1 Chapter 1-


Today is the day...

The day I get the talk from my Father and Grandmother...no not that one, already been there and have a few tee-shirts for that one. My Grandmother and Father liked to be extra through. Its because of that and the extensive warnings and threats that I couldn't and haven't been with anyone. It was difficult because I kind of liked a person here and there and I wasn't allowed to explore that.

But this talk is strictly in my family alone, I've been told a hundred times that this talk and what follows is extremely important and is a very dear tradition too my family and I will try and not disappoint.

I smiled and walked to my bedroom window, which looked out onto the front garden...which looked out onto a huge wrought iron gate, very high stone walls on each side going on for miles.

A fountain in the middle of the drive way which curved around it.

I can do this...I hope.

I quickly walked to my bathroom and showered, I brushed my teeth and finished up with the rest, I the dried myself and slipped on underwear and then a black of jeans accompanied by a grey shirt and...no shoes or socks....because why the hell not?

I walked out my bedroom...my house was huge.. or should I say my Grandmothers five story mansion, a lot of the house was marble and stone work. On this floor(the second floor)I had my bedroom, across from my room was a bathroom, next to that a study(one of ten),Next to that was a library(one of five) and down the hall to my right was the master bedroom..my Grandmothers bedroom.

To my right was a Grand-staircase leading to the other floors above me and the one below.

Above me are three stories of guest bedrooms ,bathrooms, studies, libraries and a game room.

I walked down the hallway towards the stairs.

Downstairs was my Grandmother's study. The living room, the kitchen and the dining room.

I walked down the stairs, I walked to the living room, past my Grandmothers study.

The living room was huge, three huge three-seater couches, all in black velvet and real gold on the feet of the couches and the armrests.

All three faced a huge fire place, which was made of marble, above it a huge plasma TV in the middle of the room was a mahogany coffee table which sat on a beautiful white and a black Persian rug, near the TV were five floor to ceiling windows.. with black velvet curtains.

I didn't see anyone here so I turned around and walked back towards the stairs, I stopped and kept walking towards the kitchen which was next to the living room...It was huge.. ninety percent of it was marble...a huge island with a oven and stove.

Towards the back was a huge double door fridge, a dish washer and the sink.

All along the walls to my right and left were cupboards of black wood and gold handles.

The chef smiled.

I smiled and waved, she had a smoothie set out for me I drank it ,I thanked her and left.

Next to the kitchen is the dining room...it was a huge and beautiful room.

The huge mahogany table can sit thirty people.

The table cloth was a thin layer of lace that ran the length of the table.

I walked into the living room and stared at my Grandmothers study.

The two mahogany doors were closed, I didn't hear her so I left it and walked to my right and towards two huge glass door which lead to the acres and acres of land which we called the back garden, I threw them open, I stepped out onto a marble walkway.

The garden was filled with red roses ,I followed the path to the pool, "Gran!"I called.

"I'm by the pool my angel!"

I continued on the path.. I stopped when I heard barking.

I turned around and saw my beautiful German Shepard running towards me.

I knelt down and snuggled him, "Hello Titan!"

He sniffed me and barked happily, his tail wagging.

I continued of my walk towards the pool, Titan following along happily.

I saw my Grandmother sitting by the infinity pool, on a marble bench.

She looked at me and smiled, she was in her late sixties...greying black hair that she dyed now and again, blue eyes. Today she was dressed in a blue dress and black heels.. she never wore flat shoes.

I sat down by her, Titan laid down by my feet.

"Something wrong love?"

I shook my head and smiled, "No, I was just looking for you and dad"

She nodded and smiled, "Your Father just went to collect something we need before we can talk to you"

I gulped and nodded.

I looked at Titan, he wagged his tail.

"I'm going to play fetch with Titan"

My Grandmother nodded ,I stood up and walked on the path again towards the house ,I found his tennis ball.. Titan barked and wagged his tail.

I threw the ball and watched him sprint after it.

He ran back to me and dropped the ball, I picked it up and threw it again.

He ran, I looked out at the hectares of forest surrounding the house.

Titan ran to me, I threw the ball again and the followed him as he ran, the ball had come to a stop by a huge oak tree.

I smiled, Titan growled, I frowned and looked for what was making him so upset.

I saw a squirrel on the ground sniffing something, Titan steeled himself up and lunged for it, But the squirrel bolted up the tree, Titan stood there barking at the tree. I sat down and waited for him to calm down and sit by me. He stopped after a while and turned to me, he trotted to me and plopped down "You showed that squirrel huh?"

"I'm nervous boy"

He looked at me, "What happens if I don't liked what they have planned for me"

I stood up and walked back towards the house, He followed me, once I got to the door I looked at him, he barked and ran after my Mothers Husky Zeus.

I walked inside and to the couch.. I plopped down and sighed deeply.

This waiting is going to literally drive me insane.

I waited and waited.. and I was just about to drift off to sleep when my Father arrived.

"Hello my sweetie pie"

I smiled and sat up looking at him.

My Father is in his early forties, he has black hair greying at the sides.. blue eyes, he was wearing a black suit and tie.. I hugged him, he had a black briefcase.

My Grandmother walked in and then into her study, My Father gestured for me to follow my Grandmother.

I stood up and breathed deeply and walked into my Grandmothers study.

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