Forbidden Flame Book

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Forbidden Flame


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Nixie, grew up with only her dad for her entire life. She also grew up with her father's group of friends who has been there for him since high school. She was abandoned by her mother and was dropped off at her father's family's home two months after she was born. She was raised in a household that loved and cared for her very much. Even her dad's group of friends. And the one guy she knew she shouldn't feel extremely attracted to. Twenty one years later, she graduates from college and she decides to go home. She decided to stay for the summer but her summer was going to be a lot more complicated when she sees her dad's best friend again after 4 years. Ashton, he remembers when he first found out his best friend became a father. during their freshman year of high school. Quite the surprise. He loved his daughter dearly. Watched her grow up. But now... twenty one years later, seeing her again brought feelings... an attraction he knew he had to get rid of. She's changed so much to a point where he stopped seeing her as his best friend's daughter. As the little girl he watched grow up. Things this summer are about to be more complicated than he ever thought. They knew they shouldn't feel it. They knew they should have stayed away. But as their attraction grows... they couldn't stop. Like a moth drawn to a flame. They are both going to get burned.


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