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But it's a sexy sound made in the back of his throat that reverberates through me. "Don't you see Senoy, you took something from me the moment I saw you. And I want it back." As the bastard of his mother's infidelity to her husband, Senoy never expected anything more than disdain from his family but it became much more when he carries the blood of the Fey Folk. Castigated, ridiculed and tortured by siblings and relatives, Senoy seeks to make his own path in the salacious domains of his father's kin and he can only do that by succeeding in a quest set upon him by the Fey Queen. But there are forces that conspire against his dreams; a malevolent creature hellbent on cracking the foundations of the supernatural and mortal world with his ritualistic murders, his own desire for acceptance that keeps him tied to the family who despises him and then there's Ezra. The wolf boy who belongs to his sister but has now set his sights on him. Honor, lust and deceit is all the Fey Folk live by. But can Senoy truly shed the shackles of his mortal upbringing and live up to his true nature?