Flora Zeymer: This is me, your king! Book

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Flora Zeymer: This is me, your king!


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"I didn't know that farewell could be this sad," in her mind, she wished to see his king again. In a world where death is inevitable and hope seemed to be just a word. There's a king who brought hope. His name was Claudio, and he became a legend. It became a history in the Spring Kingdom and that history was intentionally unrecorded but when a young girl, having no knowledge, didn’t know her name, wandered this place, everything that happened sixteen years ago and a thousand more began to rewrite. “Who are you?” She asked him. She could not explain the level of pain in her chest while looking at the man’s raven eyes. “I am your king.” --- Hello everyone! This is a story inspired from anime but definitely not a copy! I was inspired to make this after watching fantasy anime like Black Clover, Naruto, HxH, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, and Magi and many more! Especially 90's to early 20's anime. So why not give a try and read my story? I publish 3 chapters per week and that's every Sunday! See ya! FB: Talon Ignacio Buenavidez


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