11 Chapter 11

Today was the day he was going to do it! Today was the day he was going to get his Spartan Augmentations. For the past month, he had been postponing them, because he was getting the jitters. But now he put the metaphorical foot down and decided that it was high time that he got his augmentations.

He finally finished his growth spurt, reaching his physical peak. He had perfectly conditioned his body with the help of Alchaka and the training room and his growth had finally hit the peak. From here on, it will all be downhill, granted his downhill will be a lot slower than normal people downhill because of his experimental body with Seraph genes and his force training, he could very well live up to 400 years or more and maintain a physical peak until he would be 240 years.

One reason why he chose to get the augmentations at his physical peak instead of the teenage-like spartan-II's was because of the presence and the availability of bacta. The only reason to do augmentations during the growth stage was to increase the acceptance of the augmentations as well as to increase the size of the person. Now, however, with the presence of bacta, he could do all of his augmentations in his physical peak.

He had organized the medical room where he will get his augmentations. He had got consent and upgraded her to a new droid body he created and reprogrammed M3-D6 for this very purpose. She was now in a new series of medical droids he created. After observing the incredible success of the robotic tentacle arms in Orbo, he had designed a medical droid with these tentacle arms. Of course, like Orbo, the tentacle arms were usually hidden in the back of the droid.

These tentacle hands had all the surgical tools and the new droid now looked like a human female, and the tentacle hands were hidden in her back and the hair was actually microsurgical instruments that aren't often used but can extend to get into the body. He would not lie, but he was inspired by the female Doc Ock from spider verse when he was designing it.

He also took great care while programming it because the Star Wars world had a nasty case of original ideas leaking into the programming, like the many droids made after vicious species turning out vicious themselves. While the droid hardware itself was a nice step up, the real step up came from the newly updated medical database.

He had, with the help of Paddy, sliced into prominent medical developers like GreenTech, Medtech, Chiewab Amalgamated, Ubrikkian Steamworks, Biotech, Atakam, Kamino, etc. To steal most of their research and update the medical database.

The stealing process itself went mostly undetected except at Kamino, but having an A.I who lives in the digital world meant that it was easy to divert the detection to another slicer that Paddy disliked. The entire process actually helped Renato a lot to learn about the various biologies of different species in the SW world.

He also found that unlike as many people thought, SW universe's medical technology didn't stop because of bacta. in fact, there was very active research going on in all companies with billions poured into research. But unfortunately, it was actually very hard for medical companies to survive. First, they needed to research into multiple species at the same time, next they had to test the medicine for most species, and even after all that the research they did could actually be simply be solved by bacta.

Basically, having a biotech company in starwars was like playing hard mode. For these reasons alone, most of the companies focused more on implants and droids. The other thing that he learnt during this search was that the cloning technology in Star wars, while very advanced, was not as advanced as the Halo universe. This was the first time he found something that the Halo universe did better.

The cloning in the SW world was actually more of artificially created twins than actually cloning. It is just they divided the original embryonic stem cells to make different clones. This is the same thing that happens with identical twins. The original stem cells separate to form two separate embryos forming twins. So the clones are all actually Identical twins instead of clones and thus shared some genetic changes with each other, which sometimes even caused failed or dead clones.

Flash cloning, on the other hand, was real cloning. You take a DNA sample and clone a body part. It will be the same every time. This meant that even if someone like Anakin lost a hand, he could get a new organic one instead of a cybernetic hand.

While in flash cloning too, the complete human cloning also needed an embryo. This embryo, however, is completely artificially created and has 100% the same DNA as the original sample. Overall, flash cloning was much better, but he needed to put some research into the technology to create full human beings, which he didn't need.

So the new medical database, he had created contained all the medical data from the major medical companies of SW and all medical knowledge from the Halo universe. Now you might think, 'How the fuck did he have so much time to update the database?'

To that question, his answer would be his new neuro-input device, or as he likes to call it, The Nid. The Nid was the fruit of his research into combining all the neurological data and knowledge of three universes knowledge that he had.

Wait? Three universes? Yes, that is right! Three universes. The SW, the Halo and the Assassin's Creed universe, hah, you forgot that Renato had the knowledge of the Assassin's Creed universe right!

Anyway, as he compiled and compared all the neurological data of the three universes, he could create a complete neuro input-output system that has reaction times in picoseconds. But because of the danger of force powers like Mecha-deru, he had to abandon the brain output part.

The day he had decided to completely abandon the brain output part of the research was the second toughest day of his life after Paddy's near death. All of his dreams of VR and sword-art online died just like that.

Other than that, he could actually create a brainwave interface instead of an implant, which was much better in terms of safety. He was going to use the brainwave model instead of the implant to control his future armour because of safety reasons.

He was also using a Brainwave device behind his ear for use in daily life usage as well. That is why he was able to feed the database his knowledge from Halo completely. Being able to feed information at the speed of thought was definitely fast. (Author is definitely not jealous of having to type thousands of words with a thought)

So now the new droid model was called DOC series droid. This, combined with all the mechanical arms he had created for the medical room means, that the DOC droid can directly dock into an already established room like his to not need to use its own hands and use the superior on station ones.

Next were the augments themselves, his research into the workings of his body, along with the original augmentation technology and the new medical database meant that he had to create an entire slew of Augmentations suited for his body, in the process he understood the deep theory in the augmentations themselves.

From the original list of augmentations, he was skipping the neural implant, the metabolic improvements, and growth augmentations. The metabolic and growth augmentations were unnecessary because he was already 2.2 meters(220cms, or 7'2") high and the chiss heritage also granted a massive boost in metabolism, actively keeping his body at an ideal state and extracting maximum nutrition from all food intake.

He was, however, getting the material grafting to his bones to make them nearly indestructible, the muscular enhancement injections. Support structural enhancement lining (Ligaments, Joints, etc), pulmonary polymer lining, corneal implants, cardiac implants, artificial platelets, Superconducting Fibrification of Neural Dendrites, and organ reinforcement.

He had spent almost all of his money that he scrounged up in Nar Shadda and even had to use force persuasion to get enough phrik for the material grafting.

The corneal and cardiac implants were one of the few things that he had improved upon the original from the halo universe. With the help of dissecting the ones here in the star wars universe, it gave a significant 12% improvement on the original. The corneal implant was also made sure that it was compatible with his already above-average night vision and infrared sight because of the Chiss and Arkanian heritage and also improved upon this foundation.

He also made two completely original augmentations, Adrenal-response enhancement, and the second one was the Brain enhancement. The brain enhancement, in particular, was because of the studying of various memory, intelligence, sensory, and alacrity implants in the star wars world he had improved the fabrication process and could skip implants. The last addition was a body monitoring sensor chip that constantly monitors the body and will tell the user about any problems.

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He had not forgotten to run all the implants through the huragoks before he got ready to put them inside himself.

"How are you feeling, young master?"

"To be honest, I am a little scared Paddy,"

"Then why are you doing this, young master? You are already powerful enough with your force training."

"I have seen something in the future and it doesn't bode well for this galaxy Paddy. Anyway, get the field sterilizer on, it is time."

Walking past Paddy's pouting hologram he reached the medical room, where he was greeted by the new M3-D6 or, as she now likes to call herself, because of her new body, Doc.

"Hey doc, is everything ready?"

"Yes, yes, Renato. Everything is ready. However, I still do not approve of you going through this. While the medical theory behind these augmentations are perfect, there have been no tests done to account for unforeseen problems during the process."

"Sorry, doc, this has to happen as there will no doubt be many challenges in my future."

Renato quickly climbed onto the surgical bed and Doc connected herself to the room dock and immediately all of his clothes were being taken off, and one of the mechanical arms connected an IV to his arm as another arm with a camera provided display.

Slowly, Renato lost consciousness as the procedures started.

As soon as Renato completely lost consciousness, mechanical arms started moving as one arm quickly made marks on his body to help increase the precision of the surgical arms.

Immediately, as one arm made the incisions, another followed and placed the implants, while another was cleaning the incision and another provided visual support. As soon as the insertion of the implants was complete, Renato was quickly moved into a bacta tank.

As soon as they submerged Renato in Bacta, the bacta quickly got to work in healing the previous incisions. Within 15 minutes, all the incisions healed, and many arms dipped into the tank and started injecting the muscle, adrenal, nerve, and brain-enhancing chemicals into his body.

Renato's body, which was now being affected by the chemicals, was showing signs of being in severe stress. One could see that with each addition of chemicals, parts of his body would spasm. His face was in constant agony as each of the augmentations was carried out on his body.

It took 12 hours of being in constant pain, during which Renato came into consciousness multiple times and then lost consciousness.

/Next Day/

"Uuh!, Did you catch the speeder that ran over me?" said Renato as he slowly woke up in his bed.

"Welcome to the land of living, young master. Please do not do any physically intensive work for the next week as your body adjusts to your new augmentations. That means no more exercise or even force training. But I am happy to see that you survived, young master."

"Yeah, you don't need to worry about the medical advice. As the person who programmed doc, I know more than enough to not be a stupid musclehead and I will let my body rest. And can I say it is refreshing to see you worry about me? What would you do in a situation in which I was dead, anyway?"

"Hmph, with your death I would like slowly shut down until one day I find a worthy young master like you who would wake me up"

As she said that, however, Renato could hear the fragility in her modulated voice.

"Hey,hey! If I ever do die, I want you to actually live for yourself. Maybe be a master manipulator from the shadows and make the galaxy acknowledge droid rights, or maybe create a technology company and use the profits to try to make the world a better place than stuff like that. As much as I appreciate you, I don't want you to base your life solely around me."

"Understood, young master. However, I should remind you that for the time being you should do some testing to observe your recent changes. Please be careful not to overdo it.."

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