Ning Xue move it a little bit to the right Before that, she chuckles and said: "let's see each other again in hell " The girl's head was cut off as soon as she finished her words. The speed was so fast that the girl didn't even see anything. She only realized it after her head was cut off. [It's time for another prey ] The Synopsis may update later for the better! You're most welcome to point out any Grammarly mistakes and paragraph that doesn't make sense and or you think could be better/improve. The cover is from #Pinterest. All credit goes to the original owner.

Summer_Evening · Fantasy
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Integration System

A young man woke up all alone and without his memories. Not even a Name was left for him to remember as he fought his way through the dark and brutal world he was summoned to. His only goal was to regain his memories and what had happened to him. With pictures of his past flashing blurry before his eyes he knew he still had a chance to regain them and maybe even what ever live he had before. With the world he got to being one of the least stabilized ones, filled with magic and monsters he had to fight, he would have to face brutal fights and gain enough strength to survive. But he soon learned that even if this dark world of magic and fantasy seemed not as dark as he previously thought, it wasn't the beasts and monsters he had to fear. His only hope was setting up a place for him and learning of the way this world functioned while gaining enough strength to reveal the mysteries shrouding him. ************ The summary will be updated with following Volumes as to not spoiler. Expect a little bit of gore and quite some mature content. As this is my first english novel, please bare with my poor writing and i promise to keep improving... hopefully ************* The protagonist will fight to retrive his memories and live through all kinds of adventures. Some places and names will remind some of certain games. He will gain a new name at some point and always get more overpowered. ************** The first chapters are 1,5K to 2K words while later ones tend to be 2-3K! Release is set to at least 2 chapters a week, though no promises ************** I appreciate VOTES though this novel will stay free as it is a hobby of mine.

theyarnuz · Fantasy
234 Chs


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i really like it saying bts names its reaaly modern . funny and interesting it should improve on the story devolping make it more interesting overall it is nice


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