1 Hospital Blues

Quinn;Hey,hey you alright?

He looks up and wonders.

Declan;Are you suppose to bring the medication?

Quinn;Uh,yeah sure.

Declan;You dont look the part.

Quinn;Haha,very funny.

Declan;If you aren't then please go.(he looks the otherside)

Quinn;Okey yeah I am not,what are you doing here???

Declan showed her the sign which read diagnosed with severe flue and coughing(untitled)


Declan;You should leave before they find you.

Quinn;Okay,okay(tries ti catch his attention)how long have you been here??

She hears wheels coming and got alarmed.

Declan coughs abruptly.

Quinn;Wow(she quickly took cover and hid behind a dustbin).

The male Nurse(Julian)came.

He covered all of his body with a plastic and opened the door with his card and got in.


Julian;Are you ok?

Declan looks outside and saw Quinn's thumbs up.

Julian turned.

Declan;I am alright.(catching his attention.

Julian;Here take this it will heal the pain.

Quinn got up,when Julian wasn't looking and got her hoodie up and walked,passing another nurse who later was startled

Nurse(female);Hey wait your not suppose to be here!!!!!(runs after her).

Because she is younger,she outrun her,she stopped and breathed heavily,her assistant came right away and informed her on the next route.

She quickly got out since the door was opened.

Faith stood looking at the other side,she then turns.

Faith;Where have you been???I have been looking for you for almost half an hour now.

Quinn;I um had to use the bathroom.

Faith;Okey let's go(she took her by her shoulder and left).

That night Declan slept cuddling himself remembering the incidence.

At the Asley's.

Faith got a warm shower and got the dinner ready.

On the table.

Owen;How was work hunny?



Faith;Roman,finish your veges.

Roman grunts.

Faith;Remember if you don't finish your veges,you got no chicken.

Roman;Ugh fine.

Minutes later,Faith distributed the chicken to each one.

Owen;(holds her hand)more for me.

Faith smiles and gives him some.

An announced.

Quinn;(Before she finishes her chicken)So what's going on in the hospital these days?

Both her parents looked at her.

Owen;You are interested??


Quinn;It's just a question no big deal.

The two parents looked at each other with a smile.

Owen;I know I said I dont like what your mother's job makes her do,but darn it,couldn't wait until you made a decisison on what you wanted to be after high school(excited)we could use more brains around here.


Faith;Your father is right,we actually have something for you,huh I have been waiting for this special day.

She quickly goes and brings out a labcoat.

Faith;Uhh I used this in my medical school days,I know its old fashioned but I think it would do(she would make her wear it).

Quinn;What are you talking about,I was just asking about the hospital stuff,I mean.

The parents frown.

Quinn;I mean,I haven't thougth about it yet,but.

Faith;(A little dissappointed)Okay,you can keep the coat.

Quinn takes it off slowly.

Faith;What were you asking again?

Quinn sits down and explains.

Quinn;I actually want to know when are your shifts exactly??

Faith;Uh ok(she blubers as Quinn takes down notes).On Mondays I usually get in by 11am but well depends we might have emergencies,some patients can get a bit cocky mostly after operations.(she continues).

Tomorrow(QueenFals High)

Lunch Break.

Quinn sits impatiently looking at her phone.

Weston takes another noodle and swallows it and looks at Quinn.

Weston;Arent you gonna eat that???

Quinn;No,go ahead(she pushes the plate towards him).

Weston;Okay what is up??

Quinn;Thisss...(shows him)

Weston;Yeah its just a stupid hospital schedule.

Quinn;Yeah,and I am trying to compromise with mine.

Weston;(Huffs)I thought you hated hospitals.

Quinn;Non of that matters now,listen,I can use the p.e lessons,the doctors have their lunch hours by then,so mother wont notice.

Weston;Your the best chance the volleyball team has to win,coach Hapkins wont allow that.

Quinn;I am gonna take care of him.

Weston;I still dont completely and fully support this.

Quinn continues blubbering.

Quinn;I will be here by mornings and alter the rest of the day right?

Weston;Why go all this way??

Quinn;I am gonna let you in a little secret,I went in the quarantine section yesterday when i was in the hospital.

Weston almost chocked.

Weston;You do know what quarantine means right?

Quinn;I dont know,though they did label staff only.

Weston;Exactly,that area is restricted!!.

Quinn;When was I ever one for the rules.


Quinn;So I um can i borrow your bike for the road?

Weston;Boris is out of bounds.

Quinn;Oh come on do it for your bestie huh.

Weston;Oh ok,but i need him back by sundown and forhaven sake bring him back safe.

Quinn;Worry not.

Weston;So um,what is there in the quarantine section?

Quinn;I knew you'd want to know.

Weston;Nope,just wanna know what my bestie is getting into.

Quinn;So there is this guy,his been there a week or so,i dont know i plan to figure it out.

Weston;Why is he there?

Quinn;Exactly,that's what i want to know.

She leaves him there alone and leaves the school to the parking lot.

QueenFals Hospital(Cafe).

Faith;I am telling you,she is so carefree for an 80 year old,she should be in an elderly home not here.

Greyson;She loves it here.

They keep chattering as Quinn gets in through the back,she gets in an elevator to the 6th floor and the corridor was empty,she walks to the door and tries to open it,she got a pin from her shopping,that she did before coming here and opened the door,she sprayed the camera not to see the anything and it turned blur,the observer usually gets a nap after eating a cheese burger by then,she walks fast to the 4th room.

Quinn;Hey,hey.(knocks on the mirror).

Declan sleeps on his bed and opens his eyes,he sits on the bed and faces the door.

Declan;What do you want?

Quinn;(Smiles)Wow sweet way of welcoming someone who dodged p.e for this.


Quinn;Nothing,how have you been?

Declan;I am not dead am I?

Quinn;Wow,this was a mistake,Weston was right.

She wants to leave.

Declan;Wait(stands up and walks to the glass and faced her).

She swallowed it.

Declan;Whats ahh,what is in the bag?

Quinn;A couple of stuff,I bought to get in here.

Declan;(Chuckles)Wow uh,can i see?

Quinn shows him one buy one.

Declan;Rule breaker.

Quinn;Depends,what is in it for me.

Declan;(Leans on the mirror)So you are here,what is in it for you?.

Quinn;Uh,that is true, free from school.


Quinn;Yeah uh,i forgot i brought pannies.


Quinn;Pancakes,you dont call them that?

Declan;No I dont.

Quinn;Okey,have some.

Declan;You are out of our mind,you can easily get what i have.

Quinn;And what is it that you have?

Declan coughs at once.

Declan;They are not telling me,i just know everyone who got this is getting better.

Quinn;Oh,till we figure that out,here.

She hands him a pancake through the food area.

Declan took it and ate.

Declan;What is your name?

Quinn;Quinn,Quinn Asley.

Declan;Declan,Declan Vegan.

They eat pancakes.

Hours later.

Quinn;Oh shoot,i gotta go back to school,but i'll check on you.


Quinn;What is this?

They hear a doorknob twisted.

Declan;You will find out.

She hides behind a wall and as the meds pass she leaves as fast as she could.

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