1 Forbidden Alpha- Chapter 2 "Bitter"

Ally walked a few miles in her elevated heels until she came to a club strip decorated with colorful lights and promotional flyers. All of the flashiest and expensive clubs were far too extravagant for her so she strutted casually towards a quiet club on the end of the strip. Ally blew into her icy cold hands as she felt the temperature drop suddenly. It was almost winter but this didn't stop her from wearing her dress without a jacket, the air didn't phase her. Still full of sorrow Ally walked past numerous entrepreneurs, which leered at her with lust , without glancing at any one of them. A wolf whistle and shout engraved her eardrums but still she remained walking.


Upon entry Ally's ears began to throb as the deep bass and vibrating floor dominated the atmosphere. Lights of various colors flashed before her occasionally catching her flawless features. Ally walked towards the bar and sat on a stool closest to the barman.

"Triple Vodka. Straight."

Ally didn't even look at the barman who glared in awe. This woman must either have a death wish or high tolerance he thought to himself. Dismissing his concerns he swiftly poured her a drink and watched as Ally polished it off without hesitation.

"On second hand. Give me the whole bottle."

Ally's voice was expressionless. Her eyes glared up at the barman who already in fear quickly scrambled for the bottle.

"If there is anything else you need please don't hesitate to ask."

The barman had a hint of fear in his voice after carefully evaluating her features. This girl looked like she belonged to a castle not a small town bar. Why would she insist on drinking here? Without saying a word the barman walked cautiously away.

Ally sucked down every shot until the bottle was almost empty. Holding her head in her hand she peered at the empty glass and sighed. Too distracted to notice a young trainee entered from the store room and almost dropped the bottles he was holding. Admiring with desire he stared at Ally. Her black dress tightly wrapped around her small waist and her hair fell effortlessly to her side. Ally was s trophy in any man but the young boy wasn't looking out of lust. Quickly placing the bottles down he walked over to her and bowed his head.

"Madame Ally it's an honor to see you."

The boy didn't dare stutter and confessed his words clearly.

"There's no need for formalities Quinn we are not in pack territory."

Ally relieved him without even glancing up. Immediately she recognized the naive voice.


Still bowed Quinn awaited her to look at him but was transfixed on her glass.

"Is there anything else?"

Ally asked this time her voice was cold. She wasn't in the mood for conversation.

"N-no I'm sorry to have bothered you."

Bowing his head in fear he began walking away until he was stopped in his tracks.

"Why is it you bow your head in my presence?"

Ally's words were filled with confusion. Her stature didn't illicit pack members to bow. Quinn quickly spun round and was met with her icy glare. Had he upset her by submitting?

"Forgive me but It is my duty to bow to my superiors. Failure to do so will result in punishment."

Quinn stated sadly. He awaited to be struck or scolded but instead Ally snickered.

"Who will punish you? Me?"

Ally's words were filled with humor and caught Quin of guard. Quin was a small gentlemen. His brown eyes and hair made him quite ordinary but he was well educated.

"I- I'm not sure but those are the rules."

Stuttering Quin looked into Ally's eyes looking for a scheme or reason behind her words.

"Quinn, you are a clever young boy and after coming to this bar numerous times I would have hoped that your intelligence had exceeded you. Unfortunately, you are blinded by fear. I may be of royal blood but I would rather die than shed others."

Quinn's saliva dried up in his mouth. Her speaking manner was so formal yet so piercing to him. The truth was Quinn knew of Ally's character as she was always the topic of gossip within he territory. Ally was sharp and quick witted. Her intellect had destroyed person after person so much that interaction with her was avoided quite cautiously.

"I- I'm sorry?"

Quinn could barely form a sentence.

"Answer me this. When I first entered this bar I remember the way you almost fell to the floor in fear. Quinn are you afraid of me because of my father?"

Ally words were grave and straightforward. Quinn looked down in shame as he realized her words were full of truth.


Avoiding her glare he was startled as the glass in her hand suddenly shattered under her force. Not only had her father set out to destroy her but also tainted the way she was viewed.


Quinn watched as blood trickled down her hand and onto the marble bar.

"Do not call me that!"

Her cold voice shrieked with anger.

"I am not my father! You ever associate me with that man again and I will beat you within an inch of your life. Am I understood!"

Quinn bowed his head as low as he could. His words had really upset her and he felt an great sense of guilt. Without hesitation he walked slowly away. Ally breathed heavily and came to the realization that his words caused her to unravel. She genuinely felt disappointed in herself, her once calm and softhearted demeanor had turned sour and she couldn't even converse without loosing her temper anymore.

Holding her head in her hands she clenched the hair on her scalp and sat silently. Time passed quickly but Ally remained undeterred. Still holding her head in her hands she failed to hear the bell of the entrance ring followed by high heeled footsteps strutting towards her. A hand dazzled with diamond nails and perfectly smooth skin caressed Ally's wound which had bled through her dress. Upon feeling this Ally snapped round and clenched the wrist. A blonde girl slightly older than Ally with green eyes winched in pain. Ally's grip tightened the minute she saw the heavily made up girl.

"You still have your strength I see sister."

The girl said smugly. Ally released her grip finger by finger and turned back to her position. The woman sat next to her crossing her legs seductively. Her skin tight leather dress and knee high boots were proactive along with her heavily made up face. It was true she was stunning but her beauty faded through her mighty ego.

"Oh Ally are you dieting you seem to have lost a considerable amount of weight. I'm almost jealous."

Her words were sarcastic.

"Leah, I am giving you a change to leave. Do not take my words as weakness but as a warning."

Ally said without any emotion at all.

"Come now sister already with the threats? With your frail frame I doubt you could win this time."

Leah was Ally's half sister and arch enemy. From childhood they were rivaled against one another to see whom would be the best successor. The countless ruthless battles and races left them with a dangerous amount of hate for one another. Leah was consistent and strong but lacked general intelligence. Ally was always the better successor until recently.

"My frame is not of your concern. Why come out of your way if not for a fight?"

"Well, I heard from the strip that a young girl with black hair and icy blue eyes had caught the attention of the men. I knew immediately it was you."

Leah began sipping a flask in her first edition Armani purse. Her appearance screamed wealth which always disgusted Ally. She never understood how wealth was so important in order to live a happy life.

"Your point is?"

"Can I not just come and see my sister. I was looking for you in the pack earlier. Now I understand where you were."

She gestures to Ally's back. The blood had soaked through leaving the black cotton with a red tint. Ally didn't acknowledge Leah's words and continued drinking.

" I see father has had enough of you. Shame to taint such beautiful skin with such ugly scars. I guess your not as flawless as people say?"

Leah was slowly trying to pick a fight but Ally didn't even turn to face her. Her temper flared and started to dig deeper. If anyone knew how to make Ally tick it was her.

"It was such a tragedy what happened Ally and regardless of my hate I felt such pity for you. Loosing someone like him so young."

Ally's fists clenched and she glared with vicious content as Leah who was smiling her evil smile. Suddenly realizing that her eyes began to tingle she took a deep breathe and contained herself. Unlawful shifting in a public place was punishable by death plus she didn't want to make such a sacrifice for an evil b*tch such as Leah. Instead she smiled.

"Something funny sister?"

Leah asked in shock that her sister sat in-front of her in her human form. Just the mention of the past incident beforehand caused her to loose control without thinking.

"Yes actually. It amuses me that even with age your IQ remains that of a 13 year old girl. The fact that you came out of your way to antagonize me just proves that your unpleasant demeanor and naive tendencies are still no match for me. Come back when you mature sister and we can have a suitable conversation."

Ally's words were like daggers and Leah's rage reached it's peak with every words. In a fit she lunged at Ally but Ally was faster and stronger. Quickly she pinned Leah against the bar still facing away from her. Yawning out of boredom Ally grabbed Leah who was struggling considerably and picked her up by her throat holding her face close to hers.

"It seems my evaluation was correct but don't worry I won't gloat. I have much better things to do than converse is pathetic standards. You cross me again and I will not let go next time."

Throwing Leah to the floor Ally casually walked away. Leah lay in shock gasping for breathe. She had hugely underestimated her sisters strength and as a result her windpipe was almost crushed.

----------------------------Father's Office------------------------

The Alpha sat filling our forms on his luxury desk. Writing without pause he was immediately angered to hear a knock at the door.


Although he was calm his voice still installed fright. Blake swanned in and quickly took a seat opposite of his father. The Alpha looked up in delight at first but once he saw his sons eyes his expression soon frowned. Blake tried to maintain eye contact but eventually submitted.

"What is it Blake I'm very busy."

Alpha said returning to his forms.

"I reject the position."

Blake blurted out without thinking and immediately regretted talking in such a profound manner.

"What did you just say?"

The Alpha titled his head up and glared at Blake with the most piercing stare he had ever seen.

"Alpha, I reject the position."

This time Blake collected his words and began to speak more professionally.

"I see. This is very shameful Blake and you will punished accordingly. Please, follow me downstairs."

The Alpha's words were smug and dignified. He didn't particularly want to harm Blake. After all he was his favorite son. Jackson knew that hurting Blake was Ally's weakness and their twin bond connected them. Therefore, Ally could sense when Blake was in danger. Blake shuddered at these words. This only meant one thing...

Alpha stepped before him and gestured his hand towards the stairs. Accepting his fate, Blake slowly made his way down his head bowed completely.


Ally left the bar with a sense of achievement and was relived to see that her strength had not yet left her considering the constant abuse to her body.After lighting up a cigarette she walked carelessly home. Drunk and consumed in sorrow she began to sway while she walked. Without warning the hair on her skin pricked up sending a chill throughout her whole body. Then a sharp pain in her pack caused her to bend over in pain. Ally was surprised to see herself sober up almost simultaneously. Her eyes darted back and forth searching for an explanation and quickly came to her conclusion.


Ally whispered as she sprinted towards the house so fast that the ground barely felt her feet. Bursting through the mansion doors, the other pack members were startled to see her so panicked. Without glancing at them she sniffed up and the stale metallic smell almost made her sick. It was Blake's... Barging through the other pack members Ally sprinted downstairs in hopes that she wasn't too late. Peeling around the door frame she was met with a vicious gash across Blake's back the vision was so brutal it stopped Ally dead in her tracks. If the wound wasn't so surrounded with tissue she could of sworn she could see bone. Glancing up in anger she saw her father raise the whip once more completely oblivious to her entry. With that Ally sprinted forwards and grabbed the whips end before it could strike her brother. The whip curled around her bare arms snapping the flesh as it twirled but her eyes didn't show a hint of pain. The Alpha looked on in amazement as her eyes began to glow uncontrollably. Ally, realizing what her father was gawking at, immediately settled herself. Blake snapped his head back and was in awe to see Ally opposing their father, her grip tightly wound on the whip.

"I knew it wasn't gone. You were just hiding it."

Alpha exclaimed almost delighted. Ally didn't break her stare and scoffed coldly at her fathers words.

"I will take Blake's beatings. As pack official I volunteer."

Ally's words echoed in Blake's head. His sister was going to take his beatings? After what he did to her?

"Very well. Kneel."

The Alpha's hand demanded Blake move aside. Grunting in pain he stood up and walks to the side. Ally unraveled the whip from her bleeding hand and unzipped her dress exposing her nude back. Before kneeling she gave Blake a look of reassurance. Blake almost shed a tear at this look as he watched his sister kneel fearlessly before their father.

Just as the Alpha raised his whip he stopped visibly shaken. Blake looked on in confusion. The Alpha gestures for him to come closer and Blake obliged without hesitation. Walking over he was completely thrown off. Ally's back was healed completely. Her porcelain skin perfectly in-tact.

"This is impossible I whipped her mercilessly earlier. Wounds like that would take months to heal?"

Blake didn't know what to do. A wolf was prone to quicker recovery but never this quick. Alpha King's mouth suddenly curled up into a smile.

"Stand up."

Ally received his blunt words and hesitantly stood up facing opposite to her father. When Ally was about to be beaten she pushed everything to the pack of her mind including herself. It was her survival instinct in order to spare necessary pain. Turning round her mind came back to reality when the sharp sensation didn't touch her back.

"Out of all of the wolves I have fathered I would of picked you as the last one. Not only are you the worst mistake I ever made but you are now the only thing on this earth I cannot control. Yet, you posses the gene that has been sought after for centuries."

Her fathers words appeared defeated. Ally wasn't surprised at the first two sentences but the last one left her staggered. Gene that had been sought after? Ally had never heard of such a thing. Blake continuously looked at Ally in awe. Ally met eyes with her brother briefly but only to see if he was still staring.

"I have no idea what you speak of."

Ally stated. The Alpha's eyes shot her a evil glare.

"Of course you wouldn't your a pathetic excuse of an official. Not even knowing of the Luna Gene."

Alpha scoffed in response and awaited his daughter to respond.

After great thought Ally recalled a story her mother used to read her about the moon goddess Luna who gifted humans with wolf abilities. Luna originated from Odin mythology. In her mother's story, Luna possessed a beautiful woman and fled to the earth to escape her father. Although, in the heavens Luna's hair was whiter than the stars but she possessed a black haired woman with blue eyes to cover her tracks. After, living conservatively for three years Luna fell for a man who would frequent her apartment building. Undeniably, she fell in love with the man and had a child with him. In a rage , her father swept the earth searching for her and the child. Cornered, at the end of the world, Luna decided to sacrifice her own life in order to save her husband and child. Fighting to the death with her father Luna placed her soul into her newly born daughter and stated before she died that one day... her soul would return to only the most noble of wolves. The story her mother told was brief and lacked detail but despite that Ally felt somewhat connected to the moon goddess and wished she could escape her father by fleeing one day.

"Luna is the moon goddess whom blessed us with our gifts. I may be young father but I am not oblivious to my duties. Why would you state such a fairy-tale in relation to me."

Ally questioned her father whom appeared quite shocked his daughter was educated on her ancestors. Teaching one's self on such knowledge was purely out of interest as the classes did not speak of ancestry.

"This is not a fairy-tale you dumbfounded girl! Out of respect for your bravery I will spare you this lashing. I want you to stay in your room until I call upon the council."

Alpha's words were filled with hate. It was apparent that his daughter had overpowered him without speaking a single slander. Ally looked in hatred back and nodded without breaking eye-contact. Alpha soon exited in a hurry leaving Blake to sigh in relief. He had held his breathe for almost two minutes and was exhausted from his lashing.

"The council? Has he gone mad?"

Blake asked in disbelief. Ally didn't answer instead she spun Blake around and peered at his wound.

"This will get infected if you leave it. Come with me."

Ally's words were still cold but not as cold as before. Nodding Blake followed his sister up the stairs.

-------------------------Ally's bedroom--------------

Ally sat Blake on her dresser chair and headed to the bathroom to fetch her first aid kid which she readily had on hand in preparation for her beatings. On her way she caught sight if herself in the mirror and stopped dead in her tracks. Looking in awe she peered closer to the mirror into her eyes which appeared misty and clouded. Blinking a few times the clouds dissipated relieving her icy blue eyes. Shaking her head in disbelief she returned to her bedroom. Her brother was slouched over in her chair with his toned upper body on show.

"This will be painful but you have to bare it. Understood?"

Blake nodded in response. Clenching his fists Ally applied the alcohol onto his wound. He hissed in pain as his body began to shudder.

"How do you endure this everyday?"

Blake's voice was shaky but he was trying to distract himself.

"Physical pain is only temporary is my usual mindset as a result I block it out. Why waste energy on such things when pain much worse requires more attention."

Blake listened to his sisters wisdom filled words and the pain gently subsided. Deep down Blake knew what his sister meant. Emotional pain was scarring even more so than physical pain. Wrapping up Blake's wound Ally disposed of the blood soaked cloth and sat on her bed exhausted.

"Ally, I will always be grateful for what you did for me today. After I did that to you, you still protected me."

Blake said sadly. Ally still couldn't bring herself to look at her brother. Guilty minded Ally decided she would put her sorrowful brother's soul at ease.

"Blake, I forgive you for your actions. Simply, because you retracted your position. If you had continued to be my superior I don't know if I could have survived."

Ally words were calm and collected. Blake never told her he retracted his position her intellect worked it out.

"Ally, what are you going to do about the council. They are only called upon in times of crisis. I don't know what father is thinking but it sure doesn't look good."

"I know exactly what he is thinking. Father has never in his life spared me a punishment. Meaning that he is unsure of himself. He babbled on about the Luna gene like a child whom still believes in Santa. This meeting is for me. To see if I carry the gene."

Ally looked at the floor and intentionally missed out a very important detail. Unlucky, for her Blake knew of trials after being educated by his mother.

"Ally these trials will kill you! No-body has ever survived their trials before!

Blake was devastated by his own words.

"Then... I'll die. This is fathers scheme to rid of me for good. Once, he reveals my healing was accelerated , the council won't dismiss the trials I will be forced to complete them. Either way I will die."

Ally didn't express emotion and rather numbed herself. In truth, Ally had awaiting her fate for months after her defiant behavior resulted in her father resentment.

"Why are you so accepting! You are the wolf this packed admired their whole lives. The wolf I envied for her strength and prosperity all of these years. Now your admitting defeat."

Tears began to steak Blake's face once more. Ally's lip quivered as she fought back despair to see her brother so heartbroken. Stubbornly, she pushed her tears back and stood up facing her brother.

"That girl you cherish so much died a long time ago! I am tired Blake don't you see? I don't think of this as punishment from my father. This is a gift, now I will not be shamed by my own actions. I no longer have to drink myself to death in order to make in through another day."

Ally paused to catch her breath and overheard Blake's weeping and it also broke down her barrier but she endured finishing her statement.

" This world is cruel and unforgiving and I refuse to fight for something I do not believe in. It's time you accept my fate too. I will leave you all of my money now please get out."

Ally glared at her brother with glistening eyes. Blake realized that this was the first time Ally had looked at him since he hurt her. Her eyes pleaded him to leave without saying anything more.

"Ally, I love you. I know once you make up your mind there's no changing it so out of respect I won't stand here and lecture you. I need you to know that the only reason I am not my father is because of you. You taught me to be individual and caring , without you I wouldn't be who I am."

Blake's sad words finally broke her and soon enough tears rolled down her cheeks. Blake rushed over squeezing his sister close and cradled her head.

"I love you brother..."

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