5 V. Warydeval

After getting ready into his riding habits, Magnus was tugging on his leather gloves as he was making his way to the courtyard. James was waiting for him there as he was looking dashing in the blue riding habits and his gleaming black boots. His brother turned to look at Magnus in his black riding habits and Hessian boots.

He would not change his boots for some reason.

"Ready?" his brother asked before the groom was giving a rein of his mare to Magnus. He thanked the little lad before he was looking at his ride to the town. It was a black stallion that was bred for running fast. But here he was, trying to mount the mare like he had done this a thousand times.

If only they knew who their oldest brother really was.

"As much as I can be to paint the town red," Magnus said as he was pulling the rein and mounted the stallion. Surprisingly, he did not fall, as if his body knew what he was doing and complied with his command.

It would seem that Magnus has been riding the mare as much as he can remember.

James got onto his mount before the lads were leaving them, James nudged his horse with his feet as Magnus followed him side by side. They were moving slowly as James was taking a deep breath.

Perhaps his brother was jesting when he said that he wanted to be back by sundown.

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Magnus was looking around the estate before he saw the flimsy cap that held the auburn hair of a maid that he was intrigued. Casey was looking from the drawing-room as she was wiping the window with a rag. Magnus tipped his hat at her before she scowled and went away from there.

Well, at least he knows that Casey did not like it when he went into Warydeval.

"So, can you tell me about Warydeval?" Magnus asked before James turned to look at him as if Magnus just grew two heads in one question.

Perhaps he did for that would be a stupid question if he was to spend his whole life here.

"Are you serious?" his younger brother arched his eyebrow before Magnus was brushing his hand against his dry mouth. Now, he did not know what to say to that question.

"It's been…2 months since the last time I was in town. So, excuse me if I don't remember what went on outside my bedroom," he said before he was turning sideways, looking at the gravel path that they were on right now to the town. James laughed before Magnus was glaring at him.

"Well, let me tell you, brother. Since it was the last time you're there, you might need to freshen up your memory a bit. Nothing dramatic changed but if anything, there was this bazaar that sells exotic around the kingdom. And I have to warn you, it was pretty expensive and it will cost us a fortune to get our hands on them. Plus, they have these exotic women that were different shapes and sizes that you can choose from but of course, will cost us a fortune as well," James said as Magnus was looking at his expression.

James seemed…happy. Excited about this adventure.

"You seem well-known about the bazaar and here I thought you were spending your free time inside a tome," Magnus said before James laughed with him. They were easy-going as something ached inside his chest.

Perhaps this will feel like if I had siblings then, he thought before they were looking at the town that was sprawling ahead of them.

"I present to you Warydeval, the Elopement town!"


The town was hustling and bustling with crowds as the street vendors were trying to sell their produce to the passing customers. They were shouting at the top of their lungs to get the crowd's attention as Magnus was walking with James on their rides.

"Fish for a shilling. A bucket for a penny!"

"Come get your ailment! Everything that you need to cure is available here!"

"Fabrics, silks, tartans at an affordable price! It would fetch the ladies' hearts with it!"

Magnus was scanning the crowds at the stalls were colorful tarps that covered them. James was greeting some of the vendors that Magnus was sure he was well-acquainted for. It would seem that my younger brother loved to spend his time here, Magnus thought before a smile was on his lips as they were walking through the bazaar.

The buildings were built from the stones that gave off Medieval vibes that Magnus was fascinated by. But the thing was, he was not back in London or the countryside of England. He was in Caga, in the Kingdom of Ludonea. Where he was not from this timeline or from this dimension after all.

"Magnus? Magnus? Magnus?!" His brother called before Magnus was blinking his eyes as he turned to look at James who was arching his eyebrows at him.

"Are you alright?"

Magnus smiled before he nodded. "I am quite alright,"

"I was afraid that it would be too overwhelming if you were to faint in here. After all, it has been a while since you explore the outside of our estate," James said before they went to the tavern by the looks of it.

"And you decided to bring me here first and foremost of all?" Magnus asked his brother before James flashed his charming smile.

"Well, it was for your celebration and engagement to the princess. After all, not everyone was lucky to be like you," he said before dismounting his mare. Magnus followed him as they led their horses to the stables and the groom took care of it for a penny.

James ushered Magnus into the tavern as they were greeted with the smell of stale ale and rotten food. There were some patrons that were snoozing on the counter as well as some were playing cards against each other. Magnus was aware that he and James stood out as someone of wealth.

Now that could be a problem.

"Two ale please," James said as he was smiling at the barmaid. She giggled before she went to the counter and poured two ales for them. James was sitting at the table as Magnus took the chair in front of him and looked around.

"It certainly has its charms," Magnus said as James was thanking the barmaid before handing her a penny. He winked and the barmaid shied away but the batting of her eyelashes suggested otherwise.

Magnus hoped that James will not leave him alone here. He barely knows anyone around.

"It has, mostly with women but I think the ale is another thing as well," James said before he sipped on his ale. Magnus was never a drinker but the smell of ale was making his stomach fluttered as if he was about to eat something rotten.

And that was the ale in front of him.

"Oh, come on then. You are not that one of them that fancies a fine wine are you? Ale is what all you got to try and your world will never be the same again," his brother said before Magnus sighed. He did not know if he was doomed for himself when he sipped on the ale but the taste was not that bad.

He can live with it.

"So? What do we do now that we have gotten you the taste of ale after your recovery?" James asked before Magnus was looking outside the tavern. The streets were full of people and he was looking at someone particular.

Someone with the stance that he knew so much as if he was looking at her right now. Then, she turned and it was none other than the maid, Casey.

"Um, I don't know. Why don't I got something from the bazaar," Magnus said as he stood up while he was looking outside the tavern, " and you will stay here and entertain yourself until I got back? It won't be long," he said and before his brother can say anything, Magnus dashed for the front door as he wanted to follow Casey.

What was she doing in the crowded place of the bazaar and how did she beat them there?


"Thank you, kind sir," Casey said as she took the bucket of cod for the dinner tonight. At least, she got everything that she needed before she can head back to the estate where Lord Magnus and his siblings resided for the weekend.

It was a rare occasion that she could come out to Warydeval, the Elopement town since she ran away from home. it was as her mother described it to be.

Dirty, loud, and deeply unclean. Casey loved everything about it.

She was humming as she was carrying her basket of goods before she stopped dead in her track. Constables were lurking around the bazaar and she noticed earlier that the poster of a wanted person. She cannot think of anything else for her feet were staggering back before she hit something behind her.

Something warm and hard.

Casey turned to look at who was it before her grey eyes were focusing on the emerald orbs of Lord Magnus Flemington.


"My lord, I did not know that you are here," Casey tried to be casual but the fear of getting caught by the constables was enough to let her worries slipped onto her face. Magnus frowned.

"Casey? Are you alright?" Magnus said before the constables were coming towards them. Casey did not think at the moment, she just grabbed Magnus' hand and ran for her life.

Since she was determined not to come home until she was done with her mission to spy on the Flemington as her cousins asked her to.

Well, now I wished I did not listen to them, she thought before she was running with Lord Magnus to the back alley of the bazaar and knew that Magnus will be asking questions about this. And for the first time, Casey did not have a care for she knew Magnus will never be in bed with a wench then.

Her heart ached and she cannot afford it. Not when everything was at stake.

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