1 Not biological daughter

Dark sky adored with beautiful stars and moon, looking like a newlywed bride.

Ignoring the busy city, nature was enjoying itself.

A peaceful silence was present but soon enough the silence broke.

"I am your daughter. You can't do this to me, " a young-looking girl cried out.

"I can do whatever I want. And who said that you are my biological daughter? I am not your mother. Your slut of a mother died giving birth to you. I raised you as my own and now it's time for you to pay. You must marry Fang Liu, " an older-looking lady yelled.

"But why me? I am younger than Li Na. She should be the one marrying him not me, " the young-looking girl was having difficulty talking at this point.

"Oh, my child. Your future husband was born dumb. His legs are paralyzed. How can I let my precious Li Na marry him? It will ruin her life. And if one of you don't get married in this family then our company will fall apart. I am worried, your father will never be able to stand in the company again. "

Li Jing's father loves her a lot. Her mother who she just found out is her stepmother, also used to love her a lot or so she thought. Starting from buying her new clothes to the most expensive phone, everything. There wasn't anything that she needed but wasn't given.

If anyone was else was present in her place then they would surely be spoiled but her down-to-earth nature didn't let her get spoiled. One of the very few reasons why her father adores her so much.

Her parents did a lot for her and she knows that the company means a lot to her father. He worked day, night for this company.

His blood, sweat, and tears are mixed with this company's accomplishment. He ignored that he was a human and started working like a robot, just to make the company more prosperous.

But alas! Our hard work always can't get us what we want if our luck doesn't stay by our side. Just like how without hard work, we can't only depend on our luck.

These two have a complicated yet strong relationship which isn't understood by many but those who understood, are now successful in life but then again, we can't compel luck to stand by our side always like Doraemon stands by Nobita.

He even didn't get time to spend with his family cause the company needed him.

She will do this. At least for her father. To see the smile on his face cause she knows that his father's company is his pride.

His company is as valuable as his life to him.

"Ok, mother. I will marry him, " She replied while looking down.

Su Xiao felt a little sympathy for her. After all, she raised this girl starting from the day, she was born.

Li Jing's mother had a one-night stand with Li Jing's father or her husband. Then, while giving delivery Li Jing's biological mother departed. She had issues and the doctor said that they could only protect one, either the mother or the child.

Li Jing's mother preferred her daughter's life.

But Li Jing's stepmother was devastated by all of these. The trust that she had for her spouse was shattered. Who won't be?

After knowing that your husband with whom you already have a daughter and is the love of your life, deceives you with another person, which women can remain sane? Sharing your life partner with someone else isn't tolerant.

Anyone in her place would have gotten a divorce but she didn't as she loved her husband. Love that ruined her life.

Love is a beautiful world but doesn't take long to turn into a cage. A cage where you feel like dying every moment but just a moment before dying the desire to live took over you and you end up living.

Alas! He didn't love her cause their marriage was a forced marriage, set up by their families for their company's sake.

She tried everything in her ability but he still never loved her. He never returned her emotions.

It's a miracle that she didn't turn into a villainess or tried to kill Li Jing.

No one is born evil, it's our situation that turns us into one.

For even devil's have hearts, they just forget to beat.

She is practically forcing Li Jing to marry the Liu family's son but she is helpless in front of the situation. It's either her, Li Jing, or her biological daughter, Li Na.

It's normal for her to try to save her daughter first. After all which parents won't want the best for their child?

It's just the nature of a mother.

She hummed and Li Jing went back to her room.

She lied on her bed and buried down her griefs in the heart of the pillow.

It's said that only our pillow knows us the fairest.

For they are with us when we cry.

She heard few sounds. So, she went near her window and saw a few teenagers relaxing, sitting around the fire. It looks like a bonfire.

What caught her attention was the smiles printed on their young face's making them look like youthful and beautiful flowers.

Lighthearted flowers without any concern of being crushed under someone's feet. No one present there looked dreadful. If anything, they were looking like they are having the favorable moment of their lives, concurrently.

The flames were dancing in their melody without a care of the world. They seem to be their possessor unlike her.

Few were singing, few were playing games.

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One guy was playing guitar with a dazzling smile printed on his face. He emerged to love playing guitar.

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