Forbidden Love: Angel's Seduction Book

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Forbidden Love: Angel's Seduction


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"Be mine and I'll be yours. I will be your angel and you will be my heaven." *** A forbidden love between an angel and a human! A breach of contract, an unattainable romance, but an unassailable attraction.  *** Selene died because of betrayal… She was reborn to have a second chance… And so, she had sworn to make everything right with two goals in mind: 1. getting her fiancee's love and, 2. live happily ever after. However, a hot gorgeous shameless narcissistic heavenly being ruined her plan! The angel who was supposed to help her get her man, suddenly started seducing her with his exceptional masculine charm. How can Selene resist the temptation if an angel's seduction is enough to lose her mind? *** [ Excerpts ] "Gabriel… please…" His hand started caressing Selene's cheek, even tracing her lips using his fingers as he asked her, "Please what, Selene? Tell me, what do you want me to do?" "Touch you like this?" he whispered with his sensual voice. Selene's heart raced even faster when he started caressing her skin with his warm hand. Her body stiffened further the moment his soft lips touched the sensitive part of her neck. "Or kiss you like this?" He cooed in her ear, before kissing her earlobe. Selene could only clutch her hands on his shirt as she closed her eyes. 'Gosh! Is he trying to seduce me or what? Why is he doing this?' "Gabriel," She called him again. But her voice didn't sound like she was mad or against this. He didn't stop his advances. His hand was now tracing her waist and her side. It stopped at the side of her breast. Selene gulped hard once again and almost forgot to breathe when he started nibbling, and sucking on her skin. His sensual action caused Selene to let out another suppressed moan. "Gab… please… stop," Selene's words were the opposite of her action. Her grip on his shirt tightened and she unconsciously pulled him closer to her body, instead of pushing him away. He let out a husky laugh and said, "Selene, I think you are telling me... Please don't stop?" *** { Warning: This Book Features Mature Content [R-18] } Author's Other Books: The Devilish Assassin meets the Angelic Detective (Completed) The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter (Ongoing) Disclaimer: Cover is not mine. Credit to the real artist.

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