18 XVII. The Fate

"What?" Magnus asked as Casey smirked at him. She knew that she was getting at him by throwing what they had that night. Something that she considered precious in her life. And she was about to use it as a bargaining chip.

"That's right. You think my father, the king, will let you be alive if I told him that you were the one that took my virginity that night? I would be condemned unmarried and whose fault is that?" she said as she felt the heat behind her eyes. She knew what she was telling the truth and she will use it, even when she did not have the heart to do it.

"You came to me that night and asked me to love you," Magnus said as she was blinking her eyes.

"Did you just see a maid that came to offer herself that night? Because for me that was something special that I hold dearly in my heart," she whispered before she was gripping her heart. She knew that she will never be forgiven, not after what had happened between them.

But Casey still believed that Magnus loved her. Or so she thought he was and what they have together was something special. Something that will bud into something more.

She was wrong.

Casey took a long, shaky breath before she was turning to look at him. He knew he will never marry her again, not until he can forgive her and that does not bode ill to Casey for she will never stop loving him.

Not even when it was only one-sided love.

"Then, I wish you a happy life in the future, my lord, for I am sure I will never be your wife then," she said softly, trying so hard to let her emotion get the best of her as Casey curtsied and was about to turn away when Magnus growled.

"If you think you can play with my heart just like the stone that you threw on the lake, then you're wrong," he said before Casey felt his hand on her arms and turned her around before their lips clashed and the truth was being told in them.


Magnus did not know what possessed him to move but after hearing those words from her lips, it was the only thing that he could focus on.

Her lips.

Magnus kissed her as if she was the only one that can take the pain away. And she was. Casey was everything that he could ever dream about after that passionate night they shared together. And this time, he meant to keep it no matter what had happened between them.

He knew that he was doomed from the start, trying to avoid her company when it was all that he can think about. Her auburn hair underneath the flimsy cap and the stormy eyes that held so much emotion in them.

Everything about her consumed Magnus.

He pushed her against the wall of the stables as Casey moaned into his mouth. He licked her lower lips and she opened it for him. His tongue was dueling with hers for dominance as he tasted the sausage that they ate during the morning.

"Oh god," Casey sighed as Magnus was kissing her jaws and throat as his hands were roaming her body. He was pulling her skirts, bundling it around her waist before he was finding the slit between her drawers toward her heart.

She gasped when Magnus caressed it.

She was wet, hot, and inviting as Magnus was playing with her clit. She was gripping his nape as their kiss was not breaking before Magnus hauled her up and she wrapped her legs around his torso. She was moving, grinding herself against his erection.

"Casey, you're mine. Mine alone," he whispered huskily before she was biting his lower lips,

"Yours. I'm yours,"

Her lithe hands were undoing his breeches before Magnus was pulling down her drawers. His erection stood up and free from the constrain of his clothes before he slammed into her. Casey gasped as she was arching her back, offering her hardened nipples behind her bodice.

Magnus tore the bodice before he was sucking on the nipples as Casey was moaning his name on her sweet, sensuous lips.


He was licking the nipple in a circular motion before he released it with a pop. Then, he assaulted the other as he was locking his eyes on Casey. She was closing her eyes as she was moving in sync as Magnus was pumping in and out of her core.

The sound of the pounded fleshes was filling the empty stable.

"You will be the death of me," Magnus whispered before he was pulling Casey by the nape before he whispered against her sensual lips.

"I love you, Christy Donavan. And I forgive you," he said before Casey gasped as their lips claimed each other. She has pulled his lapel as she was moving her tongue against his and the sensation was nothing like Magnus could ever experience.

The sensation was building inside him as he was thrusting in and out, their clothes were clinging to them as the sweats started to form. Casey was arching even more as Magnus was kissing her throat and jaws.


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That was the only sound that he needed to hear as Magnus felt her walls were clenching around him before Magnus thrust two more times and spewed his hot load into Casey as he was groaning his name like a prayer.


And everything was wonderful for Magnus has found that fate was playing cruel humor that he would love someone that he will never find in his own time.


Laying in the hay as the sun was dropping, Magnus was drawing circles behind Casey's naked back. She was snuggling against him as Magnus took her pleasure 3 more times.

One with his tongue and fingers. The other two were his cock as he slammed into her like he owned Casey from the inside out.

And she has no complaints about anything since Magnus had forgiven her and she was happy to know that her true love really has feelings for her and it was not one-sided like she suspected earlier. Everything was wonderful.

And yet, Magnus seemed…distant from her right now as he was staring at the ceiling of the stables before Casey was popping her head on his magnificent chest.

"What are you think about," she asked before Magnus sighed.

"Everything," he replied before Casey was looking at him, furrowing her eyebrows.


"Because…I have something that I need to tell you before you decide to marry me, Casey," he said as he was getting up and leaning against the wall. Casey followed him as she was splaying her hand on his hard chest.

"You know you can tell me anything,"

"That's what I'm afraid of,"

"You will never know until you try. So what is it that you wanted to tell me?" Casey asked before Magnus sighed. Then, he cleared his throat and he was focusing on her face. His green eyes were shining like emeralds right now.

"Whatever you think about me…you are right. I've learned that I am not good enough for you if you listen to scandalmongers more than me,"

"And I should have known better to trust that group," Casey wrinkled her nose. Magnus smiled.

"And there was something else as well. Did you remember the painting in my bedchambers?"

"The one with the dragon and a maiden in red? and a knight that was trying to slay the dragon?" Casey said as Magnus nodded.

"What about it?"

"I believe that the painting was making something different to me. I am not the Lord Magnus Flemington that was born from this world but…my soul has been replaced by someone else that came from a different time from us. A different place as well," Magnus said as Casey was tilting her head.

"What do you mean?"

"You said that you believe in magic right?"

"Yes, they were all around us,"

"And you said that Lord Magnus was dying, correct? After the carriage incident?"

Where was Magnus going with all the details? But Casey nodded.

"In my time, I was dying as I was hit by a…carriage as well. And I was lying there on the ground, looking at the sky and wondered if I would ever see anything else again when 3 booming of thunder was sound. And then, suddenly, I was looking at the different setting, the first morning where you came into my room that you said I was just getting out of my dying,"

"Are you trying to say that you have been born again, some sort of reincarnation?"

"Perhaps but I don't have all the details, yes," Magnus said before he sighed. Casey gripped his chin and stared at him.

"You are my intended, Lord Magnus Flemington. Whatever crime that you have in the past or if you think you were given a second chance, I want you to know that I will love you with all my heart no matter what. You're mine, Magnus, and I will fight for your love every single day," Casey leaned in before Magnus smiled and whispered against her lips.

"You have all my heart the first time I meat you in that room, Casey," and they sealed their fate together in a searing kiss like no other.

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