5 Penalty Cleared

The moment I thought I was going to die....



The <Upper Ghoul> shouted.

I opened my eyes to see what was happening.

At that moment I saw.

<Skeleton Knight>

Level: 99

Strength: 1220

Agility: 120

Intelligence: 23

I was saved for a moment.

The <Skeleton Knight> was attacking the <Upper Ghoul> with a sword, cutting off the claw which was trying to kill me with.

The <Skeleton Knight> was wearing a robe and underneath was light armour; also something like a crown was placed on the head.

The <Upper Ghoul> roared, though the voice was kinda bad and sounded low.

Then they were battling.

On the other hand, I was dumbstruck by it...

At least, I was saved, but I was greatly injured on my back and missing one arm.

I couldn't move.... it was not because of the injury, but the will to move was lost.

I don't know why I felt like dying is my only option now.

I was lying on the floor, watching the two monsters battle.

The <Skeleton Knight> had enormous strength but the way how he battles is slow and somewhat foolish. It was a caveman with strength and no brains, well of course it was a skeleton, guess it has no brains.

While the <Upper Ghoul> has great speed but lack the strength.

They battled each other.

I thought the <Skeleton Knight> will win but it was losing somehow.

The <Upper Ghoul> though lack strength, was winning because of the speed.

The <Skeleton Knight> was losing bones after bones while the <Upper Ghoul> was losing flesh after flesh.

The scene was utterly horrible.


The sword of the <Skeleton Knight> fell near me, and was now about to get killed.

The <Upper Ghoul> though one lost of his arm (claws) managed to tackle the other monster down.

Looks like I am next after it kills it.


I don't want to die...

I want to live....

Why am I feeling this now?

I want to live... But why?

I want to move forward...

I want to move on..

I will not give up...

Grandpa just watch me...

I, your grandson, Nom, will show you... that I will have courage to move on in life and help those who are in trouble..

So I won't die here...today...


<Nomed talks with himself>

'Hey isn't it painful?'


'If it's painful shouldn't you lie down and have a peaceful death'

It's nothing compared to what I have been through in my life...

'But you won't able to defeat the monster in your current strength...'

So what?

Didn't I say I will live.... for Grandpa...

'But you're not strong enough...'

So What?

I will become stronger and stronger....

'But.... Will you be able to kill it?'

Are you questioning me...?

'Weren't you always alone?'

So what?

'Then isn't it better if you die?'

Then what's the point of living?

I'm going to live because I promised him (grandpa).

'Can you really fulfil it?'

Just shut up and watch me.


I had no strength to move, but I gave it all.

I managed to stand on my feet...

I took the sword... it was heavy....

'Will you able to strike it down?' I could hear this question in my head.


As I went near the <Upper Ghoul> who was greatly injured, 'it' noticed me, right now he was done defeating the <Skeleton Knight> , but even right now is my chance to kill 'it'

But How?

I have no sword experience; I never held a sword only a knife.

But right now that didn't matter...

As I was facing it, I wasn't scared but something was wrong with me.

Why am I excited?

Why am I excited to kill it?

Why am I smiling?

The <Upper Ghoul> notice my strange behaviour then took a step back.

'It' readied 'itself' to jump at me and attacked me and 'it' did.

"Ha! I was waiting for this!"

I was pushed down, I hit my head on the floor but I was okay.

Right now that wasn't important, 'it' was important.

'It' was above me.

The sword was pierced into his front chest.

The <Upper Ghoul> was killed.

I didn't have the strength to swing the sword, so I had to come up with something and this was it.

When 'it' jumped, I adjusted the sword in front of me.

Due to gravity and the weight of 'itself', the sword was pierced easily after jumping on me.

I actually noticed during the fight of the two monsters that they didn't use their heads much.

They just fight blindly till death.

Though they're intelligence stats where higher than me where mine is only 10.

..... Thank God, I was a human.

Then the screen appeared.

[You have defeated the <Upper Ghoul>]

[You have acquired the <Enrage Skill>]

[Level up]

[Level up]

[Level up]

[Level up]

[Level up]

Enrage Skill?

Oh.. level up?

I checked my status.

Name: Normed Erton

Level: 5

Class: None

Title: 'Outworlder Player'

HP: 500

MP: 100


Strength: 60

Agility: 60

Intelligence: 60

<Passive Skill>

-Outworlder Player

<Active Skill>

-Appraisal Skill

-Money Conversion Skill

-Inventory Skill

-Enrage Skill

So per level up is 10 points for each of the stats..

I checked what <Enrage Skill> was with my <Appraisal Skill>

[Enrage Skill: This skill allows your inner rage to take control of you when in battle.]

Okay that's just sick.

I was still lying on the floor...

I was worn out...

Moreover, I felt sleepy... so sleepy..

I closed my eyes.

I blacked out.


I opened my eyes, I recognised the where I was.

I was still at the Dungeon...

I felt like my body was light.

I stretched my body, then rubbed my eyes with both my hands...

Wait .... both my hands???

I checked my hands...

Wait, I clearly remember the <Upper Ghoul> eating my one arm.

But right now my arm is still there... though my clothes were still torn.

Even my wound on my back was healed?


But I was relieved.

"Welcome back, my beautiful arm"

Right.. now let me check the remaining time.

[Penalty: Survive for 3 hours. Remaining time 3 minutes 49 seconds]


I was happy, only 3 minutes left.

But what should I do during this three minutes....

The sword was still there, the corpse of <Upper Ghoul> was still there.

I checked the sword with <Appraisal Skill>

[Knight Sword: Sword dropped from the <Skeleton Knight>. Enchanted with magic so that it won't be dull]

Okay what a weird description.

I guess I might need that one day...

So I put it on my <Inventory>

Now the corpse of the <Upper Ghoul>

"hmm... what should I do with it?"

Ah... I remembered that <Money Conversion Skill> can convert anything to money.

So let's try.

I used the <Money Conversion Skill> on the corpse and it worked..

[<Upper Ghoul> cashed in for 50,000,000 leens]

What the ....?!

50 million?!!!

This time the money didn't appear but was added on the inventory where the older money where kept.

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They were added together.

So right now the remaining was the <Skeleton Knight>

I went near it.

I found.

[Skeleton Plate mail: This item was dropped by the <Skeleton Knight> Armour: 250 ]

[Skeleton Knight Crown: This item was dropped by the <Skeleton Knight> This item can be only be worn by Knights who are blessed by their Kings]

[Skeleton Robe: This item was dropped by the <Skeleton Knight> Magic resistance: 15%]

Okay what's with the names...

Their sizes were too big for me...

So I decided to use <Money Conversion Skill> on them.

[<Skeleton Plate Mail> cashed in for 10,000,000 leens]

[<Skeleton Knight Crown> cashed in for 5,000,000 leens]

[<Skeleton Robe> cashed in for 50,000 leens]

What's with the amount?!!!

I sighed.

Then one thing was left, the remaining crushed bones of the <Skeleton Knight> so I decided to cash that in too.

[<Skeleton Knight> cashed in for 10,000 leens]


I felt pity for 'it' to be so cheap.

Then I checked for the remaining time again, now only a minute was left.

So I waited, after I was warped up in bright light.

Then suddenly I appeared at my room.

I jumped for joy. I was happy to be back.

Wait... was my dress loose?

When I jumped by pants fell...

I pulled it up.

Then a screen appeared.

[Penalty Quest: Completed]

[Level up]

[Now you are granted to travel to the world called 'Trelt']

[You have acquired the <Language Comprehension Skill>]

[You have acquired the <Outworlder Travel Skill>]



I ignored that for now, because I levelled up!

I checked what the skills where about.

[Language Comprehension Skill: This allows you to read and write in any language]

You must be kidding me!!

Damn! That's useful!

[Outworlder Travel: This skill allows you to travel/teleport anywhere within your reach. *Warning: 'Trelt' is the only world you can travel now, other worlds will be unlocked as you become stronger]


I was silent...

What does it mean by that?

Other world?

Let's try...

First let me change my clothes.

I changed my clothes but they were loose, so I decided to wear my grandpa's.

Yup, they fit well.

I guess I did lose some weight.

I used the <Outworlder Travel Skill>

It didn't work.

Okay... I think I must think of the place....first

I used the Skill again.

This time I appeared right in front of my front door outside my house.

"Yes....!!! It worked!!"

Then I heard a scream...

"Ahhhh!!!! A GHOST!!!!!"

A girl shouted after seeing me and ran away.


I must be careful in using this skill.

I went back in the house.

"Now how do I get to 'Trelt'?"

Then a screen appeared.

This time it was a picture.


The picture I saw was a great scenery.

"Wow... nice"

[Use the <Outworlder Travel Skill> after imagining this]

That was written.


I did what I was told.

Then I felt the wind blowing at me...

I was in the scenery except it was night.

I looked at the sky... and saw three moons.

But earth has only one...

Oh... I get it.

Right now I am in 'Trelt'.

Then a screen appeared.

[Welcome to 'Trelt', 'Outworlder Player']


I felt silly talking with the screen.I wanted to explore right now.

Well it was night now, and I was tired so I used the <Outworlder Travel Skill> and went back to earth and went to my bed.

I will explore 'Trelt' tomorrow, so today I will take a good rest.Before I slept, I checked my Status again.

Name: Normed Erton

Level: 6

Class: None

Title: 'Outworlder Player'

HP: 600

MP: 110


Strength: 70

Agility: 70

Intelligence: 70

<Passive Skill>

-Outworlder Player

-Language Comprehension Skill

<Active Skill>

-Appraisal Skill

-Money Conversion Skill

-Inventory Skill

-Enrage Skill

-Outworlder Travel Skill

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