1 Ch 1 - Please, Survive.

"Father? Mother?"

A soft voice spoke as she opened the door to her father's bedroom. The dim light from the streets seeped into the room, showing a figure standing beside two fallen bodies.

"Is that you father?"

Opening the door wider, letting the light from the hallway create a much more visible scene, only for shock and fear to cover the young girl's face.

On the ground was her loving father, eyes bloodshot while blood dripped from his gaping mouth along with a pool of red tainting the white carpet. The body beside was harder to see, but those red shoes and red dress, it was what her mother wore today.

"Isn't that little miss commander? The girl who wished to be just like her father~"

A gruff and teasing tone came from an older man, the one who stood beside her dead father. The man knew this little girl, hated how she was always pampered and was even included in important events within the military. He was ever so glad to be the one ordered to slice both of their necks.


"You- You're Mr. Grey! Why!-... why is it- why would you?!"

She tried to show no fear, but inside she was still still young, no matter how she saw and was taught to hide her facial expression, there was still more she needed to learn, and the only family that she had left, was gone by that cold blooded general.

"Since you will be dying anyways-"

The big built man suddenly kicked the dead body of the father, blood splattering on the man's black boots. The wet sound of the foot hitting the pool of blood as he came closer to the girl, the girl who tried her best to keep her head held high.

"I will give you the right to know. You and your father dug too far into the government's personal affairs."


The tan girl moved back, her left hand turning into a fist and placing it over her mouth, nibbling on the knuckle, a habit of hers when she's deep into thoughts.

=what could it be? Which of the affairs did me and my father find?=


A shiver was sent through her body. The sassy low tone had a deadly feeling, like knives pressed against her skin.

"I always hated how you would barely listen when you go straight into dreamland."

The footsteps echoed loudly as I moved back, slowly out of the hallway as the man's face began to be clearer.

Black hair that was mixed with grey, a scruffy white beard, and narrow black eyes. Even for someone who looked to be in their 40's, he was as buff as a bodybuilder. There was no way she could beat this man in a fight. The black haired girl had no other choice but.. to run.


Putting all her strength into her legs, she turned to her right and dashed towards the stairs, it was faint, but she had a small hope that she could run away, but that hope was soon shattered.





The loud scream filled the entire house. Being shot in the leg caused her to fall to the floor, only inches away from the stairs.

"and here I was trying to be nice, but you just had to try and run."

The man walked down the hallway, blowing away the smoke that swayed out of his gun's barrel. Naviel began weep in pain, hands trying their best to cover the hole that was pierced onto her left leg.

"Listen, if you didn't decide to push it further when big man prez clearly said that the search on the Russians was enough, you should have stopped your thick headed father and daughter! Hah! Curiosity killed the cat right?"

The man began to laugh sinisterly, but soon stopped as he loomed over the girl. Such tremendous aura of fear covered her, her eyes wavered as she could barely keep her eyes up.

"No hard feeling's right kid? Just doing what the big man wants."

Grey gave a grin, before kicking the girl's stomach and making her frail body tumble down the stairs.

Pain surged her body, feeling numb at this point, she could barely lift her finger up, yet it was still surprising she was still alive after falling down a huge staircase.

"HAHA! You're so determined it's amazing! But you're still weak."

He began to walk down the stairs, tapping his fingers against the wooden railing.

"Maybe in your next life you can do better, yeah? I bet you thought working with the government was all good and for the people! I hope you know you've helped with killing an entire city already."

The girl's body began to shiver, her eyes wavering in fear as she began to drift into her own mind.

=That's.. It's not true right? I've only done things to help the people! Like learning about nuclear bombs to avoid..=

Realization hit her as tears began to fall from her bruised eyes. Pain from her body, her dead parents began to surge in, but she wasn't even given time to feel sadness.

"If only you sat down quietly then I wouldn't have much to clean up, hahh... well kid, see you in hell, say hi to your parents for me."

Naviel tried her best to lift her head up, eyes blurred from tears and blood, only to be met with a gun against her forehead and the sinister smile of the man in front of her. A face she knew she could never forget nor could she forgive.






"Momma! Look! I'm up so high!"

a young voice shouted from the distance. Naviel taking her time to adjust to the sudden brightness. After being killed, she felt cold and empty, but suddenly she was standing in a grassy green field. Wind gently blowing to make the grass dance. Looking up towards the voice, her eyes widen widely.

"Jennie! be careful!"

A soft gentle voice of a woman shouted in reply to the child on the tree. She had soft blonde hair which swayed along with the wind. Beside her was a tall black haired man chuckling as he watched.

"Don't worry hun, she's strong!"

Her eyes then drifted towards the kid that climbed the tree.

"Is that, me?"

The giggling face of the child sitting on the branch of the tree was a face she remembered clearly as her mother always liked to show her pictures of when she was young. Then as she remembered the photo, the woman and man turned around to face the beat up girl.

She stared silently towards the woman, a gently smile formed on her face, the black haired man wrapped one arm around the blonde then a arm opened towards Naviel, indicating a hug. The black hair of the girl covered her face until she finally ran towards them with a tearful look.

"Mother! Father!"

She shouted as the other two spoke her name out gently.

"Our Jennie.."

She hugged them tightly, which they hugged back just as tight, before she was pushed back.

"Your soul is still young Naviel."

The girl moved back, confused as to what her mother was saying.

"You can still live before your soul breaks like ours."

Her father then spoke next as he placed his hand on her shoulder. Yet she shook her head and grabbed his hand.

"No I don't want to leave!"

she shouted, holding he father's hand tighter. Then the mother hugged her once more before holding her face in her hands.

"we'll be there with you, not the same, but we'll be there with you.. so hurry to your new life before it's too late."

The blue eyed blonde gave her a soft smile before Naviel saw the child begin to fall, just as it happened, time began to slow down as the child got closer to hitting the ground, the two adults running towards the girl with a distant shout of her name.


Then, everything went dark.





She winched from her name.


The voice that sounded like her mother began to sound louder and louder.

"Naviel please wake up!"

Opening her eyes slowly, the woman who held her in her arms had the same blonde hair, blue eyes, and soft freckles that her mother had.


"Naviel! Oh Jennie my dear!"

The woman then hugged the girl tightly, clearly worried for her. Yet Naviel was too focused on the ringing on her head. She moved her hand up to touch her mother's face.

"I'm okay mother."

She spoke gently, before seeing the hand on the woman's face, her hand was as small as a child.

"You need to stop climbing on those trees Naviel! That was extremely dangerous!"

It was like her memory, except she suddenly went to first person? The black haired child sat up and looked around, the tree was the same, they were also on a hill, but instead of the park, it was a small town, town's you'd think belonged in fantasy books or games. Behind Naviel was the forest tree line and behind her mother was the town.

"where.. are we?"




To be continued...

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