1 The Golden Hands

In the darkness of Tokyo city, at the tallest restaurant to ever exist. A restaurant with many floors, the higher you go up, the better the food and the more expensive prices. This building is owned by Asahi Mikoto, the world's top chef. No one could compete with him, no food is better than his, any food his hands touches will automatically be better making him the world's best chef to ever exist and earn himself the title of [The Golden Hands]

At the top floor's balcony, a young man wearing white chef clothes is staring at the night sky with his golden eyes as the wind gently plays with his dark black hair. He took a sip of the juice that he prepared by himself.

This moment would be perfect for some wine but unfortunately...his weak heart can't take such things, the doctor has prohibited many things from him to eat in fear that it may trigger some heart attack.

"Watching the stars again?" A sweet voice came from behind him, a black-haired woman wearing a red dress came hugged his back, this was his wife that he married 2 years ago on his mother's request. He didn't want to marry anyone at first but because of his mother's desire for grandchildren, he couldn't refuse... Anything for his mother.

"Yeah, the top floors are empty, so the other chefs can take care of the lower floor," he said taking another sip of his juice

"Mikoto...can ask you for something?" Said the women as she massaged Mikoto's back

"If it's about making your brother the CEO of this tower, then just forget about." With a cold tone, Mikoto answered

"Why!!! What did he do to earn your distrust??" The women asked with a hurt tone

Mikoto put down his juice on the edge of the balcony and turned to look at his wife "How can I give all my life's effort to someone else to manage...Also, you better forget about this and focus more on why are not pregnant yet"

"Again with the pregnancy thing!" His wife looked down and clenched her dress, she then raised her head and looked at Mikoto " Then...let me be the CEO, I am your wife, your other half"


A loud voice echoed in the balcony, Mikoto slapped his wife on her cheek with the back of his hand making her head turn sharply as she touched her cheek with watering eyes

"Don't take me for a fool!! I know about the reason you want your brother or anyone of your family to be the acting CEO of my tower" Said Mikoto as he took his wife by her hair and raised her up making her yell in pain

" Your plan to get closer to my mother so she can recommend you as a wife was successful, so you should stop and enjoy the money I give. I won't let my property be owned by someone else just so he can throw me under the bus, do you understand?" Mikoto looked at his wife with cold eyes, she and her family's motivation didn't escape his eyes and lately, they had become very open in their attempts to get the ownership of the tower

"MIKOTO!!!" A man's voice came from the inside of the room, his wife's brother came running at him and pushed him to the side to release ng his sister. " WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!! SHE IS YOUR WIFE!!"

"Yes, indeed, so You better shut up and leave, I am talking with my wife here," Said Mikoto, the man looked at his sister and held her tighter to his chest so she can cry and relieve the pain

"Take it easy, Hana" the man ran his head on her head and looked at Mikoto who was strangely being amused by their show

"Mikoto, we want nothing more than helping you, your heart is weak and you're busy all day long. We had the best intentions for you"

"Ooh!! So touching! I can't believe I judge My dear friend Haru this harshly?!! I am such a bad person"

"MIKOTO!! I am serious, why would I want to harm you? you're my brother in law " said Haru

Mikoto went back to the edge of the balcony and took his juice, he looked at the siblings and said " Not after tomorrow. I will take her to the doctor tomorrow so she can see what's the matter with her pregnancy. "

The siblings stiffened at his words, No, they can't let him go to the doctor

"And if by chance, we found out that she is taking pills or can't give birth, she considers herself divorced" He took another sip, this time the juice is finished

As Hana heard she will be divorced tomorrow, she couldn't control her emotions and ran at Mikoto with all her might and hit him in the chest.

"Why?? Why?? All you care about is children and children, how can you be so cruel?!!" She was crying, her mascara was melted with her tears making a black line going down her face

"And all you care about is money and money, how can you be so gree--" Mikoto couldn't complete his sentence when he suddenly clenched his chest and started having difficulty in breathing, he was having a heart attack, he tried to go inside to get his medicine and call a doctor. Hana panicked as she looked at Mikoto's face twisting in pain.

Haru went to the door and closed it

"I tried many times to get through you without hurting you but were too smart for your own good. " he looked at his sister and nodded " Asahi Mikoto, on 5th of July, he died because of a heart attack" he was sweating as he said that he is watching his brother in law die in front of him

Hana froze in her place, she isn't in love with Mikoto but he was still her husband, he treated her good at all time, only today he became angry because she didn't stop her attempts of making her family manage his tower. So she is feeling really bad

"If you won't give us what we want with your own will, then we will get it through inheritance!" Said Haru

"Oh...you...fools!" Mikoto's pained voice was heard, making them panic, Mikoto's vision is becoming blurry with each second. He couldn't help but feel sorry for these idiots.

Mikoto fell to the floor on his face after battling with the pain in his heart, it finally stopped working relieving Mikoto of his pain.

The sibling looked at Mikoto's lifeless body, Hana felt weak in her legs as she technically was the one who killed him. Her hands are trembling as she begins to cry. Her brother came to hug her.

They called the cops telling them they found Asahi Mikoto dead in his tower at night time when he was late to coming back home.

The investigation was closed after the doctors informed the cops that he had a heart attack, everyone knows that he had a weak heart.

The funny part was, The siblings family didn't get any inheritance after Mikoto's death. All his money and properties were in his mother's name. As Mikoto repeated many times, everything he did was for his mother and the siblings finally realized the meaning behind Mikoto's last words making them feel even more horrible.

Mikoto's mother was so sad, an old lady in her 50s lost her only son, a son that wanted to give her the world. When she received the news about his death, it was as if her heart was shattered into many pieces

His lifeless body made her wish she was in his place. No parent would want to see their children dead before them.

After the funeral, She went through her son's old photos and videos. She tried to heal her old heart with seeing and hearing her sons voice from the days they were poor to the day he died.

She went through everything, old and new, she went to his office in his tower to smell his scent and feel his presence.

She looked in his computer, she found private pictures he kept of their family when they were homeless. That day, she bought him a camera with her money and made him happy. He would always look at the camera stores, and seeing his eyes, her heart wanted him happy. Only to realize with that camera be would solve their problem by taking beautiful pictures and seel them online.

She couldn't help but cry with joy remembering her son.

And...finally, it happened. She came across a video that would explain everything.

Hidden cameras were installed on his floor in hope to catch anyone who tried to take anything from his office.

She found the video of the day before his death.

She saw everything and heard everything. They wanted her son's money.

They couldn't fool him so they took the chance to end him.

The old and sweet women who loved her son didn't feel the pain this time. She felt anger, hatred and murderous!

"I... swear on my son's life....that...you will all feel my wrath..." Her eyes turned cold and empty, she could handle it if her son died naturally. But he was murdered, she looked at how the boy closed the door and watched him die

"Especially you two...If you think you will get away by death...then you're very mistaken...I won't let you die. I will torture you with everything I have" The old women vowed to get revenge for her son. All his money will be spent on the best medicine and the best doctors just so she can have all the time she needs with them. They will fell hell and no one would help them.

And this was the end of [The Golden Hands] in this world...

Just so he can start another in a new world.

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