1 Focus on me...

"I know what I came to do.

And that ain't gonna change....,"

The old song from Ariana Grande was playing,she was dancing to the Rhythm. She loved old world songs and this club was famous for putting great music.

He on the other side of the room was making a complicated face while looking those bold dance moves.

This is not real she can't be real such a goddess. She was really beautiful while dancing wildly. She had long black hair she could not distinguish yet the color of her eyes she was too far from her but she could bet that it would be fascinating.

"Go make your move man." his friends pushed him.

"OK OK" he was not unwilling his heart was beating fast he could see this woman as his own already.

"Wanna dance?" his eyes sparkling he said in a low manly voice.

She was stunned to say the least because she was in her own little world.

"Sure...".she said with a cute smirk.

"However let me chose the song..."she chuckled.

"Please do not make it too hard for me " he said anxiously.

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