10 X. The Paradise

If there was one thing that Casey learned at that moment, it was more hurtful than the things that she heard her maids talked about. She did not know that the first time would be hurt and she was taking in someone as big as Magnus, she knew she would have a problem.

But, the water helped her out as he slid inside her and be stilled for as long as she can remember. He distracted her with kisses and she was drowning in his scent. Pine, musk, and his masculine scent. It will get her by for the years that she will be away from him. She knew what she was asking of him tonight but she cannot give up the opportunity to be in his arms.

Even if it was just for one night.

After that bath that they were sharing their first time together, Magnus scooped her up and went to the bed. he showed her how to love and please her in ways that she could not imagine. She was no innocent for she would use her fingers to find her pleasure whenever she was bored, alone in her tower. Casey knew there was something more than just a solo play by her fingers.

But tonight, tonight was a paradise that she found in the form of Lord Magnus Flemington. His sweet, gentle caresses as if she was the most beautiful and precious thing in the world. He showed her how to make her scream his name every time that sensation of pleasure was overtaking her senses and she was shouting his name at the top of his lungs, getting lost in their paradise.

Magnus was an extraordinary lover, she knew that much when she was leaning on her elbow as Magnus was between her legs right now. She was moaning as she was gripping his hair and pushed her pelvic even more toward his mouth, wanting to feel his roughened tongue on her core.

"Magnus," she moaned before Magnus looked up from between her thighs. She was pulling him by the hair as she was kissing him, tasting her musk on his lips. He grunted before he was pushing Casey's thighs apart with his knees before driving himself into her core. She gasped before Magnus was moving in and out of her slowly as if they had all the time in the world.

Magnus was kissing her throat and jaws as she was moving in sync with him. He was gripping her by the wrists before he pushed her hands above her head, making her back arched and her nipples glistened in the faint light of the fire.

"You are so exquisite, love," Magnus said before he was kissing her chest and then took one of the nipples inside his mouth. Casey moaned again before she was closing her eyes, feeling their fleshes pounded together as her toes started to curl.

"Magnus, I'm coming!" she moaned to him as Magnus was biting on her nipple and then, pleasure rushed over her as she was clenching all over his length as Magnus pumped into her core two times more before he spewed his hot load into her core.

"Oh, Magnus," she whispered his name before her lord wrapped her into his warmth. Casey snuggled against him as she was nuzzling his neck. She took in the scent that she was about to leave when the dawn was fast approaching.

I cannot stay. I know I can't but I will never forget you, Magnus, she thought before she was kissing his chest and they slept until the dawn where one of them will leave the manor, forever.


Casey took her clothes from the bathing chambers. It was soggy as the water hit the floor before she put the dress on. She went to pick up the dirty laundry and put it in the basket before she was making her way to the bedchambers. She was sore between her legs, a reminder that she will miss the ache inside her as she was staring at the lord of the manor that she will leave behind.

"I will never forget you, Magnus, even if we were never to see each other again," she whispered before she was kissing his forehead. Magnus stirred before Casey went out the chambers and into the servants' quarters.

She took the pack that she had been preparing all along and right now, everything that she wanted was in that pack. Clothes, food, coins that she brought from the castle as well as the wages that she earned. Everything was in there.

Except for her signet ring.

It was tied to the necklace that she wore underneath her dress. But she took it off tonight for she was determined to lay with Magnus. So, she took the necklace that she put under the cot that she slept in and slipped it on.

Now, she was ready.

Casey made her way to the stables before she was looking at the mare that Magnus used when they were riding back from Warydeval to Fiktown. She walked up the stall before she was brushing her hand on its nuzzle.

"it's okay, it's okay. I just want to borrow for I don't know how long," she whispered before she was putting the saddle on the mare. She was brushing his coat before she put her pack on it as well. she was looking at the faint dawn light that will be coming later and she cannot afford to lose the daylight by sitting idly here.

She has put on her riding habits as she was gripping the gloves in her hands. Casey has brought her red riding habits in case this would come to an end, her disguise that was. So, she led the horse out of the stall before she was walking with the mare a few moments until she was at the edge of the lake.

Then, she mounted the mare. Casey gripped the rein as she was looking at the enormous manor of her betrothed.

Lord Magnus Flemington, her betrothed, her first lover.

She felt the heat behind her eyes before she blinked them away. She will not be staying in Fiktown now. She will have to go away, perhaps into Norkins for nobody would believe that the princess of Caga would go to such a place. And she would have to take her path up in Fik Forest if she wanted the chance to lose her pursuers.

She knew that Magnus will likely come after her. Or not if his grandmother was determined to get him to Red Cast to meet her.

Casey laughed, knowing that the choice that she made had been bad and it's getting worse than ever. She looked at the dawn and she clicked her tongue like the way that Magnus did so that the mare will move.

And then, she left The Flemington Manor for good.


The dowager countess of Kensington, Lady Ashley Flemington, was sipping on her tea as she was looking at her grandsons as they were fidgeting when they were stopping at Warydeval for their lunch before moving to Hamptor.

She was keen on listening to the gossips that were circulating around her as she was biting on her scones whereas her grandson, James was flirting with the server. She blushed before scurrying away as the dowager was glaring at her.

That girl was not meant for my grandson then if she cannot handle me, she thought before she turned to look at William who was sipping on his tea and was looking around without any emotion attached to his face.

And this grandson of mine needs someone that can bring humor into his life, she added before she noticed someone that she knew in Warydeval. It was the daughter of Baron and Baroness of Cascadian, Lady Darla Lockwood. She would be a perfect fit for James or William.

But will she accept if she asked for her hand in marriage for either of her grandsons? Now that will be another day for another conquest in her ever-present list.

"Now, children, we must—" the dowager countess stopped as she was listening to the floating gossip in the shop that they were in. Some of the scandalmongers were hushing but her impeccable hearing has helped her from time to time now.

"—It was the most tragic thing—"

"No one would ever believe it—"

"The princess ran away—"

"—hope nothing will happen to her, the poor thing,"

"—To think that she would marry that lord. Ugh! How despicable."

"The old dowager must have set her up with him, that evil Lord Magnus Flemington,"

The old dowager put her saucer on the table gently before James and Will were looking at them. Perhaps they don't have the keen ears to listen to it but they know when to stop acting like a brat and just go with her plan.

"I believe it is time for us to move on then. There are not many daylights left for us to reach Hamptor before sundown," Lady Ashley said before she stood up from her seat. Her skirts rustled before she reached for pennies in her reticule. The scandalmongers were whispering again

"—It's her—"

"The bloody dowager, the murderer,"

"I should have known if her grandsons would be evil like her. But they are handsome, I must say,"

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Bloody fools. And to think that she would let her grandsons just marry anyone. Not on her watch. Then, Lady Darla Lockwood was looking her way and smiled. She waved before her smile died as she saw someone behind her. Lady Ashley turned and her direction was in James as the insufferable lad was smirking at the ladies as they passed by. Lady Darla's lips thinned before she dashed the other way around.

Interesting, she mused before a smirk was plastered to her lips as Lady Ashley, the she-devil incarnated that was believed to murder her own husband, walked past the scandalmongers in the shop with her beautiful, handsome grandsons as they were making to their carriage.

Well, I think I know who would be a perfect match for James then, she thought with glee before they were heading toward Hamptor as they left Warydeval, the Elopement—and scandalmongers—town behind.

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