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Forced love by bright 7


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It took only one moment and he knew she becomes the heartbeat of his heart. He knew she ruined him for any other girl , heck he did not even want any girl in his life. He want her and he will get her by hook or crook. Even if he have to forced her into this. But he did not know one thing that love can't be forced it is the feeling which can be arise in one moment, in an hour, or even in year, it is unpredictable. She know it will be hard for her to resist him. But she will resist him in any cost. To her it is the game in which if she fall for him, he will win and she promised she will not let him win this game because she is Adriel the girl who never failed. But she did not know one thing that she already lost this game when she agreed to become to become his forced love. PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS TRUE LOVE


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