For and By a Wanderer Book

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For and By a Wanderer


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A loosely connected series of tales told about, or by, Wanderers. What is a Wanderer, you ask? Depending on who you ask, they’re either aberrations to be pitied or enviable existences with great power. But putting aside such meaningless lamentations, all a Wanderer means is a person who actively hops across dimensions and through the foliation of reality. Spacetime poses little barrier, so forget about using any old lock on that door if you want to keep them out. Even still, these fellows are but imperfect existences. These tales are of their lives and deaths, their loves and heartbreaks, their joys and sorrows. The atrocities and chaos left in their wake, the acts of benevolence and philanthropy. But most of all, these are tales imperfect, vaguely human existences.


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