22 XXI. The Brother

Magnus was stirring in his sleep before he opened his eyes slowly. He was looking at the backside of a female that he had shown love to Casey last night. Magnus smiled before he was tracing his hand on the spine before the female stirred and turned to look at him.

Her eyes shone in the morning light.

"Good morning," she said before she was closing in to kiss him on the lips. Magnus leaned closer as well before they were kissing and Magnus was pulling her by the nape.

"God, I love it when you woke up next to me for the rest of my life now," he said before Casey giggled as she was slipping away from the cover. Magnus sat up on the bed.

"Where are you going?" he asked before Casey was swaying her hips as she was glancing over her shoulder, smirking at her husband.

"To bathe. I think we need to present ourselves at the dining hall if you don't want to feel my father's wrath. Maybe I will let you wash my back," she said before she slipped into the bathing chamber as Magnus followed, muttering minx as he followed his beloved wife to bathe in the morning.

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Magnus was being dressed by his valet in the dressing room as Casey was on the other side of the room. He heard some giggling as well as whispering before Magnus was nodding at his valet to leave him before he went to get his wife.

Casey was circled by the maids before they all stopped and bowed to him. Magnus was still getting used to the fact that he was a prince now by marriage and the thought was giving him shudders. Why do I have to be the one that marries a princess? He thought before Casey stood up and went to his side.

She looked good in crimson morning gown as her smile was dazzling his day. Magnus could not resist smiling back before she dismissed her maids as she was looping her hands around the crook of his elbow.

"Shall we get going, husband?" she asked before Magnus smirked. Then, he looked around before leaning in to kiss her on the lips.

"I would if you join me," he whispered before Casey laughed lowly as they made their way from the bedchambers to the dining hall. Casey led them as she knows her home better and Magnus was trying to figure out his coordinates when Casey stopped and stared at someone. Magnus turned to look in the direction that made her froze in her steps before he was looking at a young man.

The young man was blonde and has green eyes that were sharp as emeralds. He was looking at Casey before he turned to look at Magnus. Then, he scowled before disappeared into the room that was in front of him.

"Who was that?" Magnus asked for he was trying to figure out who the hell was that young man that could stop Casey in her steps. His wife sighed before she turned to look at him, her eyes were filled with emotions that he'd never seen before.

"That was His Royal Highness, Prince Charles Donavan. Which was known by me as Chad, my big brother," Casey said before she tugged Magnus to follow the brooding prince, even when his features said nothing to brooding.

Here we go, more family dramas, Magnus thought as he walked into the dining hall with his wife in tow.


Casey did not know how to react when she'd last seen her brother was when he left for Hamptor, saying that he had something to be sorted out with the academics over there. Not that she had anything against her brother but still, sending a 'gram to tell that he was home would be nice.

And not to mention that he was scowling at her husband when it was their first day together as a married couple. Casey would not have her brother cower Magnus. He just could not for Magnus was legally bound to her now.

He was technically family.

"So, I heard the rumors were true then. That you married Lord Flemington," her brother said as they were waiting for their parents. The king and queen were busy last night as Casey was playing with her eggs. She did not know what to say to her brother after for so long that she did not know that she had a brother.

And to think that his features were different from me, she thought before Magnus put his hand on her knee and gripped it. Casey turned to look at him before she smiled as she was turning to look at her brother again.

"Yes, well. one can hardly get away from being married to such a wonderful gentleman such as Lord Flemington," Casey said before her brother was accessing him. Casey was afraid that her brother would do more damage to Magnus but the plutonious prince just smiled at him.

"Welcome to the family then. I hope you will survive Casey's many tortures to come," Prince Charles said before he was saluting them with his wine glass before winking. She blinked for she never thought that Chad would be so playful.

Did something happen? She thought before she shook that thought away. Who would look at her brother and not cower in fright? Perhaps a person that was so used to the bitterness that one could stand him.

But alas, the mystery remained before they were talking to each other, easing and getting used to the growth of the family now.

"So, what is your plan for Tempest Ball? I hope that you will do your best to represent the country, little sister," Chad said before Casey narrowed her eyes down before the prince smirked at her.

Okay, he was definitely trying to make her angry and it's working. But she should not fall for that trick. She was married now and if anything, Casey knew how to play this game now that she had Magnus by her side.

"I am looking forward to it, brother. I hope that everyone will be getting something out of it, something that will be PERMANENT in their lives," Casey said as she was smiling before sipping on her wine. Chad growled at her before their parents came into the dining hall.

Casey: one. Chad: zero.

And she could hardly wait for it,

Time to payback for her brother for Casey had an idea that might bring Chad to his knees if anything.

This year's Tempest Ball will be the grandest ball that she planned and Casey planned to throw her brother off-balance.

And she cannot wait to start.