219 Balls

Japan - Tokyo City - Midnight

It has been now almost 2 yeas since the Golden Tower has been opened, The tower was able to stand on it's own thanks to Koujiro. Alexander didn't need to spend any efforts at all, he really had the privilege of watching his own business grow up from the sideline.

While Alexander was away, Koujiro did some decent work in advertising the tower, now after 2 years it has became a tourist and a luxury restaurant destination. It's idea of the lvl up system for its cooks has been even made into a TV series which stream 1 episode each week.

Life as chef in the Golden Tower was hard, especially now as it has became a destination for powerful chefs who wish to prove themselves.

And today, an episode was being streamed.

[Dera viewers, welcome again to another episode of The Golden Tower!] A very beautiful girl with black hair and purple eyes spoke with a mic in her hands and a bright smile on her face spoke to the camera.

[Tonight is a very special night. Tonight and for the first time ever, we will have the privilege to witness a fight between two of the top chefs in this establishment] The girl said as she made way for the camera to get a good look at the arena where two men are facing each other. And surrounding these two men is a crowd of people made of the tower chefs and some VIP sponsors.

[As you can see, on our left we have the Tower's current 99th floor owner himself, The Magician Shinomiya Koujiro!!]

The Camera focused on Koujiro who had a proud look on his face while cleaning his glasses.

[And on the other side is the man himself, the 98th floor owner, Ricardo Millos!!]

On the opposite side of Koujy is a muscular man with a body that screams "PROTEIN!!" he was a world body building chef that makes the best recepies for people who want to stay on shape. He was flexing his body to the camera with a wide grin before he looked at Koujiro "Finally you have agreed to fight me, i wonder how it looks the city looks from the 99th-floor?" Ricardo said.

"The same as the 98th-floor, i guess." Koujiro said with a calm tone. His team are behind him preparing his station.

While the match was about to start, a few people in the crowd were all watching with a not so hidden smirk. They all had suits and sunglasses sitting in front of them a young woman with black hair and a blue dress, she had a faint smile on her face "Tai Lung...are you sure they are related to one another?" She asked in a whisper.

One of the men behind her nodded slightly "Yes, although this building is not related to any of the Helmets' properties, it is definitely his."

The girl nodded and spoke "Wait untill this is over." She said.


The match between Koujiro and Ricardo began, both men worked fast and elegantly.

[Ladies and Gentlemen, for today's episode, the theme has been decided on Tofu, something both chefs are not experts in, how will they work on this, i wonder?!] The MC girl said.

Koujiro smirked after hearing her say as such "Not expert in? Humph!" He thought "As the 99th floor owner, there is nothing that i am not expert in or how else could I even hold the 99th-floor for so long!" Koujiro took pride in his position.

Being at the top of a place that holds the best of the best in the world with an Ever-changing ranks everyday gave Koujiro something to attach his pride to.

Many strong chefs came to get a floor for themselves but they couldn't even beat the 1st floor owner. Don't let his rank fool you, as he is one of the top 100 chefs in the world.

The fight went on and both men presented their dish at the same time to the three judges who were the 97-floor, the 96th-floor, and the 95th-floor owners.

"Take a taste, this is my Red and crispy Cloud Tofu." Koujiro said.

"And this is my Healthy Green curry Tofu, stay healthy bois, and build up your body?" Ricardo flexed his muscles and spoke.

It didn't take much time before the judges tasted the two dishes, their reactions were big and similar to the two dishes to the point Koujiro had a moment of doubt.


- Shinomiya Koujiro - 2 votes

- Ricardo Millos -1 vote

Shinomiya sighed and took off his glasses "Took 1 vote from me, huh? But i guess you wouldn't have the 98th-floor if you couldn't at least do that." Koujiro shook his head.

"Tsk, i guess i have to prepare for the rematch next month, huh?" Ricardo said as he flexed his muscles.

"Try to get more sales than me first." Koujiro said as he put his glasses on and the leaving to the bathroom to wash his face and get refreshed.

In the bathroom, Koujiro washes his face with cold water, he was really tired from all the work he has been through. Although he can't complaint much. And as he looked at himself in the mirror, he saw a few people standing behind him.

"Please...do continue, we can wait." One of them said.

Koujiro frowned, in the past 2 years with Alexander he has seen a few people that he realized were bad news, and he can also recognize that these guys are the same.

Koujiro wiped his face and looked at them "Alright...What do you want?" He asked.

"We want you to come and visit our house." A feminine voice came from outside.

"And if i refuse?" Koujiro smiled and spoke.

"We will send your head to The Helmet Boy in a box." The lady responded.

Koujiro wasn't an idiot and Alexander wasn't trying to keep his family a secret either.

"Damn it, Alexander!" Koujiro thought "I hope you get mulled by a bear!" He looked at the men reaching to take him while cursing Alexander.

But what Koujiro didn't know is that his curse would come true.

Back in the forest, Alexander and Takumi are back on the run again...in the dark this time.

"DUDE!! WHY THE HELL ARE WE BEING CHASED BY A BEAR AGAIN?!!" Takumi shouted as they ran away.

"HE TRIED TO STEAL OUR MEAT!" Alexander answered.



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