For I Will Be The War Empress Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

For I Will Be The War Empress


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A story of a young girl who loves actions and stories of empires and dynasties. Her father was a general for the Japanese Government so she knew a lot about modern warfare tactics. She has even helped her father with the government. Unknowingly, doing too much caused the death of her entire family. Dying the most painful a young girl could think off. Then suddenly, she was in a 7 years old girl's body. Waking up in a bed with a woman that looked exactly like her mother. It felt like a memory of when she was younger, except instead of being in Korea, she was, in a old home. Soon finding out that she was in a completely different world. Everything seemed fine, Even though the woman wasn't her original mother, she acted and looked like her mother. Her life was peaceful until a sudden attack on her and her mother's home. Hiding under the floor boards, she had to watch her mother get killed and through the process, she found out she was actually a concubine that his majesty let free, yet a jealous empress caused her death. After the tragedy, she was filled with rage, only having her mother's necklace to keep. She began to travel and continue her learning on fighting and other military related information, because she knew, to get revenge for her mother as a "boy," she'd have to get power, right to for succession on the throne, and kill the one that made her happiness disperse.


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