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For You(BL)


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What is For You(BL)

For You(BL) is a popular web novel written by the author Infinitecookies, covering BL, MALE LEAD, ROMANCE, ACTING, Romance genres. It's viewed by 630.1K readers with an average rating of 4.61/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 59 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Previously known just as Boy's Love since I made the book for a couple of short stories, but now, I'm changing it to a real book. This still has the short stories at the beginning, so you can read them if you want. Synopsis: A dream to be a star. A beautiful boy. A chance to make it to the top. Sam was only a poor boy with a crush on his bestfriend when a talent agent offered him a chance to audition for his agency. Fueled by the desire to become something great, Sam accepted, and his path to stardom began. Starts slow, but gets better. Updates: M/W/F Sometimes, there are surprise chapters where I post multiple times a day or an unscheduled chapter ;) Starts slow. Cover art does not belong to me. Credit to the owner.


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Oh my goodness!!! So happy to have found BL but so sad only 2 chapters!!!😭😭😭 pls update more! This is the only BL here but no updates please please more🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😍😍😍


I have read a lot of books on this site, but between professional, translated works and the original works category, very, very few books have come close to matching this one. Everything about the world and characters are well constructed - you feel the emotions of the characters as you laugh, cry and worship Sam with them. And almost every other character. This book has basically outlined the cast for a new religion. People, read this and spread Alead-ism to the rest of the world!


Very very good story with great characters, interesting plot lines and a lot of humor, really highly recommend this book. One of my favorite BL novels, no novels, of all time. C_H_A_R_A_C_T_E_R_S


As someone trying to write a couple of novels of my own, I can only wonder at how amazing a job has been done on this book. I love the characters, love the world building, basically everything about the book. Can't recommend this enough!


Omo omo.'For You' is so excitingggg. I really love Sam / Jupiter. I want to see more of this writing. Anyway, I have got a good reading out of this book. Keep it up, author!


Omg! This novel is very good! I love it soo much! The settings are awesome, and the world background is good too. Mc, Sam's character development is great. He's slowly dissolving in the star world, slowly but productively developing his own skills and character! He's been having a crush on his best friend Daniel, but he does great in concealing his feelings as Daniel already has a girlfriend, Alex, who is also a bestfriend of Sam. The ML is kind of mysterious and we don't know who he is yet but my guess is that he has only appeared once, the cold CEO coz he seems to be the ML type. LOL😂 (I m at chapter 23 so don't know yet😂) Aside from that, all side characters are great so far and funny too. It's fun watching them interact. Anyways. Give this novel a try! It's great! Thank you author for this lovely novel. And please update more often.. the update stabbed is too lacking *sobs*. This novel is so great that I end up wanting more and more, so I hope that u can stabilize your updates! 😚😚


I am soooooooo glad I found this. For someone who has read a lot of novels, I can say that this is Gold. It ranks one at the top of my BL novel list. Good job author!


The best way possible I would like you to come to is to stady the update and for some reason I don't want you to neglected your health and happiness to so I was thinking about you having a good time and update the novel stadyly


Really well written, the characters are also well-written with multiple layers of their personalities. The characters also meet each other in the story flawlessly and the MC doesn't fall in or out of love so easily, so it's really great (:


Well very well written the scenarios that have been written was really terrifying seems like your the one whos in the story as well😊well good job author god bless


Needs to update more Overall it is a very good story. Good grammar and sentence forms UgufdfhtfjjffstgbktdhjiUgufdfhtfjjffstgbktdhjiUgufdfhtfjjffstgbktdhjiUgufdfhtfjjffstgbktdhjiUgufdfhtfjjffstgbktdhjiUgufdfhtfjjffstgbktdhjiUgufdfhtfjjffstgbktdhjiUgufdfhtfjjffstgbktdhjiUgufdfhtfjjffstgbktdhji


Hey author, good work here. I really appreciate the authenticity of the idol training. Krrp up the good work 👍


I’m really enjoyed the book thus far... I read it quickly... However, I think it’s time we get a clear idea of who the ML will be??? I can’t wait to read their interactions and ultimately their relationship


This is a great story so far. I like the characters. The storyline is great and flowing nicely. Can't wait to read more once it updates.


Reveal spoiler


Thanks for the stories. I hope you can fix all your problems so you will continue this story again because i like it so much. Wish you all the best


0wwooo***eeeee I don't think that you can use the best way possible to get the story like the real viewing for this novel and I hope to see your novel more exciting than it's already is


Reveal spoiler


Update more. ............................................................................................................................................................................................ Good story


One of the best novels I've ever read! Try it people! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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