1 I Am My Mother's Daughter.

Sixteen years ago a small hybrid child was birthed by the most powerful supernatural being known to man. That person was my mother. My father also contributed greatly to my existence, despite not knowing him...I know he loved me more than anything. Vividly I recall his calming red eyes looking down on me, but never with malice. That's all I remember of him. My mother still to this day loves him with all of her heart. I can see her expression change whenever I demonstrated something similar to my father. It was love but also pain. I had my fathers lips, and nose, I'm fast and resilient just like him. And I can sense when my mother is struggling...just like him. We made a promise in this household that nothing should be kept from one another. Therefore, I know my father died protecting my mother and Isaac is my adoptive father.

Still, he saw me no different from Noah, my younger brother by three years. Isaac is a good man, one I'll always respect and protect with my life, just as he did for me. Isaac makes my mother happy, they were always star-crossed lovers but seeing them bicker and laugh with each other makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. It's a bond I can relate too sincerely.

Noah is my precious little brother, born after we entered the human world. His fluffy brown hair and stunning dark violet eyes, a mix of Isaac and my mother. Noah differs from me when it comes to the constitution, he is purely a wolf pup. I was born while my mother was still a hybrid therefore I contracted both genes. However, Noah was born after my mother's transition, meaning Isaac's wolf blood and my mother mixed blood were too weak leaving him a pureblood wolf. If you ask him about it he'll proudly say he's happy to be who he is. My brother isn't childish or naive he's just as switched on about the world as us. Someone I can confide in despite our age. I would lay down my life here and now if it meant Noah could live happily.

My other siblings stop by around once a year. Brother Damien and Eli, as well as big sister Camilla always check on me every now and again. I'm their special half-sister that needs guidance apparently. They also come to see my mother which they also view as their own. According to their story, my mother helped them discover what true living was. How to show empathy, how to live a fulfilling life. My mother also helped mend their relationship with father before he died which meant a lot to them.

Uncle Blake and Aunt Maya also visit us a lot with their 11-year-old son Jack named after their father, my grandfather Jackson King. Blake and my mother share a special bond, they had been born together, fought together and lived together. If they didn't like one another I'd be worried. Maya is the typical example of an arch-enemy, to my mother anyway. Standards were high for her brother, so whoever stepped up to take his heart would also have to face her. Right now their relationship is civil but tides change with a wisp of wind.

Uncle Aiden also found someone special to him also. Soon after entering the human world, he met an entertainment manager who was interested in his looks named Sophia. At first, they played a game of cat and mouse until my antisocial uncle gave in to her. He worked as a model than a movie star, climbing up the ranks until he became the number one 'Man I'd like to be held by.' so basically he's a walking ball of money and lust. But, Aiden was always there for my mother and me. I adore him much like Isaac and want the best for him. Sophia after helping him through his career fell for him, and Aiden...fell straight back. It's like a romantic novel.

"Sis, what are you smiling about?" Startled she spun around and smiled wholeheartedly when her eyes landed on her puppy-eyed brother. Writing about her life made the nostalgia overflow and now she wanted nothing more than to caudle him. At her desk with her pen steady in hand was a beautiful slender young woman with short white hair and dazzling violet eyes. The spitting image of her mother.

Lilly, "I was just writing in my diary, how was training with dad?" Noah's petite little face, with those wide deep purple eyes, made him look a little like a doll, although he hated hearing that. Noah was a proud young man 13 years of age.

Noah, "It went alright, I think he's overworking himself again though." Sighing in his sweat-stained shorts he flew onto Lilly's bed stroking the fluffy pillows above. Wasn't it slightly discriminatory to let only his sister have goose fathered pillows? Lilly giggled and his strained closed eyes relaxed. Still, sometimes it worried her too how much Isaac pushed himself. Ever since my birth father passed away he'd been dedicated to being strong enough to protect us which they were grateful for. Sadly, he sometimes took that to the extreme specifically in the last three weeks.

Noah, "What do you think Lilly?" He'd seen his sisters eyes cloud meaning she was thinking deeply about something. At times like this Noah lacked maturity, working out what was really going on behind the shadows was hard being a younger sheltered child. So, he asked for Lilly's input to fill in the blanks.

Lilly, "Hmm. Think about it, father's been doing overtime with uncle Liam for the past few weeks and Mother is also busy helping refugees. Something must have happened in the territory. Maybe they tried to overthrow the council, honestly brother it could be a lot of things its pointless listing off what could be." Noah frowned and shook his head, his sister knew more than that but for some reason didn't want to say.

Noah, "If the territory is in uproar doesn't that mean Mother will have to eradicate them?" Lilly flinched a little, she didn't like that idea. Her mother didn't need to put herself in danger for the sake of strangers but that was exactly the type of person she was.

Lilly, "I'm not sure. I'm going to talk to her." Noah gave her the strangest smile she'd ever seen. It was almost a cringe crooked on his face, then she knew why...Maya was here. Groaning in annoyance Lily dragged her feet through the four-bedroomed condo to the kitchen. And sure enough...you could cut the atmosphere with a butter knife.

Standing at the counter with her fists clenched was none other than the infamous Ally King. Lilly's mother hadn't aged a day. Still, her porcelain skin remained unwrinkled, and that long silky black curly hair hung healthily by her hips. One thing Lilly always noted from being born was her mother had the most stunning eyes in the world. They were speckled on the iris in shades of light blue and green, it's the colour different from her own. Lilly's eyes were so light they almost appeared pink in certain lights. Ally clung to those violet eyes gifted by her other mother, Luna.

Blake's face lit up as his precious niece came to save the day. Like always he rushed over and hugged her like they hadn't just seen each other the day previously. Still, Lilly didn't mind affection knowing deprivation of it led to broken souls. Maya smiled at her briefly before locking back eyes with Ally. Maya was a pretty girl, she was small framed with a little nose. Two big green eyes surrounded by layers of light lashes, pink little lips and gold-steaked bobbed brown hair, but little could be said on her personality in that part.

Lilly, "So, what's the issue this time?" Normally Blake would wave his hand and say it was the usual useless nonsense but this time he hesitated before saying nothing which intrigued her. Ally snapped from her hostile daze and smiled at her daughter.

Ally, "Good Morning sweetheart, are you hungry?" Blake was always stunned by the love emitted fro his sister every time Lilly's eyes met hers, they were like two peas in a pod.

Lilly, "I'm okay for now, I just came to get my notebook. Hello, Aunt Maya." It was a strained hello, just seeing her stare so crudely at her mother made her bones shiver. In the territory, disrespect like that could cost you your life yet here it was like an episode of housewives. Not wanting to be rude Maya responded.

Maya, "You get prettier everyday Lilly, how are you doing?" Lilly looked at her mother that had returned to brewing coffee, to see her teeth clenched tightly. It wasn't like her mother to bite her tongue, her presence there also seemed to have interrupted something.

Lilly, "I'm doing just fine thank you for asking. Is Jack not with you?" Blake and Maya glanced at each other quickly. Lilly wasn't a dumb girl, some would say even brighter than Ally. Something was going on here.

Blake, "J-Jack is visiting Maya's parents for the weekend. I'll tell him you asked after him." Ally tried not to give Lilly any reason to shut this down but was perfectly ready for her daughter to go off. Lily stared at Maya for a while niggling at the truth, but they kept silent meaning. This would have to be settled the 'King' way. Ally smirked as Lilly sighed loudly, her daughter wasn't one to be lied to. She'd learned that very early on. Blake pulled at his collar, he was in for a mini Ally argument.

Lilly, "Jack isn't here. My father is working overtime and my mother is constantly attending to refugees. In no way, shape or form do you expect me to believe nothing is going on? Now, are we going, to be honest, or do you need a little more persuasion?" Ally shrugged her shoulders when Blake's face stretched into bewilderment. Lilly was her daughter what else did he expect.

Maya, "Lilly this has nothing to do with you, so stay out of it." Ally felt her blood rush into rage hearing another woman scold her child. Lilly also felt hostility towards her aunt but kept a lid on it until it was time for the potto boil over.

Ally, "That's rich coming from a mother that can't even keep track of her own child. Why don't you tell her Maya?" Considering her mother would have launched herself across the counter by now, Lily was kind of proud? Maya looked ready to rip her hair out also.

Maya, "You'd burden your children with this?" Ally simply smiled kindly at her daughter that smiled back, they didn't consider such things as burdens. In this house, everyone knew everything, but knowing nothing put people in danger with deeper consequences.

Lilly, "Aunt Maya, I don't consider this an inconvenience, I just want to know where my cousin is." Blake's usual coping strategies for these situations was to say nothing, stuck between his mate and his sister. However this time he was the one to admit the truth which showed just how bad this situation.

Blake, "Maya, they will find out anyway. Lilly...what I'm about to tell you cannot leave this house. Are we understood?" Without hesitation, she nodded. Blake smiled, she was so much like Ally it scared him. On the surface, calm and collected but underneath...they were like natural disasters. Ally was happy to see her brothers backbone back, as Maya looked at him with almost malice.

Brother, "Jack went to stay in the territory with Maya's parents, and now... we can't get him back. Rules now state that if a wolf born outside the territory and enter knowing this then they are now owned by the territory." Lilly gave her mother a sly look, and she also shook her head. If that was a rule, then it would give the territory a bad name of 'Prison' plus her mother knew Vermont very well they conversed through letters often. There was no way he would pass a rule this isolating after letting themselves migrate to the human world.

Lilly, "Where did you get this information?" Ally proudly began serving coffee, slamming down Maya's cup just to be annoying. Isaac would often say her maturity faltered when it came to her children and Lilly had now seen first hand that...was true.

Blake, "Maya's parents informed us."

Lilly, "Then they're lying." Quick as he built up his tale Lilly shot it down rifle in hand.

Ally, "What did I tell you?" Lilly sat down next to her mother, it seemed she also came to that conclusion. Maya's face was almost red with rage but it wasn't because they'd branded her family as liars. There was something far too intense going on in her mind.

Maya, "Who do you think you are calling my parents something so degrading." It almost made them both laugh out loud, so she was trying to play the victim and was more worried about her parent's honour than his own son. Lilly was gradually ready to blow, here was her uncle that had been one of her best friends since birth clearly taking a toll about this situation.

Ally, "Listen to me closely because quite frankly I'm tired of your bullsh*t. Blake the reason your son is stuck there is that your mate either said something profound enough to make her parents keep Jack or she, in reality, doesn't want to bring him back." Lilly turned and smiled, her mother thought the same.

Lilly, "I agree aunt Maya always says she misses the territory, what other way to bring uncle Blake back then to take his son there?" Tag teamed by the unbeatable hybrid duo Maya stood there pale-faced, it always freaked her out how much Ally and Lilly thought alike but when it was to catch her out all hell broke.

Maya, "Isn't your brother complex too intense, you really think I want to take him away from you using our son as bait. That's really sweet." That evil taunting chuckle at the end wasn't appreciated one bit.

Lilly, "Aunt Maya I don't mean any disrespect but you haven't the faintest idea what my mother and my uncle has been through together. So, my mothers deep concern has nothing to do with a complex, it's called putting your needs before someone else. From my perspective, you wouldn't know about that using Jack as bait. How do you think Jack feels right now being pushed onto his grandparents that he barely knows? I think I'd feel rather lonely." Ally loved her daughter more than anything, but when she saw a glimpse of her past self in the flesh she wondered if Lilly harboured any anger. That polite yet degrading tone, with words that cause none other than the respondent to feel at fault. All of it was code for 'If you overstep your mark one more time, you better not b*tch when I tear your head off.'

Maya, "You little brat! Your lucky I do--" Her voice faded as Ally stood up from her chair those glowing threatening violet eyes, warning the word before they slipped off her tongue. No-one spoke to her child that way whether she deserved it or not. Maya clicked her tongue trembling with fear and looking at Blake for some support. Lilly crossed her arms tilted her head at Blake and shrugged as if to say this is how I feel and doesn't this make a lot more sense?

Blake, "Maya tell me the truth, did you send Jack there because you want to go back there?" The look on Maya's face when Blake also jumped on the 'Don't believe Maya' bandwagon almost made Lilly laugh out loud, it was the first time she'd seen her so enraged and embarrassed.

Maya, "Your f*cking kidding me right now, aren't you? Your siding with them? I'm your wife Blake, where's my trust!"

Ally, "Just because your his wife doesn't mean you deserve to be trusted. In order to gain trust you have to earn it, don't you dare use your relationship against my brother." Lilly tried to feel a little sympathy for her aunt seeing her whole self-esteem plummet, but she'd sent Jack away for her own selfish needs. This was the shock her ego needed. Don't Fuck With A King.

Jack was a special existence to her, he wasn't just another cousin to her. Jack had a little special something other wolves didn't have. He was a natural-born shifter, meaning since birth he didn't need to shift through force his body did it naturally. Most wolves would kill to morphe naturally because the transition was so painful each time. It was very rare but possible. Ally had felt that pain before Luther died and it was truly agonizing. So, because of Jack's lack of control, he was homeschooled for the first seven years of his life and had just gone to the same junior school as Noah. Lilly never wanted to make him feel different so would play with him even when shifted. They were really close and had a unique bond. Ally knew this which is why her daughter probably got so heated.

Maya, "J-Jack is better off there, and we are too! Why do you live here Blake, for her?!" Her big pointy finger in-front of Ally trembling in both fear and desperation made Blake bow his head. Lilly felt a little slither of sorrow for her uncle, Blake was an amazing man. He'd never once left her mother's side in these thirty-odd years, for that Lilly would protect him undoubtedly even if it was from her mother. However not once had she ever asked if Blake enjoyed the human world.

Blake, "I live here because I can be free. I don't have to keep an eye out for people trying to kill me nor do I have to wake up every day wondering which one of my family will be hurt next. Your right Ally, Isaac and the Kids are a reason I stay, but not the only reason Maya. I wanted a good life for you and Jack too."

Maya, "We can have a good life Blake in the territory, Blake! Jack won't be at risk there, we don't have to worry about seeing a wild young wolf wandering around on the news, he's not confident enough to live here!" Ally felt a shiver run down her spine. A feeling of oppressive anger boiling overspread through the air like smoke. Lilly had always been a fair and cordial child when it came to family discussions like this but at that moment Maya had cut the chain holding her back and now not even Ally could control her.

Lilly, "How F*cking DARE you!" The whole room went silent in shock, as a low growl came from Lilly's rosy lips. Ally was wide-eyed, that was the first time she'd ever heard her daughter curse. Maya was speechless along with Blake. Blake knew from watching his sister in the younger days. That tone was not something to be taken lightly.

Maya, "Excuse me?" It was a meek voice and innocent expression that only aggravated Lilly more. Then like a firework, she burst up from her chair stood adjacent with Maya with flames in those light violet pools.

Lilly, "Your the most selfish pathetic bitter person I've ever laid eyes on. You know what my Uncle went through in that rule-ridden isolating plain of rivalry and yet you still have the nerve even after being told from the start that he would ever go back there, use MY cousin as god damn bait in order to get your own little happy family in the territory? You need to wake up and realize the world doesn't revolve around you, and just because you gave birth to Jack does not mean you own him to push off to people whenever you f*cking, please. Now call your parents and bring my cousin back or so help me god!" Ally quickly put her hand over Lilly's eyes to calm her, it had been a long time since she'd seen those eyes and nails. Both so sharp, dangerous. Lilly would be scolded later but for now, Maya needed to answer her. Before both her and Lilly pounced. Blake was frankly shellshocked hearing his cute little niece lose her usual grace, and the words she used towards his wife should have infuriated him. Instead, they also gave him a revelation about Maya, everything Lilly said behind the slating was true.

Maya, " I thought you would understand better than anyone Lilly, he can't live here he's not confident enough."

Lilly, "Because you give him no chance to be confident at all! Jack feels ashamed of his constitution because you treat it like a disease. He won't even go outside if it's not to school and even then he focuses all his energy on being your label of 'normal'. It's you. Your the burden and the quicker you realize that the quicker Jack can be at peace with who he is!" Maya scoffed in response and Lilly lunged for her but Blake held her back shaking his head. Lilly wanted to whack it away but respected him too much.

Ally, "Lilly's right brother. I saw it myself but never said anything." Blake looked down at himself with disbelief, how did he not realize how his son felt all this time or had he also been caught in Maya's selfishness?

Blake, "Ally, get your shoes on." She smiled in victory at Maya's twisted face.

Ally, "Roger that." Lilly still panting in anger looked at him curiously, he had a look in his eyes she hadn't seen before.

Maya, "What are you doing?" Blake threw on his coat and glared at her coldly.

Blake, "I'm going to get my son back."

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