1 Esrin's Bitter Past

Let me describe myself first.I considered myself average when it comes to face. I have tiny moles on my face. I have fair skin, my face is round, my cheeks are round. My height is exactly 5 feet my weight? lets not talk about that My body? well yes, Im Chubby but Men can't get enough of me.I am Esrin.

In HighSchool, I was bullied because Im Fat they all say Im Ugly. Boys at our class doesn't like me as their dance partner or even their seatmate. They claim that I hug their space. You all know what highschool kids are like, they are like bulls with sharp teeth. Then there's Rina, she bullies me everyday but I think she is like that to me I excel at my subjects and she doesn't sooo overrated. Rina, Rina , Rina a person molded from a clay of insecurities. She always say this to me.....

Rina(school bully): Hey pig, dont you wanna eat my lunch? Its fried pork---- wait that cannibalism! hahahaha

Thats all I hear every single day. But one day Earl (Rina's Boyfriend) defended me and thats how they broke up. Little did I know, as time passes by we are together. Rina, on the other hand transfers to another school as she was "defeated" by someone like me.

Earl and I got into a relationship and explored curious things. I had tried simple kissing to kissing with tongue until we had s*x one time. My lady bits felt pain but my body slowly take desire to it. My mind is like floating on warm clouds and my soul went to heaven, I mean I like it, its so pleasurable, wait no let me rephrase that I love it.

My father got angry at me knowing that I got into a relationship at age 15. Someone also tipped him that I visit Earls house on the weekends. Yes, we did have sexual contact at that house. Father followed me one time and confronted us outside. He decided to split us up.

Father: Leave my daughter alone. She's just young and naive. What if you will do something to her? Impregnate her?! A highschool student like you!

Earl: No sire. Please I love her.

Father: No, years will pass by you will move on from this you are both too young for this! Stop this right now!

Esrin: Dad, stop please so many people are watching.😭

Father: You choose Esrin "Be with this Guy and forget you have a family or I will drag you out of this and go home?"

At that moment I saw Earl's tears fall. At the same time I saw my Father's piercing eyes. I don't know what to do. Sorry Earl I cannot choose you over Family. So, I left without turning back and looking at him.

My mother cried day and night because of the humiliation I caused, she said as if she was crushed and stabbed to death. As we all know my neighbour's mouth has wings, news fly across from town after another each elderly and adult women calling me a wh*re, sl*t a vixen. I had a bit of embarassment but i never regretted any of it. My mind say that I was right, my mom was just over reacting, my dad is always like that my half-sisters also vnever changed. I became immune to gossips about me to the fact that I don't even care anymore.

Summer vacation came my family planned to meet up with my grandma (father side) they planned to stay at grandma's house for summer vacation and my grandma doesn't like me or my mother at all, she always say that I will grow up just like my mom a homewrecker. That's not true at all my mom married my father 4 years after his wife died. The only reason why grandma doesn't like my mom is that she is a nobody, she's a maid. Enough of that silly story, so way back I said its summer my dad and sisters visited and stayed at grandma's, my mom and I stayed at home. While my mom leaves for work (now she sells clothes at our town) I escaped from home and been roaming around town with my cousin. We go out to eat and have snacks, enjoyed the towns festival, I was so full of joy and laughter. This happened for the whole vacation until I totally forgot about the Earl issue and so did my neighbors.

My father however kept in touch with me so that nothing will happen like that again. He was so strict that I need to persuade and please him every now and then. I wish College life will begin soon so that I can start a brand new life or so I thought?....

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