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Flower Goddess


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“Mom please just let me go out once!!” Kaori exclaimed. “No, Kaori! Do you remember the last time you went out?!” Her mother yelled. “You almost burned down the garden!” “I know... But-!” “No buts young lady! No is my answer!” Kaori’s mother pointed her in the direction of her room, she turned around and headed to her room. When she entered her room and shut the door she looked out her window and saw a meteor. -------------- Hey guys this book is based off of a show I just started watching! It’s called “Ashes of Love” and it’s with the mom and it’s a little different, but I only just started watching it and the names are different, but I will try my best! ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" I’m going to try to keep this book/story going unlike my others.... (._.) and disclaimer I don’t own this photo this photo belongs to someone else.