Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice) Book

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Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)


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Jason POV (Point of view): I was born with a diamond spoon in my mouth, let me rephrase that, I was born into wealth. Being an only child and son to my parents, I was given anything I desire. The BloodMoon Pack is the strongest Wolf pack in the entire Wolf Clan, we rule the clans. My father, King Roen, is an Alpha Wolf and my mom, Queen Rosa, is the Luna of the pack. And I....I am Jason, the Only Millennium Wolf. I am a Tribrid. A tribrid, is the combination of three supernatural species. I am a vampire I am a phoenix & I am a Millennium Wolf. My father once told me why mermaids were wiped out. I can't tell you because the writer who is about to tell you my story, will tell you the whole story for me. I was also told, that an evil child will be born to end the supernaturals. Once she is found, she will be used as a sacrifice to the god's. She will be the Ultimate sacrifice to close the gate of Darkness. The Millennium wolf will be the one to end her, and give her dead body to the god's. But I ended up, falling in love with the Ultimate sacrifice.


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